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Radio Free Brooklyn is a nonprofit community organization whose mission is to empower Brooklyn’s underserved local communities by providing active learning in media practices, and to amplify their voices through a global Internet radio platform.

Radio Free Brooklyn

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Troubadours & Ranconteurs

May 27, 2022 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With E.W. Conundrum Demure

Poetry, life stories, philosophy, literature, art, science, politics, and the state of the world. You’ll hear essays and humor, a poem, perhaps a passage from a great book; occasionally there will be a bit of wisdom, and always some good music. TnR is soulful, it’s spiritual, it’s smart and sassy, it’s sometimes guttural, it’s sometimes classy, it’s hip, it’s working-class blue chip, it’s urbanely earnest, on occasion it’s a right bit movin’, it is particularly human.

Troubadours & Ranconteurs

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3:00 PMRevolutionary Abolitionist Radio (Talk) with Sergio Castillo
11:00 AMAural Medication (Music) with Rina
10:00 PMMixed Signals (Music) with Kaitlyn DeTrinis
8:00 PMFrequency Theory 1818 (Music) with Tom Tenney
7:00 PMHear & Now with Rachel C. (Music) with RachelC.