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Two Ducks and a Pollywog

Nov 24, 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Bonefish Sam

Two Ducks is a two-hour show on Radio Boise. I play everything I can, of all genres, musical and non-musical, good and bad, serious and funny, old and new.

Two Ducks and a Pollywog
7:03 PM
Dave Liebman - Goli Dance
Dave Liebman Goli Dance
Drum Ode ECM Records US 1974 LP Jazz
7:05 PM
Dave Liebman - Loft Dance
Dave Liebman Loft Dance
Drum Ode ECM Records US 1974 LP Jazz
7:14 PM
Artie Barsamian - Song of the Oud
Artie Barsamian Song of the Oud
Shadows In the Casbah Kapp Records Jazz
7:18 PM
Gökçen Kaynatan - Clearway
Gökçen Kaynatan Clearway
Gökçen Kaynatan Finders Keepers Records 2017 Rock
7:21 PM
Fred Weinberg - Supersonic
Fred Weinberg Supersonic
The Weinberg Method of Nonsynthetic Electronic Rock VISION RECORDS 2011 Electronic
7:23 PM
Organisation - Milk Rock
Organisation Milk Rock
Tone Float RCA USA 1970 Rock
7:28 PM
Dur-Dur Band - Yabaal
Dur-Dur Band Yabaal
Dur Dur of Somalia, Vol. 1 & 2 (Analog Africa No. 27) Analog Africa Germany 2018 World
7:38 PM
Dan Ubick - Flooding
Dan Ubick Flooding
Magnetic Fields Madlib Invazion 2023 LP
7:39 PM
Dan Ubick - The Villa
Dan Ubick The Villa
Magnetic Fields Madlib Invazion 2023 LP
7:41 PM
Dungen - Franks Kaktus
Dungen Franks Kaktus
Allas Sak Mexican Summer 2015 Rock
7:48 PM
Tomaga - Tuscan Metalwork
Tomaga Tuscan Metalwork
The Shape of the Dance Hands in the Dark Records 2016
7:52 PM
Aphex Twin - Diskhat1
Aphex Twin Diskhat1
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt 2 Warp Records 2014 Electronic
7:55 PM
John Baker - Dial M for Murder
John Baker Dial M for Murder
The John Baker Tapes Trunk Records UK 2008
7:58 PM
Dick Hyman - Alfred, the King of Disco
Dick Hyman Alfred, the King of Disco
Organ Magic Readers Digest 1977 LP
8:04 PM
Devo - Watch Us Work It
Devo Watch Us Work It
Yo Gabba Gabba! Hey! DHX Music 2009
8:06 PM
Devo - Mechanical Man
Devo Mechanical Man
Hardcore Devo, Vol. 1 (Vol. 1 1974-1977) Primary Wave Music USA 1990 Rock
8:10 PM
Eat Rabbit - Dietetic Music (Goto 80 remix)
Eat Rabbit Dietetic Music (Goto 80 remix)
Kooky Nuts Pop Darling Dada
8:15 PM
Ramsey Lewis - Summer Breeze
Ramsey Lewis Summer Breeze
Solar Wind Legacy Recordings 1974 Jazz
8:20 PM
Jimmy Smith - Root Down (And Get It)
Jimmy Smith Root Down (And Get It)
Root Down Verve 1972 Jazz
8:33 PM
Rotary Connection - Soul Man
Rotary Connection Soul Man
Rotary Connection Geffen USA 1968 LP Rock
8:36 PM
James Brown - Think
James Brown Think
The Singles, Vol. 8: 1972-1973 Polydor 2009
8:40 PM
Johnnie Taylor - (I Wanna) Testify
Johnnie Taylor (I Wanna) Testify
(I Wanna) Testify stax USA
8:44 PM
The Chambers Brothers - I Can't Stand It
The Chambers Brothers I Can't Stand It
The Time Has Come Sony Music Media USA 1966 LP Rock
8:46 PM
Ike & Tina Turner - Higher Ground
Ike & Tina Turner Higher Ground
The Collection EMI Gold 2008 MP3
8:51 PM
Tele Music - Night Express
Tele Music Night Express
Electro Sounds, Vol. 2 Tele Music Classic Vaults / BMG Production Music 1973
8:53 PM
Broadcast - Belly Dance
Broadcast Belly Dance
The Future Crayon Warp Records 2006 Rock
Chat is archived.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:10:58 PM
This is a really good song to start off with
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:11:55 PM
I'm glad it worked cause i've never heard it before
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:12:22 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:18:05 PM
This is cool
Bongo Lover 7:18:24 PM
Feel like I’m winding a cosmic wave on this one. Nice
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:20:08 PM
If tarentino and Wes Anderson made a movie together they would us this song in it
Simon Owens 7:21:03 PM
Im here
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:23:26 PM
hey everyone
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:25:05 PM
THis is cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:29:22 PM
Very nice
Simon Owens 7:31:39 PM
I don’t know what she’s saying but I like it
Ed Baxter 7:33:59 PM
Digging this!
Simon Owens 7:35:05 PM
Or your phone
Will Gordon 7:35:10 PM
We had Ethiopian for dinner
Simon Owens 7:35:34 PM
That’s far from Somalia
Will Gordon 7:36:04 PM
Will Gordon 7:36:16 PM
And physically
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:37:54 PM
Those first two songs were great
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:38:11 PM
MAdlib rocks
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:39:00 PM
I've been listening to a lot of Madlib
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:39:19 PM
This is really cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:40:41 PM
I've listened to this Guy before
Simon Owens 7:41:22 PM
That was quick
Simon Owens 7:41:32 PM
I love me a pan flute
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:42:18 PM
Dungen nice
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:43:07 PM
oh yeah, you might know how to pronounce dungen?
Will Gordon 7:43:25 PM
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:43:38 PM
right on
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:43:49 PM
hard g?
Bongo Lover 7:44:37 PM
This just keeps getting better.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:44:39 PM
like yen
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:44:58 PM
Dun yen
Will Gordon 7:45:10 PM
Like the Japanese currency
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:45:40 PM
Will Gordon 7:45:57 PM
always said it with a hard g, you love and you learn
Simon Owens 7:46:02 PM
Which has been on the rise lately. Strong against the dollae
Simon Owens 7:46:12 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:46:23 PM
I only know only what google translate says
Simon Owens 7:49:07 PM
Oh man that was just a regular flute not a pan flute, my bad
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:49:18 PM
goood, that's the way i've been pronouncing it
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:50:02 PM
This is really cool
Will Gordon 7:55:00 PM
This makes me want to solve a space mystery
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:55:16 PM
I listened to that new Andre 3000 album before the show.
Will Gordon 7:55:39 PM
It’s a lot of flutes or something right?
Simon Owens 7:55:51 PM
Are you related to Commissioner Gordon?
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:56:40 PM
Something lol. its just ok. got a quick nap out of it
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:59:01 PM
This is kinda funky
Will Gordon 8:01:20 PM
I used to be
Will Gordon 8:03:59 PM
Remember apples in stereo?
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:04:53 PM
oh i remember
Simon Owens 8:05:03 PM
I’ve put a bowl of apples ON a stereo but never in one
Bongo Lover 8:05:07 PM
There are some hits on yo gabba gabba
Will Gordon 8:05:35 PM
What a great message
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:07:05 PM
yeah i need to listen to the rest of it
Will Gordon 8:09:59 PM
This is iron man’s step dad
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:11:45 PM
HTIs is cocol
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:17:11 PM
Ramsey Lewis owns this song to me now. This is the version I hear in my head
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:19:18 PM
yeah. never liked this song before.
Will Gordon 8:20:58 PM
Put your root down
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:29:04 PM
I'm so rooted right now
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:35:57 PM
I like this
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:36:42 PM
This band went to the Eden Abehz school of soul
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:37:42 PM
That is a funky bass line
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:46:36 PM
Oh yeah
Bongo Lover 8:46:45 PM
Killer rhythm section on this
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:02 PM
If you watch some youtube videos of Ike leading the band you can see why the band is so tight
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:32 PM
Ike gonna bitch slap someone if they mess up.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:52:12 PM
This is cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:54:39 PM
This is really cool
Will Gordon 8:55:04 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:59:18 PM
I had fun
Bonefish Sam (host) 9:00:37 PM
thanks guys!
Bongo Lover 9:01:18 PM
Great night