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Feb 23, 2019 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Austin Aubry, Tobin Warner, DJ Isaac

12 to 14 year olds playing music from Green Day to the 80’s, old and current pop, Evanescence, Flyleaf, Taylor swift and everything in between!
Tween Time

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5:00 PMThe Water Line (Music)
7:00 PMIll Beats Radio (Music) with Chad Wilson
9:00 PMRock Of Ages (Music) with DJ Justice
11:00 PMLate Night (Music)
5:00 AMEarly Morning Sunday (Music)


10:00 AMThe Mystery Box (Music) with Allspice
9:00 PMPlastic Magic (Music)
3:00 PMFire on the Mountain w/James T Kirk (Music) with James T Kirk
9:00 AMIndie Monster (Music) with DJ Unicorn On a Coffee Break
7:00 PMKIRK OUT!!!! (Music) with James T Kirk