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COVID, Race, & Democracy

Feb 21, 2024 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM



The Pacifica Foundation and its national radio affiliates explore uncharted territory inradio waves starting Monday, June 15th with a daily show: COVID, Race, & Democracy.KPFK, Los Angeles will begin this historic enterprise with the collaboration of its manyradio affiliates across the nation. At center-stage will be COVID-19 and many of itsconnecting lines to questions of race and democracy in the United States. You will hear the voices of scientists, doctors, activists, legislators, historians, and above all,common folks expressing their views on COVID-19, Race and Democracy. Spread the word, tell a friend and neighbor - Pacifica Radio is again doing what it does best- RADIO FOR PEACE, JUSTICE, AND EQUALITY -for today, tomorrow and the times to come.

COVID, Race, & Democracy
12:58 PM