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Communication Matters

Nov 15, 2023 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Public Affairs

With Shauna Smith

Communication Matters, with Brian and Shauna Smith, is about

communication and the human condition. A mental health counselor and

speech-language pathologist discuss the vastness of communication and

relationships, and provide tips and tricks for improving interpersonal

communication skills. This all while being a married couple barbing,

bickering, and bantering on these topics without killing each other on

the air.

Compliments of Radio Boise

All you KRBX listeners are a wonderful audience! Did we mean that, or is it just a thing people on the radio say? What's the point of compliments anyway? Tune in to hear about why we compliment and how, how we take them or reject them, and ways to give and accept them better. Make your compliments great complements to the message in your communication.

Communication Matters
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