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Drift Correction

Oct 23, 2022 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Wayne Birt

Indy fusion ambience combining the best atmospheric links between old and new. Spacy, spooky and surprising.

Drift Correction
8:03 PM
Mountain - Blood of the Sun
Mountain Blood of the Sun
Live at Woodstock (8/16/1969) Columbia/Legacy 2019 Rock
8:06 PM
The Allman Brothers Band - Dreams
The Allman Brothers Band Dreams
The Allman Brothers Band Island Def Jam 2016 LP Rock
8:13 PM
Journey - People
Journey People
Next Columbia 1977 Rock
8:24 PM
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Blown
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Blown
Bachman-Turner Overdrive II Mercury Records 1973 Rock
8:28 PM
Soundgarden - A Splice of Space Jam
Soundgarden A Splice of Space Jam
Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path - Oddities Geffen 2014
8:32 PM
Daryl Hall - Don't Leave Me Alone With Her
Daryl Hall Don't Leave Me Alone With Her
Sacred Songs Legacy Recordings 1980 Rock
8:38 PM
David Bowie - V-2 Schneider
David Bowie V-2 Schneider
"Heroes" (2017 Remaster) Parlophone UK 1977
8:47 PM
Eurythmics - Take Me to Your Heart
Eurythmics Take Me to Your Heart
In the Garden RCA Records Label USA 1981 Rock
8:51 PM
The Human League - Dreams of Leaving
The Human League Dreams of Leaving
Travelogue (Deluxe Edition) Virgin Records 2003 Rock
8:56 PM
The Cure - It's Not You
The Cure It's Not You
Three Imaginary Boys (Deluxe Edition) Rhino/Elektra USA 2004 Rock
9:00 PM
Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp
Frank Zappa Willie the Pimp
The Hot Rats Sessions Frank Zappa Catalog 2019 Rock
9:19 PM
Alice Cooper - Ballad of Dwight Fry
Alice Cooper Ballad of Dwight Fry
Love It To Death Rhino/Warner Records USA 2004 LP Rock
9:25 PM
The Who - In a Hand or a Face
The Who In a Hand or a Face
The Who By Numbers (Bonus Track Version) Geffen 2014 Rock
9:29 PM
Scorpions - Drifting Sun
Scorpions Drifting Sun
Fly to the Rainbow BMG Rights Management GmbH Brazil 1974 LP Rock
9:41 PM
Cheap Trick - Downed
Cheap Trick Downed
In Color Epic/Legacy 1977 Rock
9:45 PM
Pink Floyd - Explosion
Pink Floyd Explosion
The Early Years, 1970: Devi/ation Pink Floyd Records 2016 Rock
9:51 PM
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Sunburst
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Sunburst
Night Moves Capitol 1976 Rock
9:58 PM
Blue Öyster Cult - I'm On the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep
Blue Öyster Cult I'm On the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep
Blue Öyster Cult Columbia 1972 Rock
Chat is archived.
HiMay Zement 8:08:18 PM
I always thought this was the Allmon Bros. Goes to show what I know
Wayne Birt (host) 8:11:48 PM
A fair amount it turns out.
HiMay Zement 8:14:29 PM
It was either the playlist or my spelling that had me confused
Wayne Birt (host) 8:14:51 PM
Maybe both!
Brandon Scott Riggs 8:24:28 PM
Dr Wayne. Great show as always.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:24:46 PM
Thank you Brandon!
Brandon Scott Riggs 8:26:14 PM
Will you be at The Very Freqy Halloween Bash this Saturday?
Wayne Birt (host) 8:26:38 PM
Looking at my schedule--gonna try sir!
Brandon Scott Riggs 8:27:06 PM
Cool. My family will be there. We will be sure to say hi if we see you.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:27:39 PM
Awesome!! That sounds great!
Greg Harness 8:48:12 PM
Scottish folk music from Annie Lennox.
Daphne Stanford (1) 8:49:00 PM
Loving the Bowie & Lennox selections! Also Wayne I’m calling Pollard about the T-shirt options. 😹
Wayne Birt (host) 8:49:49 PM
Please, yes. Get a size to him. Those shirts are unisex.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:50:31 PM
We're getting you primed Greg.
Daphne Stanford (1) 8:53:46 PM
Ahhh okay: grande to fit my larger than life personality. Also shrinkage.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:54:16 PM
Haha. Joe will have colors for you if you call him.
HiMay Zement 8:58:39 PM
Am I hearing and reading correctly now?
Daphne Stanford (1) 8:59:39 PM
Awesome playlist, yo. Never heard that Cure track before, either!
Wayne Birt (host) 8:59:45 PM
Haha. I figured your radar might be sensitive to that. I hope you're sitting dpwn.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:59:54 PM
It's early stuff.
Greg Harness 9:00:13 PM
John Lurie!
Wayne Birt (host) 9:01:14 PM
Yes, John abides.
HiMay Zement 9:02:12 PM
It took me a minute to register, that album is pretty good. Can never get enough of Jean Luc
Joseph Pollard 9:02:32 PM
Oh hey, Daphne, now I see what was up. I talked to Wayne and he said to let you know any color is available, but then you already know that so I'm really just wasting space on the chat at this point.
Greg Harness 9:02:36 PM
I never got invited to go fishing with John.
Greg Harness 9:03:13 PM
I tried to call you Joe, but I talked to Chris instead.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:04:25 PM
Haha, got your size Greg. Not a trip fishing though.
HiMay Zement 9:04:33 PM
No Beefheart vocals on this track?
Wayne Birt (host) 9:05:57 PM
No, I guess Don got replaced with the violin solo on this one. Don/violin solo--mutually exclusive.
HiMay Zement 9:06:14 PM
Dweezil’s band sure did do justice to this track at the Egyptian a few years ago
Wayne Birt (host) 9:06:49 PM
You're killing Nick. His regrets run high on missing that one.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:06:58 PM
And maybe mine too.
Daphne Stanford (1) 9:07:38 PM
Haha--no worries, Joe--I talked to Kristin & we got it all squared away. I think Wayne was just trying to get me to harass you some more, cause it's fun. I jest.
HiMay Zement 9:07:53 PM
We never knew the pandemic was coming, we thought it was just another night and they’d be back
Greg Harness 9:13:55 PM
This could seque right in to "Peaches En Regalia."
Wayne Birt (host) 9:14:48 PM
Hey, that's a great idea!
Greg Harness 9:19:07 PM
I have misplaced my Return of the Disco Witch Hunt t-shirt. Regrets run high as it were.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:25:23 PM
You have to hang onto those cherished keepsakes Greg.
Greg Harness 9:29:51 PM
I'll get Drift Correction tattooed in a fitting place.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:31:07 PM
It may have to shift location depending on how good or bad the episode is.
Daphne Stanford (1) 9:36:02 PM
I didn’t know I liked The Scorpions so much. And Greg I vote for you & DJ Pole-erd to make show T-shirts. Maybe I should next time, too.
Daphne Stanford (1) 9:40:08 PM
You too, Wildly & Tansey.
Daphne Stanford (1) 9:41:35 PM
“Bequeathing” 😹😹😹
L D 9:45:28 PM
Save the best color for LD! I'm excited for a Drift Correction T. Boom.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:46:04 PM
Will do!
Ed Baxter 9:50:56 PM
Great show tonight! Had to keep turning it up till it 11, definitely made work a good place to be!
Wayne Birt (host) 9:52:19 PM
That's the best endorsement I've ever heard. Thanks Ed!
Ed Baxter 9:53:41 PM
You're welcome Wanye!