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DJ Isa

Mar 20, 2023 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

With Shoot the Messenger

DJ Isa
12:01 PM
Mr. Oizo - Straw Anxious
Mr. Oizo Straw Anxious
Moustache (Half A Scissor) F Communications
12:04 PM
Will Fox - Berry on a Briar
Will Fox Berry on a Briar
Berry on a Briar MERLIN - Twosyllable Records
12:06 PM
Stress Actual - ember
Stress Actual ember
mirror 1335111 Records DK
12:12 PM
Fever Ray - Falling
Fever Ray Falling
Falling WMG - Mute (Artist Intelligence)
12:22 PM
Vinyl Williams - Aboroun
Vinyl Williams Aboroun
Aboroun WMG - Company Records
12:30 PM
Lung Leg - Maid to Minx
Lung Leg Maid to Minx
Maid to Minx Last Night From Glasgow Limited
12:34 PM
Alex G - Forgive
Alex G Forgive
God Save The Animals Domino Recording Co
12:40 PM
White Suns - Bedsores
White Suns Bedsores
Waking In The Reservoir
12:47 PM
Odd Nosdam - Small Mr. Man Pants
Odd Nosdam Small Mr. Man Pants
Burner anticon
12:52 PM
Otis the Destroyer - Goldfame
Otis the Destroyer Goldfame
Keep Bashing none
12:57 PM
Lala Lala - Exorcism
Lala Lala Exorcism
Sleepyhead WMG - Hardly Art
1:02 PM
MC Honky - Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck)
MC Honky Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck)
I Am the Messiah E Works
1:06 PM
The Liminanas - I'm Dead (Instrumental)
The Liminanas I'm Dead (Instrumental)
I'm Dead (Instrumental) WMG - Because Music
1:17 PM
Jeremy Jay - Heavenly Creatures
Jeremy Jay Heavenly Creatures
A Place Where We Could Go K Records
1:22 PM
Emelia Austin - Shifting Weather
Emelia Austin Shifting Weather
Shifting Weather Anxiety Blanket Records
1:28 PM
Fusilier - Lost
Fusilier Lost
Treason Ba Da Bing!
1:34 PM
Mary Middlefield - Last Letter
Mary Middlefield Last Letter
Thank You Alexander DISTROKID
1:39 PM
Courting - Uncanny Valley Forever
Courting Uncanny Valley Forever
Guitar Music Play It Again Sam
1:48 PM
Trementina - Fall Over Myself
Trementina Fall Over Myself
810 Burger Records
1:53 PM
Silver Liz - Terrapin
Silver Liz Terrapin
It Is Lighter Than You Think DISTROKID
1:58 PM
Courting - PDA
Courting PDA
Guitar Music Play It Again Sam