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Radio Free Brooklyn is a nonprofit community organization whose mission is to empower Brooklyn’s underserved local communities by providing active learning in media practices, and to amplify their voices through a global Internet radio platform.

Radio Free Brooklyn

On air

Pot Luck Dinner

May 24, 2024 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With RFB Community, Sam Wolff

Pot Luck Dinner is Radio Free Brooklyn’s “Open Mic” where anyone from the community can sign up to use the studio to do WHATEVER. THEY. WANT. Expect the unexpected: weirdness, incongruities and experimentation are all on the menu. Listen in for an hour and hear what people will do, say, and play when you put them in a studio with a mic in front of them. A different show each and every week!

Pot Luck Dinner

Coming up

8:00 PMBrooklyn Beat (Music) with Scott Einhorn
10:00 PMTroubadours & Ranconteurs (Talk) with E.W. Conundrum Demure
11:00 PMLife Support (Talk) with Bryant Denton
12:00 AMFallen Woman (Talk) with Velocity Chyaldd
1:00 AMDigital Detritus (Music) with Patrick Colabella


4:00 PMBrooklyn Bandstand (Music)
2:00 PMMetro Artcast (Music/Talk) with Max Randall
11:00 AMAural Medication (Music) with Rina
8:00 PMUnsound 3 (Music/Talk) with Tom Tenney
7:00 PMVibe Architects (Music) with Alva Lewis-Johnson