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Party of One

Sep 23, 2020 1:00 AM β€“ 3:00 AM


With santamia

Party of One
1:01 AM
Mindchatter - I Can Change
Mindchatter I Can Change
I Can Change - Single Mind of a Genius 2020
1:06 AM
Jordana - Divine
Jordana Divine
To You - EP Grand Jury Music 2020 Rock
1:08 AM
Lous and The Yakuza - Amigo
Lous and The Yakuza Amigo
Gore Columbia 2020
1:11 AM
Sycco - Starboard Square
Sycco Starboard Square
Starboard Square - Single Independent 2018
1:18 AM
Mia Wray - Work For Me
Mia Wray Work For Me
Work For Me - Single Mia Wray 2020
1:21 AM
flowerkid - miss andry
flowerkid miss andry
miss andry - Single flowerkid 2020
1:26 AM
Blood Orange & λ°•ν˜œμ§„ Park Hye Jin - Call Me (Freestyle)
Blood Orange & λ°•ν˜œμ§„ Park Hye Jin Call Me (Freestyle)
CALL ME (Freestyle) - Single Blood Orange 2020
1:28 AM
PNK FME - Hypomania
PNK FME Hypomania
I've Never Been Me - EP PNK FME Electronic
1:31 AM
Max Pope - Hologram
Max Pope Hologram
In Limbo - EP Max Pope 2020
1:38 AM
Holy Ghost! - Heaven Knows What
Holy Ghost! Heaven Knows What
Work West End Records 2019 Electronic
1:43 AM
Phantastic Ferniture - Fuckin β€˜n’ Rollin
Phantastic Ferniture Fuckin β€˜n’ Rollin
Fuckin 'N' Rollin - Single Transgressive 2018
1:46 AM
ilo ilo - u don't
ilo ilo u don't
wish i said this to u sooner - EP Big Beat Records 2019 Electronic
1:49 AM
1:52 AM
M4ts00n - My Trust Is Low
M4ts00n My Trust Is Low
My Trust Is Low - Single 1827227 Records DK 2020
1:56 AM
Becky and the Birds - Wondering
Becky and the Birds Wondering
Trasslig 4AD
1:59 AM
Jake Stopar - Trust Fund Kids
Jake Stopar Trust Fund Kids
Trust Fund Kids - Single Venus Fly Trap Records 2020
2:05 AM
Earth's Seed - Exit
Earth's Seed Exit
Exit (Instrumental) - Single Plant Muzik, Inc. 2020
2:10 AM
Lzr - Happily Depressed
Lzr Happily Depressed
Happily Depressed - Single Nice Guys 2019
2:13 AM
Spencer. - Maybe
Spencer. Maybe
2:17 AM
Hvy Jungle - Taotaomo'na, Pt. 1
Hvy Jungle Taotaomo'na, Pt. 1
Taotaomo'na, Pt. 1 - Single Hvy Jungle 2020 Electronic
2:21 AM
Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You
Melody's Echo Chamber I Follow You
I Follow You - Single Fat Possum Records
2:25 AM
Groove Armada - At the River
Groove Armada At the River
Vertigo Sony BMG Music Entertainment 1999
2:31 AM
Girlyboi - Whole
Girlyboi Whole
Actual Woman EP Voyeuristic Records 2015 Rock
2:36 AM
The Wind and The Wave - Chandelier
The Wind and The Wave Chandelier
Covers One RCA Records
2:41 AM
A. G. Cook - Beautiful Superstar
A. G. Cook Beautiful Superstar
Apple PC Music 2020
2:45 AM
The Growlers - Dream World (Acoustic Version)
The Growlers Dream World (Acoustic Version)
Dream World (Acoustic Version) - Single Beach Goth Records 2020 Rock
2:49 AM
Greyson Barhall - Fall Night
Greyson Barhall Fall Night
Fall Night - Single Greyson Barhall 2020 Hip Hop/Rap
2:52 AM
Spoon - Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)
Spoon Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)
Rainy Taxi (Big Beat) - Single Matador 2020
2:57 AM
Blue Material - Personal
Blue Material Personal
Personal - Single Nice Guys 2019
Chat is archived.
Mikey O))) 1:03:58 AM
Nice song to start the show. For some reason post-Kid A Radiohead comes to mind.
santamia (host) 1:04:42 AM
hiiiiiiii mikey !!
Mikey O))) 1:05:50 AM
ello guvnah! Had a fun weekend?
santamia (host) 1:06:29 AM
almost too much fun
Mikey O))) 1:11:27 AM
Right on. Long as you came home safe. Like my friends and I always say: if you wake up in a jail cell or naked in a field, next to a headless goat, then you must've partied really hard.
Mantis Tobagan 1:32:58 AM
@Mikey O)))
Mikey O))) 1:33:19 AM
meow meow?
Mikey O))) 1:35:52 AM
Mikey O))) 1:38:07 AM
Serious Music!!!!!!! \m/\m/
Mikey O))) 1:39:27 AM
Holy Ghost! <3<3 \m/\m/
Matt 1:57:04 AM
kinda quiet in here
Matt 1:57:16 AM
yall staying hydrated?
Matt 1:57:33 AM
its datboi
Matt 1:57:51 AM
santamia (host) 1:58:41 AM
proposal to change ur show name to "telling beans". calling 4 vote now
santamia (host) 1:58:47 AM
1 vote
Mantis Tobagan 1:58:52 AM
Voting in favor of Telling Beans
Matt 1:58:53 AM
wut does that mean mr?
Matt 1:59:16 AM
there are no bean emojis btw
Matt 1:59:22 AM
makes me mad
Matt 1:59:34 AM
i would be okay raising bean awareness
Matt 1:59:42 AM
I eat a lot of legumes. its like my thign
Mantis Tobagan 2:00:06 AM
β€œYou don’t know about the beans? With these beans, I can see the future.” One of Zaneta Lucia’s eyebrows dipped. Signora Battaglia must have seen the skepticism written on her face. β€œYou doubt the beans? Just watch.” The soothsayer shook the cup, the beans jumping wildly against the porcelain. With a flourish, the woman tossed the beans onto the table between them. They scattered, falling still on the velvet surface. β€œAh,” Signora Battaglia breathed as she gazed at the beans. β€œSee th
Mantis Tobagan 2:00:32 AM
β€œSee the pattern they make?” Zaneta Lucia looked down, but all she saw was beans.
Matt 2:02:26 AM
i like this show description
Matt 2:02:37 AM
ill make the photo thing. one sec
Mantis Tobagan 2:06:37 AM
Beans tell that beans tell beans to tell beans
santamia (host) 2:07:23 AM
Matt 2:07:35 AM
Mantis Tobagan 2:07:41 AM
Matt 2:07:45 AM
that took me foprever sry kids
Matt 2:08:21 AM
omg belling teens is good too
santamia (host) 2:09:03 AM
it's okay. we know youre a senior citizen
Mantis Tobagan 2:10:06 AM
I feel God in this Chili's tonight
Matt 2:10:18 AM
yo im using GIMP. i dont have adobe products overe hare
santamia (host) 2:11:50 AM
~can we pretend that the airplanes in the night sky r lyke shooting stars~
Matt 2:12:12 AM
what is up with this deep shet tonight? beans and planes
Mantis Tobagan 2:12:26 AM
I could really use a wish right now
santamia (host) 2:12:34 AM
thats not fcc appropriate
Matt 2:12:59 AM
sery fcc
Matt 2:13:34 AM
you deserve that wish Mantis
Matt 2:16:10 AM
Matt 2:16:36 AM
so idk what that bean excerpt is about. trying to find source
Matt 2:17:01 AM
got my britannica open
Mantis Tobagan 2:17:39 AM
Totally here for Belling Teens
santamia (host) 2:17:09 AM
well if you were actively listening to Po1 you would understand
Mantis Tobagan 2:17:57 AM
Also if you were catholic it's kind of hard to avoid telling beans
Matt 2:18:13 AM
i was listening...but also playing a game called Among Us....wait r those lyrics
santamia (host) 2:18:29 AM
only the telling beans know
Matt 2:18:38 AM
lol that joke is level 100 @mantis
Mantis Tobagan 2:19:13 AM
You will know the beans by their telling
Matt 2:19:36 AM
Favomancy is a form of divination that involves throwing beans
Matt 2:19:55 AM
im into this favomancy thing
Mantis Tobagan 2:21:14 AM
More like favamancy
Matt 2:23:22 AM
lol that is great my next D&D caster is gona do bean spells a Favamancer
Matt 2:27:49 AM
aqwwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhh The Zorzi Affair,
Mantis Tobagan 2:45:29 AM
Sleep in the morning after the first day of school and then I'll be there
Matt 2:49:10 AM
these cryptic coldwar era communications are turning my dementia on. am i a spiy for the government now?
santamia (host) 2:49:48 AM
u r government
Mantis Tobagan 2:50:12 AM
Matt you're blowing our cover
Matt 2:51:42 AM
k switch to spanish hury
Matt 2:52:11 AM
el gato es la playa
Mantis Tobagan 2:53:06 AM
La biblioteca es en la placenta
santamia (host) 2:53:36 AM
me llamo roberto roboto
Matt 2:54:51 AM
mi hermano es una discoteca