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Two Ducks and a Pollywog

Mar 8, 2024 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Bonefish Sam

Two Ducks is a two-hour show on Radio Boise. I play everything I can, of all genres, musical and non-musical, good and bad, serious and funny, old and new.

Two Ducks and a Pollywog
7:03 PM
Banananas Platinum Records 2023 LP
7:06 PM
Arthur Lyman - Taboo Tu
Arthur Lyman Taboo Tu
Taboo, Vol. 2: New Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman Everest Records 1960 LP
7:08 PM
Dorothy Ashby - For Some We Loved
Dorothy Ashby For Some We Loved
The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby Verve Reissues USA 1970 LP Jazz
7:13 PM
Organic Pulse Ensemble - Eastern Infection
Organic Pulse Ensemble Eastern Infection
Transcending the Sum Urban Waves Records 2019 Jazz
7:17 PM
Bob Tashjian, Souren Baronian & The Mid-Eastern Ensemble - Siro Yerk
Bob Tashjian, Souren Baronian & The Mid-Eastern Ensemble Siro Yerk
Middle Eastern Soul Carlee LP
7:23 PM
Black Heat - No Time To Burn
Black Heat No Time To Burn
No Time To Burn Rhino Atlantic USA 1974 LP Rock
7:27 PM
Sons Of Slum - What Goes Around (Must Come Around)
Sons Of Slum What Goes Around (Must Come Around)
The Complete Stax / Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3: 1972-1975 Stax USA 2014
7:30 PM
Apple & The Three Oranges - Free and Easy Pt. 1 & 2
Apple & The Three Oranges Free and Easy Pt. 1 & 2
Free and Easy Now Again Records 2013
7:40 PM
Eugene Harrington - Gummo
Eugene Harrington Gummo
The Life of Eugene Harrington NOECHO Records 2010 Electronic
7:45 PM
Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band - Journey To Bliss - Part II
Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band Journey To Bliss - Part II
Journey To Bliss Verve 1968 LP Jazz
7:49 PM
Eddie Layton At The Hammond Organ - Mama Inez
Eddie Layton At The Hammond Organ Mama Inez
Caravan Mercury Wing US LP
7:52 PM
Frank Lowe - Decision In Paradise
Frank Lowe Decision In Paradise
Decision In Paradise Soul Note 2008 Jazz
7:57 PM
Nino Nardini and Roger Roger - Malaysia
Nino Nardini and Roger Roger Malaysia
Jungle Obsession Kosinus Archives
8:02 PM
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Shaikan Music
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr Shaikan Music
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (Habibi Funk 009) HABIBI Funk Records 2018 LP
8:06 PM
The Natural Yogurt Band - Possible Danger
The Natural Yogurt Band Possible Danger
Spores BMM Records 2023 Electronic
8:09 PM
The Soul Surfers - Cyber Attack
The Soul Surfers Cyber Attack
The Soul Surfers Present: Igor & Romeo's Sound Excitement Ubiquity Records 2022 LP Jazz
8:14 PM
Tortoise - Monica
Tortoise Monica
Standards Thrill Jockey Records 2001 Electronic
8:20 PM
Mlyn - Księciunio
Mlyn Księciunio
Folwark Michał Wdowikowski 2021 Jazz
8:25 PM
Penza Penza - Fiasco
Penza Penza Fiasco
Beware of Penza Penza Funk Night Records 2020
8:27 PM
JJ Whitefield - Ad Acta
JJ Whitefield Ad Acta
Puzzled broc recordz 2023 Rock
8:30 PM
David Axelrod - It Ain't For You
David Axelrod It Ain't For You
Heavy Axe Craft Recordings 2020 Jazz
8:38 PM
Plaid - Ilasas
Plaid Ilasas
We Are Reasonable People Warp Records 1998 Electronic
8:42 PM
Batfinks - Fill In The Gaps
Batfinks Fill In The Gaps
Kooky Nuts Pop Darling Dada
8:46 PM
Santo & Johnny - Kaleidoscope
Santo & Johnny Kaleidoscope
Santo & Johnny, Vol. 4: Mona Lisa Duck Records Jazz
8:48 PM
Les Paul - Tennessee Waltz
Les Paul Tennessee Waltz
Les Paul Now! London UK LP
8:51 PM
BUDDY MERRILL - Holiday for Guitars
BUDDY MERRILL Holiday for Guitars
Holiday For Guitars Accent 1965 LP
8:53 PM
The Braen's Machine - Fall Out
The Braen's Machine Fall Out
Underground Liuto Records 1971 Rock
Chat is archived.
Tater 7:03:34 PM
The neighbors are together!
Simon Owens 7:03:55 PM
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:04:35 PM
quack quack
Tater 7:05:01 PM
We need a bongo lover to join for this one
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:06:18 PM
should I wait to play bongos until later?
Blue Roux 7:06:23 PM
Recording this one to cassette, killer first track
Tater 7:07:38 PM
Nope, it is his loss
Will Gordon 7:08:05 PM
You snooze you lose
Will Gordon 7:08:34 PM
They don’t call it bongstop they call it bongo
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:08:48 PM
I reslly needed that exotic fix
Blue Roux 7:08:52 PM
Aint that the truth
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:10:07 PM
Dorthy Ashbe is BAE
Tater 7:10:24 PM
Already like where this is headed
Simon Owens 7:10:42 PM
I’m saving this to my Winamp
Will Gordon 7:10:57 PM
This is saucy
Blue Roux 7:11:04 PM
Seriously good
mghola 7:11:06 PM
I just tuned in what area was that south American track from just before this?
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:13:00 PM
no south american track. everything is posted so far
mghola 7:13:01 PM
France ok shows what I know
Blue Roux 7:13:11 PM
OK he gettin funky
mghola 7:14:50 PM
Yum this one
mghola 7:17:02 PM
I'm reading this guy plays every instrument in his home studio.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:17:30 PM
Blue Roux 7:18:48 PM
This show is always a banger dude
Stogie 7:18:52 PM
Ooooh yes!
Tater 7:19:15 PM
More of this….
mghola 7:19:22 PM
I mean to play everything that well I would say so yeah.
Blue Roux 7:20:21 PM
I found one of bonefish Sam's CDs at a thrift store recently, I'd been looking for it for a while lol
Tater 7:20:52 PM
Tell me more Blue Roux. I’m intrigued
Blue Roux 7:21:23 PM
It's called Fake Fun from 2000
Blue Roux 7:21:38 PM
Cool experimental stuff
Bil 7:21:52 PM
7:20 could be Voice of Turkey, 9700 kHz with 500 kW out of Imirler. Caught them the other night on shortwave.
mghola 7:22:03 PM
I thought this sounded Armenian but I guess it's Turkish
mghola 7:24:28 PM
You can catch some wild stuff on am sometimes.
Blue Roux 7:25:02 PM
This has to be THE best program on RB
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:25:15 PM
the record says the songs are from both turkey and armenia. so you're both right?
mghola 7:25:37 PM
Maybe Turkish armenians
Tater 7:26:06 PM
More funk please
Blue Roux 7:27:14 PM
The world music is great tho, i dont get to hear too much of it on other shows
mghola 7:27:53 PM
Got a one hit wonder for your funk.
Blue Roux 7:28:40 PM
Oh that's a good one
mghola 7:29:11 PM
This is totally filling my war nutrition deficit
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:30:35 PM
Just the right samount of reverb
Bongo Lover 7:30:46 PM
Damn, this is a banging set tonight. Bongo time?
Tater 7:31:06 PM
Bongo lover has arrived!
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:31:27 PM
i wasted some bongos earlier but i got more
Blue Roux 7:31:42 PM
No such thing as a wasted bongo
mghola 7:31:45 PM
I can pull my djembe out and call the station to mic the phone first a jam along... party call?
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:32:07 PM
8 second delay would ruin it
Blue Roux 7:32:14 PM
Lol true
mghola 7:32:53 PM
Nah that's just the polyrhythm
Tater 7:33:17 PM
Digging it
Blue Roux 7:38:00 PM
Bongo Lover 7:38:04 PM
Damn, loving the funk
Tater 7:38:31 PM
Great tunes tonight!
Blue Roux 7:41:23 PM
Man this one rocks too
Tater 7:42:05 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:42:14 PM
Verry nice
mghola 7:43:22 PM
I remember calling during radiotherapy years ago to make a request when requests weren't being taken and this dj said that is actually something I would play. I'll never forget that.
mghola 7:44:33 PM
Uh autocorrect changed radiothon to radiotherapy but I guess that works too.
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:45:10 PM
that's a better name for it
mghola 7:45:26 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:45:55 PM
Mmmm just what i needed to hear
mghola 7:46:59 PM
Anybody seen dual marimba in a south Mexican market?
Blue Roux 7:47:56 PM
Curse upon the world is a great cut from that apple and the 3 oranges comp
Will Gordon 7:49:38 PM
mghola 7:49:51 PM
Busking Mozart can open your eyes.
Will Gordon 7:50:08 PM
I’ve never been to mexico
Tater 7:50:23 PM
More Will Gordon
mghola 7:52:06 PM
They weren't playing Mozart they just had the ear
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:53:02 PM
This is awesome
mghola 7:53:02 PM
This is milk.
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:54:52 PM
i've seen busking Bach on multiple accordions. not in mexico though
Bongo Lover 7:55:06 PM
Damn, this is nice
Will Gordon 7:56:33 PM
Loving this
mghola 7:56:56 PM
This frank Lowe track is even more cool considering it came out in 2008 before the jazz resurgence
Tater 7:56:56 PM
Keys are great
Blue Roux 7:57:17 PM
It's from 85 I think
mghola 7:57:29 PM
mghola 7:57:52 PM
I just saw the album release date
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:57:55 PM
I like this
Holly Johnson 7:58:20 PM
Someone is playing some bones
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:58:24 PM
im feeling the exotica tonite
mghola 7:59:13 PM
I think Holly is seeing some nightmare before Christmas
Holly Johnson 7:59:48 PM
All cartoons with skeleton xylophones!
mghola 8:00:07 PM
I had a milkshake yesterday
mghola 8:03:03 PM
Holly do you celebrate day of the dead?
Blue Roux 8:03:26 PM
I have this one!!
Holly Johnson 8:03:53 PM
Is this the same Roger Roger as the guy from those Luke Vibert Nuggets comps?
Holly Johnson 8:04:33 PM
And I got a pair of skeletons playing accordions for day of the dead, but I always forget to wear them on the day to celebrate. So I sort of celebrate it
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:04:38 PM
yep same one
mghola 8:06:57 PM
Welcome to a place of peace and short lived "victory
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:07:10 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:07:33 PM
im feelin this
mghola 8:08:25 PM
Synthetic bass has an asmr effect
mghola 8:11:34 PM
How about an actual proof for the road?
Will Gordon 8:14:31 PM
Feels like a lot of ads
Will Gordon 8:14:43 PM
85 was a great year
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:15:27 PM
i don't have any herbie on me. might be able to find something..
mghola 8:16:08 PM
85 not a great year for miles unless you ask me
mghola 8:17:43 PM
This new stuff though Is truly beyond what anyone could have hoped jazz to be.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:17:52 PM
THis is cool
Blue Roux 8:19:00 PM
This one is a vibe
mghola 8:19:14 PM
Wicked show always.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:21:41 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:22:53 PM
This sounds so cool
mghola 8:26:59 PM
When someone says cowbell go here instead.
mghola 8:27:10 PM
Better cowbell
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:27:44 PM
Fiasco describes how my week was
mghola 8:28:37 PM
Are you in the United states?
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:28:38 PM
JJ helps sooth me though
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:29:13 PM
i am on Curtis rd in boise
mghola 8:29:40 PM
I'm on state st
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:29:43 PM
up on the bench
mghola 8:30:06 PM
Your name is hard to pronounce though
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:30:24 PM
i used to live off of ellens ferry
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:31:23 PM
Lots of Greman immagrants came to the sagebrush paridise of the magic valley in the early1900s
Tater 8:32:12 PM
Does Curtis live on Curtis?
mghola 8:32:16 PM
Yeah I know about that.
mghola 8:32:25 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:32:36 PM
I do live on S curtis
Bongo Lover 8:32:59 PM
Now this is a JAM
mghola 8:33:12 PM
Mormons were mostly German fools.
Blue Roux 8:33:15 PM
Yeah this goes hard
mghola 8:33:54 PM
Now they have an empire
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:34:43 PM
my family were Lutherans they were to mean and drunk to be Mormons
mghola 8:34:53 PM
mghola 8:36:49 PM
AKA Moon old but great
Will Gordon 8:36:56 PM
They sound Minnesotan
Tater 8:37:03 PM
Epic Curtis
mghola 8:38:28 PM
Nevertheless if you have never sampled Belgian aka moon it's '00s
Party Marty 8:38:43 PM
I like the space music
Tater 8:40:32 PM
We live vicariosuly through you party Marty!
mghola 8:41:56 PM
I like generated beats to an extent but this is bordering on no real life players.
mghola 8:42:22 PM
Welcome to ...
mghola 8:42:38 PM
Bongo Lover 8:45:22 PM
I feel like this is the Wingdings font as music
Tater 8:45:33 PM
Where is other will Gordon?
Holly Johnson 8:45:33 PM
Will Gordon 8:45:33 PM
This is like Bobby McFerrin upside down
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:45:40 PM
that's a great description
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:45:49 PM
Holly Johnson 8:47:11 PM
Have you heard any Shay Hazan? I think it might be your kind of thing
Holly Johnson 8:48:09 PM
And holy cow does this Santo & Johnny sound incredible
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:35 PM
I agree this sounds amazing
mghola 8:49:01 PM
I'm mad Wayne advertised hello Mary on air. It's gonna be hard to get into that show without a full pass.
mghola 8:49:51 PM
Will Gordon 8:50:53 PM
Tater 8:51:00 PM
We still have 10 minutes mghola
Will Gordon 8:51:55 PM
Quilters gunna quit. Sometimes I fall asleep
mghola 8:52:15 PM
If I tell ppl not to go to treefort then the shred won't be PACKED?
Simon Owens 8:52:33 PM
Anyone know where I can get a good desk?
mghola 8:53:01 PM
Of any band this year I want to see Hello Mary.
Will Gordon 8:53:59 PM
My next show is royel Otis. Different vibe but good
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:54:13 PM
Im looking forward to Dry Cleaning
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:54:41 PM
that's a no on say hazan
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:55:06 PM
Im going to & Special sauce on Sunday
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:55:15 PM
hey i'm gettin off the air. Thanks everyone!
mghola 8:55:23 PM
Hello Mary is my treefort goal. No general pass this year
Bongo Lover 8:55:42 PM
Cough cough…will
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:55:53 PM
Great show I feel almost human again . Thanks
mghola 8:56:05 PM
Tater 8:56:36 PM
🤔 Bongo Lover?
Bongo Lover 8:57:19 PM
Genuinely, great night.
mghola 8:57:35 PM
Call the station lets set up a phone against drum head circle next friday.
Tater 8:58:05 PM
Great night. Better than Will Gordon’s bike helmet
Will Gordon 8:58:35 PM
Was that a hard stop by bonefish?
Will Gordon 8:58:40 PM
Tater 8:59:07 PM
1 more hour!
Will Gordon 8:59:57 PM
When’s the annual Polliwog reunion?
Holly Johnson 9:00:53 PM
I'm guessing wherever there is the most ducks
Holly Johnson 9:01:01 PM
Or where it should be
Bonefish Sam (host) 9:01:03 PM
i'm duckin out
Holly Johnson 9:01:11 PM
Quack on
Will Gordon 9:01:29 PM
Duck it, later
Holly Johnson 9:01:36 PM
July seems quacking
Curtis Stuhlberg 9:01:51 PM
Keep on Quacking
Tater 9:02:09 PM
Can there be a gathering?
Simon Owens 9:02:21 PM
I’ll fly to Boise