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KXUA is an eclectic music focused radio station from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Run by students for the students.

KXUA Fayetteville 88.3 FM

Rotation with Colton

Sep 18, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Colton

Rotation with Colton
11:18 AM
Peaer - Commercial
Peaer Commercial
A Healthy Earth Tiny Engines Rock
11:18 AM
Bodywash - Another Plane
Bodywash Another Plane
Comforter Luminelle Recordings 2019
11:19 AM
Lina Tullgren - Saiddone
Lina Tullgren Saiddone
Free Cell Captured Tracks 2019
11:23 AM
Slaughter Beach, Dog - Tangerine
Slaughter Beach, Dog Tangerine
Safe and Also No Fear Lame-O Records 2019
11:30 AM
Ride - Dial Up
Ride Dial Up
This Is Not a Safe Place Wichita Recordings 2019
11:32 AM
Angie McMahon - Mood Song
Angie McMahon Mood Song
Salt Dualtone Music Group, Inc. 2019 Rock
11:38 AM
The National - Oblivions
The National Oblivions
I Am Easy to Find 4AD 2019
11:41 AM
Minihorse - Summer Itch
Minihorse Summer Itch
Living Room Art Park The Van 2019
11:50 AM
Leisure - S.L.Y
Leisure S.L.Y
Twister LEISURE 2019
11:51 AM
Pratt & Moody - Lost Lost Lost (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink)
Pratt & Moody Lost Lost Lost (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink)
Lost Lost Lost (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink) - Single Timmion 2017