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Two Ducks and a Pollywog

Oct 20, 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Bonefish Sam

Two Ducks is a two-hour show on Radio Boise. I play everything I can, of all genres, musical and non-musical, good and bad, serious and funny, old and new.

Two Ducks and a Pollywog
7:05 PM
Enoch Light and His Orchestra - Temptation
Enoch Light and His Orchestra Temptation
Provocative Percusion Volume 2 Command USA 1960 LP
7:08 PM
Los Admiradores - Sylvie
Los Admiradores Sylvie
Bongos Bongos Bongos Command USA 1959 LP Rock
7:12 PM
Frank Zappa - Filthy Habits
Frank Zappa Filthy Habits
Sleep Dirt Frank Zappa Catalog usa Rock
7:19 PM
Louis Fontaine - La Mer
Louis Fontaine La Mer
Ritmi Moderni Broc Recordz 2023 LP Jazz
7:24 PM
Ramsey Lewis Trio - Slipping into Darkness
Ramsey Lewis Trio Slipping into Darkness
The Columbia Anthology Columbia
7:32 PM
Xavier Cugat - Siboney
Xavier Cugat Siboney
The Latin Soul Of Xavier Cugat Pickwick USA LP
7:35 PM
Perez Prado - My Roberta
Perez Prado My Roberta
Big Hits By Prado RCA Victor Brazil 1960 LP
7:37 PM
Willie Bobo - La Descarga del Bobo
Willie Bobo La Descarga del Bobo
Juicy Verve USA 1998 LP
7:44 PM
Chip Wickham - Stratospheric
Chip Wickham Stratospheric
Cloud 10 Gondwana Records 2022 Jazz
7:52 PM
Moondog - Moondog's Theme
Moondog Moondog's Theme
More Moondog Honest Jon's Records USA 2009 Jazz
7:53 PM
Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band - Journey To Bliss - Part III
Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band Journey To Bliss - Part III
Journey To Bliss Verve Reissues 1968 Jazz
7:57 PM
Zafer Dilek - Kol Bastı
Zafer Dilek Kol Bastı
Oyun Havaları Ossi Müzik 1977 World
8:03 PM
Redbone - Maggie
Redbone Maggie
Potlatch Epic USA LP
8:10 PM
The Bongolian - Pretty Bertie
The Bongolian Pretty Bertie
Bongos for Beatniks Blow Up Records 2011 Electronic
8:13 PM
Incredible Bongo Band - Kiburi (Pt. 1)
Incredible Bongo Band Kiburi (Pt. 1)
The Return of the Incredible Bongo Band Mr Bongo 1974 Hip Hop/Rap
8:16 PM
The Headhunters - God Made Me Funky
The Headhunters God Made Me Funky
Survival of the Fittest Arista/Legacy 1975 Jazz
8:27 PM
Sly & The Family Stone - In Time
Sly & The Family Stone In Time
Fresh Epic USA 1973 LP Rock
8:33 PM
uncredited - Chifte Telli (Floor Work)
uncredited Chifte Telli (Floor Work)
The Art of Belly Dancing Volume 2 Gateway Records LP
8:36 PM
Artie Barsamian And His Orchestra - Misirlou
Artie Barsamian And His Orchestra Misirlou
Shadows In the Casbah Kapp USA LP
8:40 PM
Don Ralke - The Ritual of the Cobra
Don Ralke The Ritual of the Cobra
The Savage and the Sensuous Bongos Rhino/Warner Records France 1960 Rock
8:43 PM
Martin Denny - Forbidden Island
Martin Denny Forbidden Island
Forbidden Island Capitol Records Russia 1958 LP World
8:45 PM
Arthur Lyman - Room Without Windows
Arthur Lyman Room Without Windows
Call of the Midnight Sun HiFi Records 1964 LP Jazz
8:50 PM
Jimmy McGriff - think
Jimmy McGriff think
The Worm Solid State 1968 LP
8:53 PM
Fats Domino - Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
Fats Domino Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
Sweet Patootie: The Complete Reprise Recordings V/A Rhino/Warner Records France 2004 MP3 Jazz
8:55 PM
Joseph Spence - Good Morning Mr. Walker
Joseph Spence Good Morning Mr. Walker
Good Morning Mr. Walker Arhoolie Records 1972 World
Chat is archived.
Will Gordon 7:08:54 PM
Great starting vibe
Stoginator 7:09:14 PM
Agreed Will Gordon
Tater Tot 7:09:46 PM
Let’s go Bonefish!
Will Gordon 7:10:25 PM
More bongos
Tater Tot 7:11:22 PM
Tell us more hippy drywall
Tater Tot 7:12:35 PM
Out of bongos already?
Home Alone 7:13:35 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:15:13 PM
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:15:29 PM
Brightwood Beebo 7:15:32 PM
I wouldn’t want to be home alone pollywogging
Stoginator 7:16:04 PM
Lol same this is a communal activity
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:16:30 PM
wow there's lots of you
Tater Tot 7:16:57 PM
Quack quack
Home Alone 7:16:57 PM
Bonefish Army
Stoginator 7:17:00 PM
Arugula and honey 7:17:00 PM
First time listener
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:17:04 PM
no more bongos, but I got a bit of latin jazz kinda stuff
Bil 7:19:37 PM
Pollywog Power
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:20:05 PM
was this donation you, bil?
Bil 7:20:51 PM
it was I
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:22:15 PM
Brightwood Beebo 7:22:22 PM
👏🏽 Biliam!
Stoginator 7:24:26 PM
Bil! I spel my name with one “l” too!
Stoginator 7:24:39 PM
Shout out John “Jack”!!!
Tater Tot 7:24:53 PM
We donate so you can stop talking about donating
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:26:14 PM
yeah, that's how I view it. if someone talks too long I change the station
Will Gordon 7:26:15 PM
I love a good intro that sounds like an outro
Will Gordon 7:27:12 PM
This is cool. Slinky.
Stoginator 7:27:16 PM
I’m very into this
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:27:49 PM
Laid back funk
Tater Tot 7:28:11 PM
Stoginator is in full groove in the pollywog chair
Bil 7:28:37 PM
de nada BS. All the Perez Prado ALONE that you have turned me on to. . . . .
Tater Tot 7:29:47 PM
Tater Tot 7:29:58 PM
This is great
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:31:03 PM
This song has a quiet confidence. It's Funcky and it doesnt care what you think.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:32:46 PM
Internet radio , what will they think of next?
Bongo Lover 7:33:15 PM
Someone’s speaking my language
Will Gordon 7:33:18 PM
More bongos!?!
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:33:38 PM
this is for you Bongo Lover
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:33:44 PM
Wayne was dissing Ken Nordine this morning.
Tater Tot 7:34:11 PM
Thanks for bringing back the bongo vibe
Will Gordon 7:35:27 PM
This song is a party.
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:36:05 PM
waynes got some explaining to do
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:36:09 PM
HTis is awesome
Tater Tot 7:36:25 PM
Who is Wayne?
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:36:47 PM
I question his taste now
Bil 7:37:12 PM
PP rules!
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:38:11 PM
Wayne played "yellow" on bad song day. Then talked shit about it lol
Home Alone 7:38:36 PM
Will Gordon 7:38:58 PM
I’m WAYne into this jam
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:39:18 PM
Tater Tot 7:39:18 PM
Full troll
Bil 7:39:22 PM
quality belly dancing music also rules
Tater Tot 7:40:13 PM
I do love when Bonefish plays Belly Dancing Volume 2
Bil 7:40:26 PM
dj's choice random awesome R&B cuts also rule
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:40:34 PM
This song rules
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:40:45 PM
oh I brought the belly dancing wax today
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:44:22 PM
Samrt move on not setting goals.
Home Alone 7:44:51 PM
Brightwood Beebo is bringing the belly to the belly dancing tonight. We ready
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:44:56 PM
Can't lose if you don't play.
Tater Tot 7:45:10 PM
Smoooooth sax
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:45:26 PM
It's simple game theory
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:46:14 PM
i'm not very goal oriented
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:46:17 PM
Also the moral of the movie War Games
Will Gordon 7:46:38 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:47:11 PM
I find the farting around on the way to the goal to be rewarding
Tater Tot 7:47:52 PM
Are you okay Curtis?
Bongo Lover 7:48:05 PM
Big fan of farting around.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:48:14 PM
Plus my short term memory is shot so.. where were we going
Tater Tot 7:48:32 PM
I do enjoy a good fart
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:49:09 PM
This Sax is awesome
Tater Tot 7:49:18 PM
The torch?
Brightwood Beebo 7:49:27 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:51:37 PM
That had a really full sound.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:51:46 PM
Good track
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:52:09 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:52:21 PM
Home Alone 7:53:32 PM
Moondog looks like he would lead me to paradise
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:54:12 PM
Moondog is the greatest American born composer of the 20th century
Tater Tot 7:54:30 PM
Am I in paradise?
Bil 7:54:48 PM
silky brown sand paradise
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:55:20 PM
This album is so good!
Tater Tot 7:55:32 PM
This is on a whole new level
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:55:43 PM
Goes perfect with moondog
Tater Tot 7:57:49 PM
This is incredible
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:57:55 PM
Nice album cover
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:01:01 PM
Home Alone 8:01:06 PM
Who is that?!?!
Tater Tot 8:01:12 PM
This is new
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:02:07 PM
Brett from high wild and free
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:02:25 PM
I called twice
Home Alone 8:02:47 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:03:04 PM
Tater Tot 8:03:28 PM
I hope it is a microtonal version
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:04:14 PM
This song slaps
Jan Lindner 8:05:33 PM
I've met your dad :-) He's cool like you are...
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:05:36 PM
isn't it great? gets better though
Tater Tot 8:05:55 PM
It’s great
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:06:41 PM
Oh shit
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:06:48 PM
my dad is pretty cool. funny you met him
Jan Lindner 8:07:06 PM
He shows up at the station from time to time...
Samantha Snyder 8:07:46 PM
EXCELLENT show tonight! Sooooo good!
Tater Tot 8:07:55 PM
Who is Bonefish Sr?
Bongo Lover 8:08:10 PM
Digging this funk
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:08:57 PM
That drummer was on fire
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:09:24 PM
That was some double time stuff
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:11:02 PM
bonefish sr is also a local celebrity
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:11:14 PM
Tater Tot 8:11:31 PM
Bongo Lover 8:11:40 PM
Now this is what I’m talking about!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:12:43 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:15:09 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:16:44 PM
Boom clack ,Boom clack
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:16:49 PM
I keep findin more bongos
Tater Tot 8:17:03 PM
Bring the funk
Bongo Lover 8:17:08 PM
And I’ll keep taking them.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:17:38 PM
Funky Drummer
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:18:31 PM
his BAss Drum IS awesome
Will Gordon 8:18:59 PM
This is a bongothon
Tater Tot 8:19:50 PM
I think Bonefish would prefer bongothon to radiothon
Will Gordon 8:20:02 PM
There are bongos but no bonstops
Will Gordon 8:20:11 PM
As it should be
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:21:20 PM
bongothon would be a good theme
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:21:47 PM
2 hours of bongos
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:21:59 PM
Home Alone 8:22:05 PM
Tater tot, what’s your A/S/L?
Tater Tot 8:22:41 PM
I’m scared
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:22:55 PM
Live Bongo and cowbell band
Will Gordon 8:22:59 PM
I’m scared for this song ever ending
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:23:39 PM
Thats some thunder dome type sax
Samantha Snyder 8:24:29 PM
Hey, can we pick the date the monthly donation would go in? On a fixed income, so we have to revolve around a date certain to make payments.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:25:00 PM
The day you start the donation is the day it re bills
Tater Tot 8:25:21 PM
God made me funky
Will Gordon 8:25:49 PM
This is beyond the thunderdome
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:26:44 PM
If you start your donation on the 25th it rebills monthly on the 25th
Samantha Snyder 8:26:46 PM
Thank you!
Tater Tot 8:27:06 PM
Need this in my rotation
Will Gordon 8:27:09 PM
This is super smooth. If it were a cheese it would be buffalo mozzarella
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:27:46 PM
Had to get up and dance for a sec
Will Gordon 8:29:28 PM
Sly can do that
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:30:01 PM
That Bass slaps
Will Gordon 8:30:18 PM
He was known as the Wilt Chamberlin of smooth jams
Will Gordon 8:33:19 PM
Cornered the market on belly dancing
Tater Tot 8:33:24 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:34:45 PM
I can play the guitar this good
Home Alone 8:35:00 PM
Prove it!
Tater Tot 8:35:19 PM
Bring him on the air!
Bongo Lover 8:35:26 PM
I wish I could play the bongos this good
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:35:28 PM
Bongo and belly dancer next lol
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:36:03 PM
technically they aren't bongos. But they're bongos
Bil 8:36:17 PM
why I tune in friday nights
Brightwood Beebo 8:36:31 PM
Only bring him on if he can strum and belly dance at the same time
Will Gordon 8:36:36 PM
There are those little drums you get at parties that have two strings and two balls
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:38:42 PM
This is a great version of this song
Tater Tot 8:39:16 PM
I’m in a deep lean on the sofa
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:39:32 PM
findin more bongos in the digital bins
Will Gordon 8:40:12 PM
Digital sins
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:41:24 PM
I like this
Tater Tot 8:41:59 PM
Hmm sensuous Bongos
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:42:41 PM
Bongo Lover 8:42:50 PM
Nothing better tater tot
Brightwood Beebo 8:42:50 PM
Arabian night delights
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:42:52 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:44:00 PM
Got Edens Island?
Will Gordon 8:44:08 PM
This song was in the Shaggy Dog
Tater Tot 8:45:03 PM
Or a Shaggy song?
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:46:02 PM
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:46:48 PM
no eden's island sadly
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:46:48 PM
MAn those vibes ring
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:47:11 PM
that's the aluminum dome reverb
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:47:11 PM
Or marimbas
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:47:32 PM
Sounds so good
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:21 PM
Its stunning literally with the headphones on
Tater Tot 8:49:35 PM
Tell Bongo Lover to donate
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:50:27 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:55:07 PM
Will Gordon 8:56:06 PM
Tater Tot 8:56:08 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:56:30 PM
This is awesome
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:56:35 PM
it's okay he's bahaman
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:56:58 PM
Guy spekes my language
Bil 8:57:56 PM
what the?
Will Gordon 8:57:57 PM
audiobooks have gotten pretty good
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:58:11 PM
Bongo Lover 9:00:23 PM
That was a bongo night for the books
Bonefish Sam (host) 9:01:01 PM
thanks everyone!