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Yam I Am

Feb 23, 2020 4:00 PM β€“ 6:00 PM


With yam

one half podcast and one half music, Yam I Am is an exploration into the mind of a simple yam, trying to get by in this wild world. art: Asja Boros

Audre Lorde: Sister Outsider

Yam I Am
4:49 PM
Buke & Gase - Houdini Crush
Buke & Gase Houdini Crush
General Dome Brassland 2013 Rock UST841302901
4:52 PM
Finesse - Break the Steel
Finesse Break the Steel
Waiting Game / Break the Steel - EP Guilt Ridden Pop 2019 USCGJ1972092
4:57 PM
Foxes In Fiction - Summer of the Gun
Foxes In Fiction Summer of the Gun
Trillium Killer Orchid Tapes USA2B1902615
5:04 PM
Olivia Jean - Can You Help Me?
Olivia Jean Can You Help Me?
Night Owl Third Man Records LLC 2019 US3JJ1900146
5:05 PM
Brother Zulu - Honey
Brother Zulu Honey
Honey - Single Brother Zulu 2018 GBKPL1824495
5:08 PM
Tommy Newport - Someone Like Me
Tommy Newport Someone Like Me
Someone Like Me - Single Real Dirty Boy / Silk Ivory Inc. 2020 GBKPL1981154
5:11 PM
Sheena Ringo - Uta
Sheena Ringo Uta δ»ŠδΊ• ε―Ώ
Uta - Single Universal Music LLC 2020 JPPO01904931
5:16 PM
Tiana Major9 - Collide
Tiana Major9 Collide
Collide (From "Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack") - Single Motown Records 2019 USUG11903518
5:19 PM
CFCF - This Breath
CFCF This Breath
Outside Dummy 2013 CAP431300996
5:23 PM
Temples - Holy Horses
Temples Holy Horses James Bagshaw
Hot Motion ATO Records 2019 Rock USATO1900151
5:26 PM
Twen - Damsel
Twen Damsel
Awestruck Frenchkiss Records 2019 USJMZ1900002
5:29 PM
Greys - Constant Pose
Greys Constant Pose Greys
Age Hasn't Spoiled You Carpark 2019 US22N1913603
5:33 PM
Froth - Department Head
Froth Department Head
Duress Wichita Recordings 2019 GBDNH1900005
5:38 PM
Bren Joy - Sweet (feat. Landon Sears)
Bren Joy Sweet (feat. Landon Sears)
Twenties Human Re Sources 2019 QZES81960489
5:41 PM
Anna of the North - My Love
Anna of the North My Love
Dream Girl Play It Again Sam 2019 QMCE31902424
5:45 PM
Priya Ragu - Good Love 2.0
Priya Ragu Good Love 2.0
Good Love 2.0 - Single Priya Ragu 2019 CALVP1933986
5:49 PM
Naaz - Loving Love
Naaz Loving Love
Loving Love - Single Top Notch Music VOF 2018 Rock NLS6T1800001
5:52 PM
Conan Gray - Maniac
Conan Gray Maniac
Maniac - Single Republic Records 2019 USUM71920712
5:55 PM
Ralph - Gravity
Ralph Gravity
Flashbacks & Fantasies - EP Crocodile Tears Inc 2019 GBKPL1952410