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Yam I Am

Nov 24, 2019 4:00 PM β€“ 6:00 PM


With yam

one half podcast and one half music, Yam I Am is an exploration into the mind of a simple yam, trying to get by in this wild world. art: Asja Boros

The Galapagos Affair: when Satan came to Eden

A series of unsolved disappearances and deaths that occurred on a remote island in the Galapagos in the 1930s.

Yam I Am
4:16 PM
POW! - Metal & Glue
POW! Metal & Glue
Shift Castle Face 2019 Rock USA2Z1900194
4:18 PM
Sugar Snow - It's Only Natural
Sugar Snow It's Only Natural
Woodface Reimagined Sugar Snow 2019 QMKTC1900132
4:23 PM
Olivia Jean - Night Owl
Olivia Jean Night Owl
Night Owl Third Man Records LLC 2019 US3JJ1900138
4:26 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Bird Song
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard The Bird Song
Fishing for Fishies FLIGHTLESS 2019 Rock AUTZK1800037
4:30 PM
Foxes In Fiction - Antibody
Foxes In Fiction Antibody
Trillium Killer Orchid Tapes USA2B1902614
4:33 PM
Heartstreets - Lucky Charm
Heartstreets Lucky Charm
Why Make Sense Heartstreets 2019 USCGH1923504
4:38 PM
Elohim - The Wave
Elohim The Wave
Elohim (Deluxe Edition) BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2019 US3DF1721921
4:42 PM
Ralph - Long Distance Lover
Ralph Long Distance Lover
A Good Girl 604 Records 2018 GBKPL1821698
4:45 PM
Goth Babe - Weekend Friend
Goth Babe Weekend Friend
Weekend Friend - Single Goth Babe 2019 TCAEB1915747
4:50 PM
Los Campesinos! - Cemetery Gaits
Los Campesinos! Cemetery Gaits
No Blues Wichita Recordings 2013 Rock USA2B1303433
4:55 PM
Slayyyter - Mine
Slayyyter Mine
Mine - Single Big Beat Records 2019 QM24S1905471
4:58 PM
Tkay Maidza - Big Things
Tkay Maidza Big Things
Last Year Was Weird Vol. 1 Dew Process Services 2018 AUUM71800895
5:03 PM
Just Like Inara - Between the Bars
Just Like Inara Between the Bars
California Rain Just Like Inara 2017 Rock USCGH1728332
5:05 PM
Chastity Belt - It Takes Time
Chastity Belt It Takes Time
Chastity Belt Milk! Records 2019 USHF31911705
5:09 PM
Greys - Western Guilt
Greys Western Guilt
Age Hasn't Spoiled You Carpark Records 2019 US22N1913606
5:15 PM
Dude York - Only Wish
Dude York Only Wish
Falling Hardly Art 2019 Rock USHF31911505
5:17 PM
Kaiya Crawford - Forget About It
Kaiya Crawford Forget About It
2017-2018 Stonko Productions//The BlΓΌ Room 2019 UST8K1767534
5:21 PM
Gavin Turek - Elevator
Gavin Turek Elevator
Elevator - Single Madame Gold 2019 FR10S1959421
5:24 PM
Aaron Taylor - Spaceship
Aaron Taylor Spaceship
The Long Way Home Edenic Records Ltd. 2018 UK53H1803004
5:27 PM
Rina Sawayama - Cherry
Rina Sawayama Cherry Rina Sawayama
Cherry - Single Different Recordings / PIAS / Hostess 2018 GBENL1802242
5:32 PM
Allie X - Paper Love
Allie X Paper Love
CollXtion II Sugar music 2017 GBLFP1708886
5:40 PM
Mahalia - I Wish I Missed My Ex
Mahalia I Wish I Missed My Ex
Love and Compromise Atlantic Records UK 2019 GBAHS1800409
5:40 PM
Sedona - Call Me Up
Sedona Call Me Up
Call Me Up - Single Sedona Music 2018 TCADL1860985
5:43 PM
Moziah - Madisonsquarepark
Moziah Madisonsquarepark
Madisonsquarepark - Single Moziah 2019 QZHR91900004
5:46 PM
Big Freedia - Booty-Whop
Big Freedia Booty-Whop
Booty-Whop - Single Beat Exchange 2012 USYBL1200060
5:50 PM
Jarami - Cold Blooded
Jarami Cold Blooded
Cold Blooded - Single RCA Records Label 2018 USRC11803169
5:53 PM
Evening Hymns - Tumultuous Sea
Evening Hymns Tumultuous Sea
Spirit Guides Out Of This Spark / Arts & Crafts Distribution 2009 Rock CA07R0900046
5:56 PM
Kelechi - Forever Tonight
Kelechi Forever Tonight
Forever Tonight - Single Little London Entertainment 2019 QZFZ21997123