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Hex Enduction Hours

Mar 14, 2019 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more from the US/UK and beyond!

My Top Punk Albums, Vol. III

Concluding the showcase of my favorite punk albums with #s 31-45!

Hex Enduction Hours
10:01 PM
The Fall - Mansion (Remastered)
The Fall Mansion (Remastered)
This Nation’s Saving Grace (Expanded Edition) Beggars Banquet 2010
10:04 PM
Metal Urbain - Panik
Metal Urbain Panik
Anarchy In Paris! Acute Records 2003
Originally released in 1977. A-side.
10:06 PM
Metal Urbain - Lady Coca Cola
Metal Urbain Lady Coca Cola
Anarchy In Paris! Acute Records 2003
B-sde to the aforementioned single.
10:10 PM
MX-80 - Man On the Move
MX-80 Man On the Move
Big Hits/Hard Attack MX-80 1978
MX-80 were an art-punk band from Indiana.
10:14 PM
MX-80 - Tidal Wave
MX-80 Tidal Wave
Big Hits/Hard Attack MX-80 1978
MX-80 and Metal Urbain were both major influences on Big Black-era Steve Albini.
10:17 PM
The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
The Adverts One Chord Wonders
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts Bright Records 1978
Released February of 1978 and marked the band's debut studio LP.
10:20 PM
The Adverts - Bored Teenagers
The Adverts Bored Teenagers
Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts Bright Records 1978
Easily one of the best releases from the initial English wave of 70s punk.
10:26 PM
X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial
X-Ray Spex Art-I-Ficial
Germ Free Adolescents (Deluxe Edition) Castle Communications 2009
Originally released in November of 1978.
10:30 PM
X-Ray Spex - Let's Submerge
X-Ray Spex Let's Submerge
Germ Free Adolescents (Deluxe Edition) Castle Communications 2009
Another great English punk release.
10:33 PM
Weirdos - We Got the Neutron Bomb
Weirdos We Got the Neutron Bomb
Weird World Volume 1 Frontier 1991
1978 single (A-side) originally released in 1978 on Dangerhouse Records.
10:36 PM
Weirdos - Solitary Confinement
Weirdos Solitary Confinement
Weird World Volume 1 Frontier 1991
B-side to the aforementioned single.
10:39 PM
Chrome - Tv As Eyes
Chrome Tv As Eyes
Half Machine Lip Moves Siren Records 1979
Third studio LP from this San Francisco experimental punk band.
10:42 PM
Chrome - March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clammy Bombing)
Chrome March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clammy Bombing)
Half Machine Lip Moves Siren Records 1979
Helios Creed reformed Chrome in 1997 following the death of co-founding member Damon Edge.
10:48 PM
The Clash - London Calling
The Clash London Calling
London Calling Sony Music UK 1979
The only rock and roll band that mattered.
10:52 PM
The Clash - Spanish Bombs
The Clash Spanish Bombs
London Calling Sony Music UK 1979
The Clash had ti fight and almost trick the record label to release this as a double LP.
10:55 PM
Urinals - Black Hole
Urinals Black Hole
Negative Capability...Check It Out! Happy Squid 2004
Originally released on 1979's "Another EP" release.
10:57 PM
Urinals - Ack Ack Ack Ack
Urinals Ack Ack Ack Ack
Negative Capability...Check It Out! Happy Squid 2004
Urinals formed in UCLA and were a major influence on the Minutemen.
10:58 PM
Saccharine Trust - Effort to Waste
Saccharine Trust Effort to Waste
Paganicons SST Records 1981
80s Los ANgeles punk band that later incorporated jazz elements into its sound.
11:00 PM
Saccharine Trust - A Human Certainty
Saccharine Trust A Human Certainty
Paganicons SST Records 1981
Overlooked punk release from the SST Records label.
11:05 PM
Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising
Hüsker Dü New Day Rising
New Day Rising SST Records 1985
This marked the third studio LP from the Huskers.
11:08 PM
Hüsker Dü - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
Hüsker Dü The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
New Day Rising SST Records 1985
Great follow-up to their '84 classic double LP "Zen Arcade"
11:09 PM
No Trend - Without Me
No Trend Without Me
Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex Touch and Go Records 1986
Maryland punk band known for toying with its audience, along with its experimental sound.
11:14 PM
No Trend - Angel Angel Down We Go
No Trend Angel Angel Down We Go
Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex Touch and Go Records 1986
"When hardcore first came out, it was fun and interesting, but after a while, it just turned into everything it was against. I remember pulling up to [NYC venue] Danceteria with a big wad of Redman chewing tobacco in my mouth and Hank Williams Sr. blaring out of the van. People were like, 'Well you're not No Trend.' 'You bet your a-- we are!'
11:26 PM
Feederz - Lobster Quadrille
Feederz Lobster Quadrille L
Teachers In Space Broken Rekkids 1986
From Arizona, yeah!
11:28 PM
Feederz - Crawl Space
Feederz Crawl Space L
Teachers In Space Broken Rekkids 1986
The album cover features a photograph of the Challenger launch explosion, which managed to offend John Waters.
11:31 PM
Butthole Surfers - Pittsburgh to Lebanon
Butthole Surfers Pittsburgh to Lebanon
Locust Abortion Technician Latino Bugger Veil 1987
Third studio LP from the Texan punk band.
11:33 PM
Butthole Surfers - Human Cannonball
Butthole Surfers Human Cannonball
Locust Abortion Technician Latino Bugger Veil 1987
Now with Gibbytronix vocal effects!
11:37 PM
Naked Raygun - Soldiers Requiem
Naked Raygun Soldiers Requiem
Jettison Quarterstick Records 1988
Great late 80s punk band from Chicago.
11:41 PM
Naked Raygun - Live Wire
Naked Raygun Live Wire
Jettison Quarterstick Records 1988
ANother favorite of Big Black-era Steve ALbini.
11:45 PM
Didjits - Evel Knievel
Didjits Evel Knievel
Hornet Pinata Touch and Go Records 1990
Punk band formed in 1983 out of Illinois.
11:47 PM
Didjits - Hooly Ghouly
Didjits Hooly Ghouly
Hornet Pinata Touch and Go Records 1990
Bombastic frontman Rick Sims really brought it!
11:52 PM
The Fall - Hip Priest
The Fall Hip Priest
Hex Enduction Hour Sanctuary 1982
Chat is archived.
Julio Peña (host) 9:49:50 PM
Yabba yabba doo!
Eric Von Spezial III 10:04:24 PM
Ride the dinosaur!
Julio Peña (host) 10:04:58 PM
Well I'll be damned
Eric Von Spezial III 10:05:24 PM
Julio Peña (host) 10:05:44 PM
Playing hooky from work already?
Eric Von Spezial III 10:05:46 PM
Training starts next week, settle down..
Julio Peña (host) 10:06:02 PM
Ahhh, ok. Don't get fired on my account
Eric Von Spezial III 10:06:15 PM
First week is during normal people hours so I may get to join you for yet another week. Till I find out my real final official schedule.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:06:35 PM
As always, I am your huckleberry or whatever they call it post-punk
Julio Peña (host) 10:06:48 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:07:08 PM
Julio Peña (host) 10:07:15 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:08:24 PM
Waaaarrrrrriiiorsss, come out to pla-ay!
Julio Peña (host) 10:09:30 PM
*clinks on glass bottles*
Eric Von Spezial III 10:10:14 PM
Lady Coca Cola
Eric Von Spezial III 10:11:17 PM
Kind of feel like these Frenchies are anticipating post-punk
Julio Peña (host) 10:12:02 PM
They did with Metal Boys, which was a heavily post-punk sounding band that evolved from Urbain.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:12:38 PM
Still wondering if I hallucinated the other folks. AZ/DC where are you?
Julio Peña (host) 10:12:59 PM
Probably working unlike us schmoes.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:13:40 PM
Nice, finally a legit punk band for my home state.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:14:00 PM
< Hoosier
Julio Peña (host) 10:14:47 PM
You haven't heard of Mike Pence & the Evangelical Agenda? They play some blistering thrash hardcore
Eric Von Spezial III 10:15:47 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:16:29 PM
We were just a bunch of dirt farmers and factory workers when I left there, but that was 25 years ago. Not sure where this new movement came from. Guy makes Bobby Knight look liberal
Julio Peña (host) 10:17:20 PM
Bobby Knight was hardcore. Throwing chairs onto the baseketball court. GG Allin and his onstage poo-slinging had nothing on Mr. Knight.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:17:23 PM
.. actually 30 years ago. A third of a lifetime, go figure
Eric Von Spezial III 10:18:09 PM
I actually attended the University where he coached when they won the championship. Couple my Bros attended his coaching classes. You don't want to know..
Eric Von Spezial III 10:18:47 PM
He may have been able to tame GG allin,
Julio Peña (host) 10:19:08 PM
Would've choked him out. But I've a feeeling GG would have liked that
Eric Von Spezial III 10:19:23 PM
Symbiotic perfect relationship
Julio Peña (host) 10:19:47 PM
I feel some weird fan-fiction coming on...
Eric Von Spezial III 10:20:40 PM
A mash-up for the Millennia. Bobby Knight and GG allin
Dee Cee 10:21:01 PM
G'day Mr. Von Spezial and Mr. Pena. Sorry about my lack of knowledge regarding how to apply the tilde over the n in your name Julio. I am truly a novice in these ways. Also, just curious Eric, how do you assign yourself a different name each week? I don't imagine that you're actually starting a new account with each name change...or are you? Only the shadow knows.
Julio Peña (host) 10:21:57 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:22:19 PM
Allo DC. With the new and improved spinitron. There is a brief moment after you sign in where a very subtle place in the middle of your screen if you scroll up and down allows you to select a unique name for that session.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:23:02 PM
It's easy to miss, I can see it on my Android version of this site-- it may or may not work on other platforms.
Dee Cee 10:23:04 PM
Advice well noted! Thanks Eric!
Eric Von Spezial III 10:23:47 PM
Welcome. :)
Eric Von Spezial III 10:24:47 PM
Volume 3 !!!!!
Dee Cee 10:27:40 PM
FYI, I will not be checking in as much evening. :( The boss decided to stack a load of tasks on my desk. Imagine that, I gotta actually do work while I'm at work. Sucks to be me. I'll get in touch when I can. DC
Julio Peña (host) 10:27:55 PM
Thanks for stopping by!
Eric Von Spezial III 10:28:08 PM
Noted. Got to pay the man
Julio Peña (host) 10:28:22 PM
TO be the man, you got to beat the man!
Dee Cee 10:28:31 PM
*this* evening. Oops!
Eric Von Spezial III 10:28:37 PM
THE MAN, basically the essence of what punk was rebelling against I believe.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:28:59 PM
Sadly, I am the man
Julio Peña (host) 10:29:10 PM
Or Ric Flair
Eric Von Spezial III 10:29:21 PM
Julio Peña (host) 10:29:37 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:30:03 PM
Crazy how fake wrestling quotes are so appropriate for so much of real life.
Dee Cee 10:30:11 PM
Mano, The Hand of Fate. Or something like that.
Julio Peña (host) 10:30:43 PM
Especially 80s wrestling quotes
Dee Cee 10:31:03 PM
God awful film, yet fun to watch.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:31:06 PM
Pro wrestling is like some kind of weird cult The pill that are into it or so into it, they just don't want to hear anything else
Julio Peña (host) 10:31:06 PM
The Hand of Fate aka a Ric Flair chest chop
Julio Peña (host) 10:31:19 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:31:29 PM
Dee Cee 10:31:35 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:32:12 PM
I guess it's kind of a allegory you can relate to, that isn't steeped in medieval bull**it
Eric Von Spezial III 10:32:35 PM
I did enjoy the Mickey Rourke film for what it's worth
Eric Von Spezial III 10:33:27 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:34:18 PM
X-ray spex, great name, pulled from the old comic book fake ads
Dee Cee 10:35:09 PM
Pardon me. I should've pluralized. Manos: The Hands of Fate.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:35:16 PM
I guess on this script I would be the heel, and Julio would be the face
Julio Peña (host) 10:35:29 PM
*breaks out Dusty Rhodes promo*
Dee Cee 10:36:03 PM
I bought a pair of those! I also bought the plastic ice cube with the fly in the center.
Julio Peña (host) 10:36:17 PM
Classic prank righ there
Eric Von Spezial III 10:36:34 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:37:00 PM
Julio Peña (host) 10:37:24 PM
Ring buzzer
Eric Von Spezial III 10:37:50 PM
I didn't have a checking account, nor Was I going to ask my parents to write a check for me, so I used to send cash through the mail taped up inside a piece of notebook paper. I'd get my stuff about two-thirds of the time.
Julio Peña (host) 10:38:32 PM
USPS stealing yo dinero
Eric Von Spezial III 10:38:33 PM
Ash, pre internet. How innocent those times
Julio Peña (host) 10:38:48 PM
When one had to walk deep into the forest to find nudies!
Eric Von Spezial III 10:39:11 PM
Back when, if you didn't go to school, you had to call your friends to find out what happened that day. Instead of pushing a few buttons on your phone.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:40:05 PM
Weekly reminder: Family Radio Hour. Bad host
Julio Peña (host) 10:40:44 PM
Going to ban myself now
Eric Von Spezial III 10:40:59 PM
<< may or may not have cultivated a vacant lot stash with his buddies...
Eric Von Spezial III 10:42:13 PM
#wrestling stuff
Eric Von Spezial III 10:42:27 PM
Bob mould etcetera
Julio Peña (host) 10:42:34 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:43:00 PM
I kind of remember some of the stuff you type.
Julio Peña (host) 10:43:14 PM
I'm humbled
Julio Peña (host) 10:44:38 PM
Like the Iron Sheik would've done
Eric Von Spezial III 10:45:15 PM
DC, we'll need that TPS report before the end of the show, or you might need to come in on Saturday
Eric Von Spezial III 10:47:41 PM
Julion, any of your classic or current era wrestling references are completely lost on me. Although I realize the potential for comedy.. one of my former co-workers was a big Ric Flair fan so he would put lots of Ric Flair memes into our work chat.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:48:54 PM
< Heel
Julio Peña (host) 10:49:52 PM
Was your coworker a jet flying, limosine riding, rolex wearin, kiss stealin son of a gun?
Eric Von Spezial III 10:50:16 PM
He!! Yeesss
Eric Von Spezial III 10:51:08 PM
: fake brawl ::
Julio Peña (host) 10:51:09 PM
It's the internet, you can say HELL
Eric Von Spezial III 10:51:24 PM
Double hockey sticks to you sir
Julio Peña (host) 10:51:31 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:52:07 PM
Julio Peña (host) 10:52:20 PM
Why you...
Dee Cee 10:53:21 PM
Dats fine. Just don't take my prized red stapler.
Eric Von Spezial III 10:53:32 PM
I think if you and I were in a fake wrestling match, I'd be like a fake German mountaineer wearing lederhosen with a big handlebar mustache, and you'd be like a Billy Idol kind of fake punk guy
Eric Von Spezial III 10:54:04 PM
I mean a legit throwdown Mexican kind of guy
Eric Von Spezial III 10:54:33 PM
Kidding.. como siempre
Julio Peña (host) 10:54:35 PM
Is that what you envision I look like? Cause the only accurate thing is fake punk
Julio Peña (host) 10:54:44 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 10:54:51 PM
Probably not since Jeff calls you the hirsute one
Julio Peña (host) 10:55:03 PM
Very true
Eric Von Spezial III 10:55:47 PM
That's the first thing in street fighting 101, any long beard or hair is just a lever to swing the guy around with
Julio Peña (host) 10:56:00 PM
That is why I'm a pacifist
Eric Von Spezial III 10:56:56 PM
Dee Cee 10:57:36 PM
I'm a lover Paul...not a fighter. MJJ
Eric Von Spezial III 10:58:11 PM
I still like Billy Idol, even if he is fake punk, saw him live, killer show, rebel yell tour
Julio Peña (host) 10:58:51 PM
He's great for karaoke
Eric Von Spezial III 10:58:52 PM
Is that an MJ quote? If so, the gosh darn whatever is mine
Julio Peña (host) 10:58:56 PM
His tunes
Eric Von Spezial III 10:59:14 PM
You so great for karaoke
Julio Peña (host) 11:00:00 PM
You should hear my sultry version of "Toxic" by Britney, bitch
Eric Von Spezial III 11:00:31 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 11:00:47 PM
Urinals, saccharin, sounds like middle-age..
Dee Cee 11:00:49 PM
I saw Billy also. And I don't care what anyone sez...Steve Stevens kicked add. I mean butt.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:01:25 PM
Dude's got chops. Although Billy's talent was mainly being outrageous, he always had a good band.
Dee Cee 11:02:11 PM
Ass, I mean butt, turned into ADD. I couldn't have planned that better.
Julio Peña (host) 11:03:03 PM
Got ADD? Billy Idol will kick you of it!
Eric Von Spezial III 11:03:24 PM
I always remember they sauntered on stage in half Light while Mission impossible was playing. Just killer.. owning it
Dee Cee 11:03:51 PM
Spell check:1. AZ/DC:-1
Eric Von Spezial III 11:03:56 PM
Mid eighties commercial freakshow at its best
Eric Von Spezial III 11:04:41 PM
We don't need no stinking spell checks
Julio Peña (host) 11:04:57 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 11:07:38 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 11:08:02 PM
I had no idea Huey Lewis was punk. Noted
Julio Peña (host) 11:08:20 PM
Changes the tunes I had planned for next week
Eric Von Spezial III 11:08:30 PM
For what it's worth, I saw him live as well. Not bad.
Julio Peña (host) 11:08:40 PM
Wife hates 'em
Eric Von Spezial III 11:09:01 PM
When you're 19 and drinking wine coolers, Huey Lewis is pretty good stuff
Dee Cee 11:09:03 PM
Punk harmonica=Huey Lewis
Eric Von Spezial III 11:09:14 PM
Julio Peña (host) 11:09:31 PM
She doesn't appreciate that the heart of rock and roll is still beating
Dee Cee 11:10:02 PM
Sweet sweet Connie said Mr. Lewis was her biggest.
Dee Cee 11:12:03 PM
And Peter Frampton was her smallest. Strange, you'd think with the Christian name Peter, he wouldn't be the smallest. Oh, sorry, I forgot, family show.
Julio Peña (host) 11:12:34 PM
Dee Cee 11:14:26 PM
Teenage Love band?
Julio Peña (host) 11:15:11 PM
Teen Love? Yup
Eric Von Spezial III 11:15:18 PM
Zang, right down to the gutter
Julio Peña (host) 11:15:28 PM
No coming back from this
Dee Cee 11:15:56 PM
Lookie me wit no googly! I actually know stuff.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:16:03 PM
: unsubscribe :
Dee Cee 11:17:18 PM
Sorry gentlemen, this is what happens when I talk/type too much.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:17:38 PM
While refreshing my beverage I missed two husker du songs
Eric Von Spezial III 11:18:03 PM
Yes major trivia points to DC.
Julio Peña (host) 11:18:29 PM
Better have been a damn delicious beverage
Dee Cee 11:19:40 PM
I'll say this much, I'm jealous, whether the beverage was tasty or not.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:19:57 PM
Cerveza negra Modelo with a Canadian whisky. You tell me.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:20:15 PM
E don't mess around
Dee Cee 11:20:19 PM
WAYYY jealous now!
Eric Von Spezial III 11:22:11 PM
don't worry DC I'll soon be working graveyards, and ill be drinking diet Coke or water while listening to the show at least for the live portion
Eric Von Spezial III 11:22:39 PM
Fight the record label
Dee Cee 11:25:07 PM
Are either of you gentlemen familiar with the Nada Surf song "Popular"? If you are, you know that they were aware of No Trend's "Teenage Love". And Diet Coke? Quit being a lightweight E. JK
Dee Cee 11:25:56 PM
Excuse me, Teen Love.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:25:58 PM
Love that no trend quote
Eric Von Spezial III 11:26:43 PM
Over my head DC but I'm sure Julion master of all will recognize the reference
Julio Peña (host) 11:26:54 PM
Know of Nada Surf, but not that cut
Dee Cee 11:27:53 PM
Listen to it Julio. It's a complete rip off, as far as I'm concerned.
Julio Peña (host) 11:28:19 PM
I will have to remember to check it out
Eric Von Spezial III 11:28:56 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 11:29:48 PM
: Punk Police :
Julio Peña (host) 11:30:22 PM
wee-oo! wee-oo! wee-oo!
Eric Von Spezial III 11:34:56 PM
Son, have you been listening to Huey Lewis tonight?
Eric Von Spezial III 11:35:34 PM
Step out of the Fiero please..
Julio Peña (host) 11:35:51 PM
Dee Cee 11:36:54 PM
He'll yeah! Human Cannonball! Side note: Discovered the Feederz listening to your show and the Bat Country show about 5-6 years ago. Thanks for that!
Julio Peña (host) 11:37:04 PM
Julio Peña (host) 11:37:17 PM
*puts on sunglasses in the dark*
Dee Cee 11:37:37 PM
So you can, so you can...
Eric Von Spezial III 11:38:16 PM
Oh no
Eric Von Spezial III 11:38:53 PM
Got to love the scary clown album cover art. They were clued into the clowns are scary thing way ahead of their time
Julio Peña (host) 11:39:18 PM
Can't sleep, clowns will eat me
Dee Cee 11:39:53 PM
That bed Homer built kicked...butt.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:39:56 PM
I played a pickup game of basketball in a park somewhere in the early 90s. There was one dude with way too nice hair who would not take his sunglasses off. So we all started calling him Corey Hart. We lost but we still had fun.
Julio Peña (host) 11:40:38 PM
See? It's not about who wins or loses, it's about the friends we made along the way
Eric Von Spezial III 11:40:57 PM
Dee Cee 11:41:14 PM
And the Corey Hart type of dudes you encounter.
Julio Peña (host) 11:41:26 PM
Especially that
Eric Von Spezial III 11:46:14 PM
Bat country, that's deep kxci
Eric Von Spezial III 11:46:38 PM
There are only so many hours in a day, and so many kxci shows...
Eric Von Spezial III 11:47:21 PM
Those overnight shows make Julio look like DriveTime
Julio Peña (host) 11:47:27 PM
Dave lives on in the airwaves, just not on KXCI
Julio Peña (host) 11:47:57 PM
I remember when I was on 2-5am Wednedays
Eric Von Spezial III 11:49:10 PM
a dónde ?
Eric Von Spezial III 11:49:27 PM
There are other places to listen to music other than kxci?
Eric Von Spezial III 11:50:17 PM
So you got promoted, by washing cathy's car or something?
Dee Cee 11:50:42 PM
Not unlike Huey Lewis, I'm workin' for a livin'. Time for me to cut out and wrap this up so I can get outta work on time. P.S.-You were 2:30-5. Blues dude stole half an hour from ya. Son of P.S.-Does Dave still do a show somewhere? Interesting. Peace out gentlemen. DC
Eric Von Spezial III 11:51:11 PM
Julio Peña (host) 11:52:33 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 11:53:05 PM
Eric Von Spezial III 11:53:21 PM
Julio Peña (host) 11:53:24 PM
hahaha I could, but nooooooooo. I need to mix it up for my sanity
Julio Peña (host) 11:53:38 PM
will do a post-punk countdown in the future
Eric Von Spezial III 11:53:39 PM
Do it
Julio Peña (host) 11:54:06 PM
definitely. thanks for the chats, as always
Eric Von Spezial III 11:54:42 PM
America's top 40
Eric Von Spezial III 11:55:17 PM
Nice parting Huey Lewis reference DC.
Eric Von Spezial III 11:56:17 PM