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The Howl Hour

Nov 5, 2019 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With DJ de Wolf

Female artists only! Here to have a blast!

The Howl Hour
10:08 AM
Elle PF - Start a Fight
Elle PF Start a Fight
She Wrote It Elle PF 2018 Rock USHM91821477
10:15 AM
Charlene Soraia - Tragic Youth
Charlene Soraia Tragic Youth
Where's My Tribe Peacefrog Records 2018 GBEWK1800002
10:16 AM
Diane Coffee - Doubt
Diane Coffee Doubt
Internet Arms Polyvinyl Records 2019 US3R41938408
10:20 AM
Devata Daun - In My Room
Devata Daun In My Room
Pye Luis - EP Pytch Records 2018 QZDA81888861
10:22 AM
Old Daisy - Nightlife
Old Daisy Nightlife
Truce - EP Old Daisy 2016 Rock TCACO1664831
10:26 AM
Julian Moon - Pomegranate Seeds
Julian Moon Pomegranate Seeds
Pomegranate Seeds - EP Allegory Records 2017 TCADH1739759
10:33 AM
Bryce - High Tops
Bryce High Tops
Bryce - EP Field Day Records 2016 TCACL1695204
10:34 AM
Rosie Darling & Oko - L.A.
Rosie Darling & Oko L.A.
L.A. - Single 708644 Records DK2 2017 QZ9Y21702076
10:36 AM
Christiana Berenguer - Balancing Act
Christiana Berenguer Balancing Act
Balancing Act - Single Christiana Berenguer 2017 USCGJ1786925
10:40 AM
Kylie Spence - Lying Eyes
Kylie Spence Lying Eyes
Lying Eyes - Single Kylie Spence 2017 US7VG1797486
10:57 AM
Haley Vassar - In My Feelings
Haley Vassar In My Feelings
In My Feelings - Single haley vassar 2017 TCACY1711417
10:57 AM
Love You Later - Lost in Los Angeles
Love You Later Lost in Los Angeles
Lost in Los Angeles - Single Love You Later 2017 QZ4JJ1794069
10:58 AM
Bianca Monica - Phases
Bianca Monica Phases
Phases - Single Bianca Monica 2016 Rock TCACS1645313
10:58 AM
Marna - Crossfire
Marna Crossfire
Crossfire - Single Marna 2018 GBKPL1781581
10:58 AM
Merritt Gibson - Lovesick
Merritt Gibson Lovesick
Eyes on Us Merritt Gibson 2018 TCADO1820615
11:03 AM
Bethany Curve - Frontier
Bethany Curve Frontier
Murder! Kitchen Whore Records 2019 QMEU31820438
11:06 AM
Babe Rainbow - Us And The Rainbow
Babe Rainbow Us And The Rainbow
Today FLIGHTLESS 2019 AUTZK1900005
11:11 AM
Lala Lala - Nothing
Lala Lala Nothing
Sleepyhead Hardly Art 2016 Rock TCACY1759435
11:14 AM
Madame Gandhi - Her
Madame Gandhi Her
Her - Single Madame Gandhi 2016 QM24S1650146
11:17 AM
Cat Pierce - Weapon of War
Cat Pierce Weapon of War
Weapon of War - Single CAT 2016 TCACS1649224
11:19 AM
Whissell - It's Going Down
Whissell It's Going Down
Old Souls, Young Bodies - EP Fourforty Artist Group / Tone Tree Music 2017 TCACT1673954
11:24 AM
Zolita - Fight Like a Girl
Zolita Fight Like a Girl
Fight Like a Girl - Single Zolita 2017 TCADE1728811
11:27 AM
Miynt - Birds
Miynt Birds
EP No. 1 B3SCI Records 2016 Rock GBKPL1668260
11:33 AM
Madison Gold - The Desert
Madison Gold The Desert
Warm December - EP Madison Gold 2013 TCABY1431719
11:35 AM
Hailey Gardiner - Neverland
Hailey Gardiner Neverland
The Woods - EP Hailey Gardiner 2015 QZ22B2005024