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Party of One

Nov 11, 2020 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM


With santamia

Party of One
1:02 AM
The Hellp - Ssx
The Hellp Ssx
Ssx - Single Swanheart 2019 Electronic
1:05 AM
Sega Bodega & Låpsley - Make U Stay
Sega Bodega & Låpsley Make U Stay
Make U Stay - Single nuxxe 2020
1:08 AM
Justice - Newjack
Justice Newjack
Justice Ed Banger Records 2007 CD Electronic
1:13 AM
Serena Isioma - Stop Calling The Police On Me
Serena Isioma Stop Calling The Police On Me
Stop Calling The Police On Me - Single Serena Isioma 2020
1:15 AM
Acid Washed - Hello Universe
Acid Washed Hello Universe
House of Melancholy Record Makers 2013 Electronic
1:21 AM
1:23 AM
Hermitude - Janela (feat. Kimbra)
Hermitude Janela (feat. Kimbra)
Janela (feat. Kimbra) - Single Nettwerk Records 2020 Electronic
1:28 AM
Faux Real - Boss Sweet
Faux Real Boss Sweet
Boss Sweet - Single Faux Real 2019
1:31 AM
DJ Yenchy - LET's DO IT
DJ Yenchy LET's DO IT
LET's DO IT - Single 1837655 Records DK 2020
1:34 AM
King Tuff - I'm Free
King Tuff I'm Free
I'm Free - Single Sub Pop Records 2020 Rock
1:37 AM
Bakar - 1st Time
Bakar 1st Time
1st Time - Single Bakar 2020
1:45 AM
BENEE - Happen To Me
BENEE Happen To Me
Hey u x Republic Records 2020
1:49 AM
Surfer Blood - Hey Ya
Surfer Blood Hey Ya
Covers Joyful Noise Recordings 2019 Rock
1:53 AM
FLEECE - So Long
So Long - Single Fleece Music 2020 Rock
2:00 AM
Nick Leng - Music to Clean the House to
Nick Leng Music to Clean the House to
LEMONS SOTA Records 2020
2:03 AM
Quarantined Clouds - Sunshine in Your Eyes
Quarantined Clouds Sunshine in Your Eyes
Out in the Open Play Sofia Margelen Records 2020
2:05 AM
Dessert - Thunderbird
Dessert Thunderbird
Dessert - EP Dessert 2019
2:07 AM
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Temple
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Temple
Temple Ribbon Music 2020
2:12 AM
Beddy Rays - Sobercoaster
Beddy Rays Sobercoaster
Sobercoaster - Single Independent 2020 Indie Rock
2:15 AM
Twin Peaks - What's the Matter (feat. Ohmme & V.V. Lightbody)
Twin Peaks What's the Matter (feat. Ohmme & V.V. Lightbody)
Side A - EP Grand Jury Music 2020
2:22 AM
Sam Evian - Right Down the Line
Sam Evian Right Down the Line
Right Down the Line - Single Saddle Creek 2019 Rock
2:26 AM
Whitney - A.M. AM
Whitney A.M. AM
Candid Secretly Canadian 2020
2:29 AM
Naked Giants - Turns Blue
Naked Giants Turns Blue
The Shadow New West Records 2020 Indie Rock
2:35 AM
Big Black Delta - Love You This Summer
Big Black Delta Love You This Summer
Big Black Delta Masters Of Bates 2013 Electronic
2:39 AM
Girlyboi - Actual Woman
Girlyboi Actual Woman
Actual Woman EP Voyeuristic Records 2015 Rock
2:42 AM
Madaila - The Beat
Madaila The Beat
The Dance Future Fields 2015
2:49 AM
The Cactus Channel - Brickwall Hallelujah
The Cactus Channel Brickwall Hallelujah
Do It for Nothing - EP HopeStreet Recordings 2017 Indie Rock
2:56 AM
iris - lavender and heaven
iris lavender and heaven
lavender and heaven - Single GEMS 2020
Chat is archived.
Le Gume 1:15:22 AM
justice, kidz
santamia (host) 1:15:38 AM
shalom matthew
Le Gume 1:18:36 AM
greetings from the shed
santamia (host) 1:21:18 AM
hows the shed this fine eve!!!!
steve 1:25:05 AM
heya - good to see there's a normal world out there...looking forward to a good groove :thumbsup:
Le Gume 1:26:47 AM
im watchin over my goats so shed is intensely active
Le Gume 1:27:28 AM
hi steve
steve 1:27:08 AM
goats do get rowdy sometimes
santamia (host) 1:28:12 AM
all of my favorite ppl in one place that's not necessarily work WOW!
Le Gume 1:28:24 AM
steve 1:28:06 AM
oh you
Le Gume 1:29:56 AM
I'm playing Runescape though so it is like a virtual shed
santamia (host) 1:30:19 AM
manimal says "likely story"
steve 1:32:45 AM
goattending is nothing to be ashamed of
santamia (host) 1:33:32 AM
goat tending is synonymous with inpatient nursing sometimes so i've heard
steve 1:34:38 AM
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 1:34:44 AM
Le Gume what's your Runescape handle?
Le Gume 1:35:27 AM
sry was grinding up some soybeans in the back. what did i muiss?
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 1:36:31 AM
Also, why is there still no soup in the physician's lounge?
Le Gume 1:37:54 AM
Bottle Butt
Le Gume 1:42:04 AM
write your complaints on the lounge whiteboard i guess
Le Gume 1:43:10 AM
gotta get me some cow milk
santamia (host) 1:46:45 AM
the chat is poppin this eve
steve 1:48:59 AM
i for one am freaking ecstatic to be out and about after this week
steve 1:49:33 AM
people, amirite?
steve 1:49:43 AM
santamia (host) 1:50:13 AM
ME TOO. staffing called me 5 times tonight offering emergency incentive and i told them no powers could ever get me to work any more right now
steve 1:51:33 AM
I guess offering scooby snacks are out of the question, then
steve 1:52:27 AM
getting a kick out of this cover, btw
santamia (host) 1:52:38 AM
it's quite sooooothing
Le Gume 1:54:23 AM
yeah that was rough. night was super busy
Le Gume 1:57:30 AM
i found some purple shorts in the physicians lounge once
steve 1:58:17 AM
I would like those back if you still have them
Le Gume 2:02:22 AM
I did not touch them
Listener Doug 2:01:55 AM
This might be the funnest chat/show combo on RadioBoise. So much fun.
Le Gume 2:03:04 AM
into the ayss
Le Gume 2:03:10 AM
santamia (host) 2:03:02 AM
le gume wash your mouth out with soap
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 2:04:15 AM
Le gume are you on Old School Runescape?
Le Gume 2:04:28 AM
sry playing darksouls now. there is an abyss in it, just on my mind
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 2:04:48 AM
Listener Doug is the RB MVP
santamia (host) 2:04:58 AM
between listener doug and doctor steve, they truly carried the team through radiothon
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 2:06:01 AM
Motion for a Po1 round of Among Us! This whole chat is sus
Le Gume 2:06:06 AM
No, this is my first time playing it for real
Le Gume 2:06:18 AM
yeah was doin among us last nigt
steve 2:12:19 AM
the kids are into that - they're bummed when not imposter
steve 2:12:46 AM
hopefully that's not completely unhealthy
Le Gume 2:13:14 AM
Among us is such a good dating app
Le Gume 2:13:25 AM
nah imp is fun. normal
steve 2:14:41 AM
it's cool - they do get squinty eyed at each other sometimes
steve 2:15:12 AM
nice track
Le Gume 2:18:49 AM
Pretty important to squint, helps I think
Le Gume 2:25:10 AM
spent 1.5 hours looking for extra fine flour and it was in the mill the whole time 0_0
santamia (host) 2:28:02 AM
group question: what's the best face mask you have seen out in public?
Le Gume 2:28:15 AM
santamia (host) 2:28:11 AM
edit: most entertaining
Listener Doug 2:29:30 AM
Full Iron Man mask first week of the shutdown
Le Gume 2:30:19 AM
i don't go out in public?
santamia (host) 2:30:19 AM
i saw someone out in a dog cone. which isn't a mask if anyone didn't know that
Listener Doug 2:30:56 AM
Non functional but I it made me laugh and most things COVID related do not get that reaction.
Le Gume 2:31:42 AM
i'd rather wear a cone than sit on one though
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 2:32:34 AM
At work after telling a family of six that it wasn't my job to debate them about whether or not masks worked... they all pulled out masks that read "This Mask is Bullshit"
Mantis Toboggan, M.D 2:32:46 AM
Depends on the cone
Le Gume 2:33:57 AM
like the color?
Listener Doug 2:33:40 AM
Le Gume 2:34:54 AM
never seen the protest mask irl before, nice, sry you get that at work though
santamia (host) 2:35:00 AM
mantis has never met a cone he hasn't liked
Le Gume 2:35:36 AM
i mean if i see a cone at a thrift store I will buy it
Le Gume 2:35:48 AM
but i'm not gonna sit on it
Le Gume 2:36:45 AM
time to bake me a cake for the duke of lumbridge
santamia (host) 2:41:38 AM
i'm soothed yet again by girlyboi. RIP girlyboi
Le Gume 2:49:44 AM
i find soyboi soothing
steve 2:50:19 AM
heh - was a mellow turn tho
steve 2:50:27 AM
good stuff
santamia (host) 2:56:40 AM
gooooooodnight sweet ppl
steve 2:57:30 AM
have a good one - thanks for the tunes!