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A broadcast service of the ASWSU, out of Washington State University, Pullman, WA

KZUU Pullman 90.7FM

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1:00 PMColleen (unset) with Colleen
4:00 PMIsak Pickle (unset) with Pickle
4:00 PMisak (unset) with Pickle
7:00 PMGrace & Jerika (unset) with Dj Jerika, DJ Grace
10:00 PMFresh Selections (unset) with DJ Tupperware


8:00 PMPoetic Justice (Hip Hop) with DJ Dayton
6:00 PM"Mixup" (unset) with Jonbo
12:00 PMHex Factor (unset) with Abel
4:00 PMIn The Interest of Having Fun (Indie/Rock) with DJ Ofishel
2:00 PMThe Good Stuff (Indie/Rock) with Meg