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Two Ducks and a Pollywog

Dec 1, 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Bonefish Sam

Two Ducks is a two-hour show on Radio Boise. I play everything I can, of all genres, musical and non-musical, good and bad, serious and funny, old and new.

Two Ducks and a Pollywog
7:01 PM
Aphex Twin - Disk Prep Calrec2 Barn Dance [Slo]
Aphex Twin Disk Prep Calrec2 Barn Dance [Slo]
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments, Pt. 2 Warp Records 2014 Electronic
7:06 PM
The Focus Group - Hob's Rumble
The Focus Group Hob's Rumble
We Are All Pan's People Ghost Box UK 2007 Electronic
7:09 PM
Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane - Air
Joe Henderson & Alice Coltrane Air
The Elements Milestone 2017 Jazz
7:21 PM
Sven Wunder - Terracotta
Sven Wunder Terracotta
Ultramarine - Single Piano Piano 2023 Jazz
7:23 PM
Gökçen Kaynatan - Madimak
Gökçen Kaynatan Madimak
Gökçen Kaynatan Finders Keepers Records 2017 Rock
7:26 PM
Penza Penza - The World of High-Voltage Badgers
Penza Penza The World of High-Voltage Badgers
Electricolorized Funk Night Records 2023 Jazz
7:38 PM
101 Strings Orchestra - Flameout
101 Strings Orchestra Flameout
Astro Sounds - From Beyond the Year 2000 (Remastered from the Original Alshire Tapes) Alshire 2017 LP Rock
7:40 PM
Kenny Graham - Suncat Suite
Kenny Graham Suncat Suite
Moondog and Suncat Suites Trunk Records UK
8:03 PM
The Sorcerers - The Horror
The Sorcerers The Horror
The Sorcerers ATA Records 2015 Electronic
8:08 PM
Louis Fontaine - Mirage
Louis Fontaine Mirage
Ritmi Moderni Broc Recordz 2023 LP Jazz
8:11 PM
I Marc 4 - The Trip
I Marc 4 The Trip
G.L.P. 1004 Scogliera Edizioni Musicali 1970
8:13 PM
Hugo Montenegro - Moog Power
Hugo Montenegro Moog Power
Moog Power RCA/Legacy 1969 LP Jazz
8:16 PM
Mort Garson - The Exchange
Mort Garson The Exchange
Black Eye Sacred Bones Records 2023 Electronic
8:21 PM
The Jan Davis Guitar - Hot Sauce
The Jan Davis Guitar Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce RANWOOD 1975 LP
8:23 PM
The Budos Band - Ghost Walk
The Budos Band Ghost Walk
The Budos Band Daptone USA 2006 MP3 Jazz
8:26 PM
Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay
Sly & The Family Stone If You Want Me to Stay
Fresh Epic USA 1973 LP Rock
8:29 PM
Graham Central Station - Do Yah
Graham Central Station Do Yah
Mirror Rhino/Warner Records 1976
8:37 PM
Exciting Sounds Of Milt Raskin - Iolani
Exciting Sounds Of Milt Raskin Iolani
Kapu (Forbidden) Crown Records LP
8:38 PM
Martin Denny - Primitiva
Martin Denny Primitiva
Forbidden Island Capitol Records Russia 1958 LP World
8:45 PM
Emil Richards - Well I Didn't
Emil Richards Well I Didn't
8:49 PM
Banananas Platinum Records 2023
8:52 PM
The Three Suns - Caravan
The Three Suns Caravan
Movin' 'N' Groovin' RCA Victor 1962 LP
8:55 PM
Tele Music - Pop Percussions
Tele Music Pop Percussions
Music Bazaar Tele Music Classic Vaults / BMG Production Music 1969
Chat is archived.
Tater Tot 7:03:16 PM
Will Gordon 7:03:18 PM
Zen beginnings
Bongo Lover 7:04:15 PM
Real Nepalese vibe to start
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:04:15 PM
Im really digging this first song
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:06:35 PM
gettin with weird out early
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:07:45 PM
If that means weirder later, I'm cool with that.
Tater Tot 7:09:12 PM
This is great!
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:09:49 PM
I came across a cool called "moondog and Suncat Suites by Kenny Grahm And His Satellites you should check out.
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:10:20 PM
oh yeah, I played that a long time ago. might be time to do it again.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:10:43 PM
Its a great album
Will Gordon 7:11:06 PM
Saxophonists always get the ladies
Brightwood Beebo 7:12:59 PM
And the lads! ;) @W Gordon
Will Gordon 7:13:26 PM
So true they get all the action
Tater Tot 7:18:00 PM
Who doesn’t like a lot of sax?
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:21:57 PM
This is super cool
Tater Tot 7:22:40 PM
Yes, please!
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:25:30 PM
Have you ever heard of ,Jiro Inagaki and His Soul; media?
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:25:53 PM
don't think so
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:27:37 PM
!970s Japanese Funky JAzz . THe album I listened too has all the titles in Japanese so I can't tell you its name
Bongo Lover 7:28:04 PM
Now this is what I’m talking about. Turn up those bongos!
Will Gordon 7:28:43 PM
This song could use some subtle kazoo
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:29:25 PM
and mouth harps
Will Gordon 7:30:55 PM
Both underrated
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:32:39 PM
I'm going to get a mouth harp. I saw a cool youtube video about them.
Bongo Lover 7:32:53 PM
Everyone loves a lamellophone
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:34:43 PM
Had to look it up. But yes, I do love those
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:35:59 PM
NIce more of the Dan Ubick album
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:37:54 PM
THis is cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:39:00 PM
LSD may been involved in the creation of this song
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:41:10 PM
Hey! Cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:41:39 PM
This si a really good album
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:42:40 PM
I love Snake time rhythm
Tater Tot 7:42:43 PM
Curtis got his wish!
Bongo Lover 7:45:11 PM
This is a scotch by the Xmas tree sort of record
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:46:33 PM
Great track
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:47:30 PM
Polyrhythms and bird sounds and flute
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:48:33 PM
Man this is good
Will Gordon 7:56:24 PM
Classic murder jamz
Tater Tot 7:56:58 PM
Bingo lover needs to update to Sax Lover
Bongo Lover 7:57:01 PM
Film noir vibes.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:58:22 PM
Down on your luck private detective
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:59:51 PM
That was super cool .Thanks
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:05:39 PM
I like this
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:08:15 PM
Nice transition Mr DJ. That was tight
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:09:02 PM
That was JAson D level Djing
Will Gordon 8:09:20 PM
I love a good wah wah wah wah in a song
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:12:13 PM
Nice Bass Rifff
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:16:02 PM
here's the other kind of wah wah wah
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:16:07 PM
This is funky
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:17:07 PM
Ohh I like this
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:19:05 PM
THis is so cool
Will Gordon 8:19:21 PM
Loving the murder jamz tonight
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:21:41 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:22:29 PM
This is really cool
Will Gordon 8:22:56 PM
Good dance music
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:24:25 PM
I like this
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:25:51 PM
Nice Guitar set
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:26:23 PM
Her it comes
Will Gordon 8:26:48 PM
One of my favorite jams
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:32:45 PM
alright, i play guitars sometimes
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:33:21 PM
I have been.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:34:12 PM
I'm breathing hard with excitement
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:37:15 PM
Will Gordon 8:38:11 PM
We’ll never know how that song ended
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:38:53 PM
Eden Abhez was my most listened to artist this year
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:39:27 PM
I was stranded on Edens Island
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:40:01 PM
I still go back some times
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:40:54 PM
i think that song ended with a big gong crash
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:41:04 PM
like most of them do
Will Gordon 8:42:23 PM
It’s a good way to end most things
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:42:30 PM
Those vibe ring
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:43:29 PM
This sounds amazing
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:45:38 PM
Very nice
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:47:48 PM
The first part of this song is a cow bell solo
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:06 PM
This part too
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:50 PM
cow bell guy is solo all the time
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:49:11 PM
Nice drum solo
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:50:52 PM
This is awesome
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:51:31 PM
21st century exotica
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:52:12 PM
yeah, pretty good modern take
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:53:07 PM
Mouth harp!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:53:43 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:54:18 PM
This really swing man
cartographer 8:55:07 PM
Music for cartographers!
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:58:01 PM
thanks folks it's been a blast
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:58:52 PM
Thanks for the great time
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:59:02 PM
Great music
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:59:22 PM
ViVa Radio Boise
Jon Palmer 9:04:28 PM