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Party of One

Nov 25, 2020 1:00 AM â€“ 3:00 AM


With santamia

Party of One
1:04 AM
Jdg - Intentions
Jdg Intentions
Intentions - Single Onelove 2020
1:05 AM
NEIL FRANCES - On the Lookout (feat. Raffaella)
NEIL FRANCES On the Lookout (feat. Raffaella)
On the Lookout (feat. Raffaella) - Single Nettwerk Records 2020
1:09 AM
Sycco - Germs
Sycco Germs
Germs - Single Future Classic 2020
1:13 AM
Lawrence Rothman - Kate's Not Here (feat. girl in red)
Lawrence Rothman Kate's Not Here (feat. girl in red)
Kate's Not Here (feat. girl in red) [Day Wave & Lawrence Rothman Remix]- Single KRO RECORDS 2020 Indie Rock
1:19 AM
Francis and the Lights - You Still Take Me To the Light
Francis and the Lights You Still Take Me To the Light
You Still Take Me To the Light - Single Independent 2020 Hip Hop/Rap
1:22 AM
Casper the Ghost - Text Me Twice (feat. Bobbie Johnson)
Casper the Ghost Text Me Twice (feat. Bobbie Johnson)
Text Me Twice (feat. Bobbie Johnson) - Single Majestic Casual Records 2020
1:25 AM
Cautious Clay - Dying in the Subtlety
Cautious Clay Dying in the Subtlety
Dying in the Subtlety - Single Cautious Clay 2020
1:27 AM
digitalluc - Auras
digitalluc Auras
Auras - Single recordJet 2020 Hip Hop/Rap
1:29 AM
Dua Saleh - Angel Rock
Dua Saleh Angel Rock
Angel Rock - Single against giants 2020
1:33 AM
sir Was - Fly Away
sir Was Fly Away
Holding on to a Dream Memphis Industries 2019 Electronic
1:40 AM
Tycho - Easy
Tycho Easy
Easy (Mild Minds Remix) - Single Ninja Tune 2020 Electronic
1:46 AM
Admonitay - Flowers Symphony
Admonitay Flowers Symphony
Flowers Symphony - Single 2165127 Records DK 2020
1:48 AM
Aaron Frazer - Over You
Aaron Frazer Over You
Introducing... Dead Oceans 2020
intro makes me think of "holy city" by joan as police woman!!!!
1:50 AM
Brijean - Day Dreaming
Brijean Day Dreaming
Feelings Ghostly International 2020 Electronic
1:54 AM
Babeheaven - Until the End
Babeheaven Until the End
Home for Now Babeheaven 2020
1:58 AM
Skee Mask - Rev8617
Skee Mask Rev8617
Compro Ilian Tape Germany 2018 Techno
2:01 AM
Common Saints - Idol Eyes
Common Saints Idol Eyes
Idol Eyes - Single Starsonics 2020
2:09 AM
CHAI - Donuts Mind If I Do
CHAI Donuts Mind If I Do
Donuts Mind if I Do - Single Sub Pop Records 2020 Rock
2:13 AM
Dorsal Fins - Roll Back the Years
Dorsal Fins Roll Back the Years
Digital Zodiac Dot Dash Recordings 2016
2:17 AM
The Monkees - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
The Monkees (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (2006 Remastered Original Stereo Version)
More of the Monkees [Deluxe Edition][Digital Version] Rhino USA 2006
2:19 AM
STUMPS - I've Had Enough
STUMPS I've Had Enough
All Our Friends Cooking Vinyl Australia 2020 Indie Rock
2:21 AM
Oscar Scheller - Peach
Oscar Scheller Peach
Peach - Single Handle With Care 2020
2:27 AM
Mildlife - Automatic
Mildlife Automatic
Automatic Heavenly Recordings 2020
for you kikagaku moyo fans, you may like mildlife
2:36 AM
Babe Rainbow - Zeitgeist
Babe Rainbow Zeitgeist
Zeitgeist - Single Babe Rainbow 2020
2:40 AM
FELIVAND - Ebb & Flow
Nerve - EP FELIVAND 2020
2:44 AM
Clea - Limelight
Clea Limelight
Limelight - Single Clea 2020
2:47 AM
Arthur Moon - Homonormo
Arthur Moon Homonormo
Arthur Moon Arthur Moon 2019 Electronic
2:50 AM
Tilly Tjala Thomas - Ngana Nyunyi
Tilly Tjala Thomas Ngana Nyunyi
Ngana Nyunyi - Single Part Time Records 2020
2:58 AM
RÜFÜS DU SOL - Desert Night (Live from Joshua Tree)
RÜFÜS DU SOL Desert Night (Live from Joshua Tree)
Live from Joshua Tree Rose Avenue/Reprise 2020 Electronic
Chat is archived.
Mikey O))) 1:06:57 AM
Nice track to start things off :)
santamia (host) 1:07:05 AM
Mikey O))) 1:08:05 AM
Yeah, figured I stick around after Manimal. And it's been a while since I joined in the chat room.
santamia (host) 1:13:05 AM
well i sure am glad to have ya here!
Mikey O))) 1:20:17 AM
I need to remember to add Sycco to my wishlist. If there was one artist that you got me hooked into, it would be Sycco.
santamia (host) 1:22:00 AM
she's the best. addicted to her tracks
steve 1:25:01 AM
Hi! Nice vibe going here
santamia (host) 1:25:18 AM
steve 1:28:20 AM
doesn't seem like work affects the track list
santamia (host) 1:30:13 AM
i sure hope not. it would be non-stop depressing tracks all night
steve 1:30:55 AM
was thinking more bitter rage but to each their own
santamia (host) 1:31:50 AM
santamia (host) 1:32:19 AM
can i get a motion to have a visitor ban again?
steve 1:32:44 AM
sane people are ok but rare
steve 1:33:06 AM
santamia (host) 1:33:47 AM
as sir was says, "all i wanna do is fly awaaaay"
steve 1:34:03 AM
Listener Doug 1:34:06 AM
I glad you're here tonight. Always a delightful way to say goodbye to the day.
steve 1:34:55 AM
i feel like i'm doing this web page wrong - the chat updates but not the play order
steve 1:35:02 AM
is that normal
santamia (host) 1:35:54 AM
hi doug!!!!
santamia (host) 1:36:22 AM
and good question about the page the chat box is attached do. does it update if you refresh the page?
steve 1:36:57 AM
and there's a delay - didn't mean to roll over doug
steve 1:37:11 AM
anyway yes but I have to sign in again
santamia (host) 1:40:31 AM
weirdness! my side looks different from yours so i'll have to check it out
steve 1:44:10 AM
am i allowed to talk about other shows?
santamia (host) 1:45:28 AM
heck yeah
steve 1:45:45 AM
ha - i think i saw manimal played a track with dave grohl and trent reznor and thought hey that's retro
steve 1:46:36 AM
and saw it was 2013 - i think - and yeah, what was in their heads at the time
steve 1:46:47 AM
decent tune tho
santamia (host) 1:47:32 AM
oh yeah! i think he played "mantra" right? righteous
steve 1:47:01 AM
i have so much to learn
steve 1:47:22 AM
santamia (host) 1:48:15 AM
speaking of dave grohl, did you see foo fighters on SNL w. dave chappelle?
steve 1:48:22 AM
sadly no - most of the video in our house is fortnite and minecraft replays
steve 1:48:36 AM
getting a little twitchy now
santamia (host) 1:50:54 AM
steve 1:51:23 AM
just sampled it - looks good
steve 1:51:38 AM
the foo i mean
santamia (host) 1:52:51 AM
one day i'll be a rockstar. maybe. probably not. i'll be stuck to a life of n95
steve 1:52:28 AM
so funny that they are aging like I am
steve 1:52:59 AM
breathe in...breathe out
steve 1:53:08 AM
(through a mask)
santamia (host) 1:53:53 AM
kim kardashian told me if you use her cosmetics you won't age so maybe invest in her
steve 1:53:20 AM
yeah this is a new normal
steve 1:53:55 AM
i'm all in on goop
santamia (host) 1:54:40 AM
steve 1:54:33 AM
serious how do you find all this music?
santamia (host) 1:55:37 AM
now THAT is a long conversation
steve 1:55:03 AM
is nursing something you do on the side?
santamia (host) 1:56:00 AM
if nursing could be something i do on the side i'd totally do that
steve 1:55:43 AM
locums baby
santamia (host) 1:57:26 AM
i get a lot of music by word of mouth. i also spend a great deal of time sifting through groups on labels that i really like
santamia (host) 2:00:24 AM
i primarily use spotify as my format for RB so ~95% of the tracks i play can be found there. i enjoy when artists make their own playlists on spotify. there are some really great treasures. i know you said you don't really use spotify, but some artist playlists i recommend are:
santamia (host) 2:01:08 AM
- "El Michels Affair Picks 10" - Leon Michels updates it with 10 tracks for each month
santamia (host) 2:02:22 AM
- "real good shit" - Tom Misch
steve 2:02:09 AM
santamia (host) 2:03:43 AM
- "sun room playlist" - Luc Bradford (aka ford.)
steve 2:16:03 AM
love this
steve 2:16:14 AM
santamia (host) 2:16:56 AM
dorsal fins is this awesome band from melbourne, vic
santamia (host) 2:17:01 AM
looooove them
Mikey O))) 2:16:52 AM
Been wondering where you mostly discover the music you play. Magazines and college radio have been my go-to. Also being from the LA area, I get lots of people handing me their demo.
Listener Doug 2:20:27 AM
A lot of the DJs have been turning me onto Australian artists this year. They are everywhere. I love it!
santamia (host) 2:20:56 AM
this band, STUMPS, is also aussie <3!
santamia (host) 2:21:16 AM
and yeah mikey!!! i love college radio
Mikey O))) 2:23:49 AM
When it comes to Australian bands/artist, I didn't know there was a lot of great acts until I followed there Industrial and Black Metal scene.
steve 2:26:10 AM
industrial you say?
steve 2:26:24 AM
any tips?
Mikey O))) 2:27:42 AM
Asylum Sisters are awesome. This local Aussie artist, who goes by Isserly, introduced me to them.
Mikey O))) 2:28:43 AM
If you dig Youth Code, then you'll dig Asylum Sisters.
Listener Doug 2:28:14 AM
Oh great, Mikey. Another rabbit hole to crawl down. Can't wait!
santamia (host) 2:29:19 AM
music is a never ending maze in the best way
santamia (host) 2:30:43 AM
mildlife is also aussie !!
Mikey O))) 2:32:06 AM
Vowws is also awesome. DJ Sage always plays them on Smoke and Mirrors. They're an awesome Industrial project from Australia.
Mikey O))) 2:33:49 AM
I dig Mildlife. Trying to remember who Kikagaku Moyo is. Sounds familiar.
Mikey O))) 2:39:58 AM
Have to throw in Amelia Arsenik - another Aussie-Industrial artist.
Listener Doug 2:41:11 AM
Queens Gambit left me drooling over clothes, interior design, and swanky tunes. Also the knowledge that my chess game was just missing psychedelics. Haven't tested that, but I am sure it's a thing.
Mikey O))) 2:41:25 AM
Brett Netson was talking about that show. I guess it's worth checking out?
santamia (host) 2:42:21 AM
it's gr8. and only like 7 episodes
William Oxley 2:44:14 AM
Funkee tune
santamia (host) 2:44:42 AM
aloha william !!!
Mikey O))) 2:44:10 AM
A lot of shows have been killing it with their soundtracks. Really dig the music that was featured on Lovecraft Country.
santamia (host) 2:46:17 AM
manimal and i want to make a sitcom. would you guys watch
Mikey O))) 2:46:11 AM
steve 2:47:03 AM
i heard party of two the other week - definitely above average
santamia (host) 2:47:24 AM
we'll at least get a pilot in
Mikey O))) 2:47:52 AM
Trying to remember - was it suppose to take place at the station?
santamia (host) 2:49:27 AM
i forget if we said AT the station or just WITH station people as characters. like the equivalent to kschef just plays mambo italiano renditions
Listener Doug 2:49:33 AM
steve 2:51:38 AM
hey Mikey thanks for the leads - this is good stuff
Mikey O))) 2:51:28 AM
No problem, Steve.
Mikey O))) 2:54:00 AM
Okay, I remember something about Kschef just plays mambo italiano renditions.
santamia (host) 2:58:50 AM
c ya next time !!!!!
Mikey O))) 2:59:27 AM
Cheers, kiddo. Enjoy Thanksgiving and be safe.