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Communication Matters

Mar 20, 2024 3:45 PM – 4:30 PM

Public Affairs

With Shauna Smith

Communication Matters, with Brian and Shauna Smith, is about

communication and the human condition. A mental health counselor and

speech-language pathologist discuss the vastness of communication and

relationships, and provide tips and tricks for improving interpersonal

communication skills. This all while being a married couple barbing,

bickering, and bantering on these topics without killing each other on

the air.

Girl God Interview for Comedyfort

Happy Treefort, Radio Boise listeners! Today, we're hosting a very special interview with Comedyfort performers, Girl God, the comedy and writing duo featuring April Clark and Grace Freud. Tune in to get to know them at 3:45 PM MST at KRBX, Radio Boise - 89.9/93.5 FM or live stream online.

Communication Matters
3:45 PM
Interview: Girl God

GIRL GOD is a comedy and writing duo featuring April Clark and Grace Freud. Their live shows are surreal, interactive performances with jokes from their trans and queer perspective that are actually funny and not just looking for applause. With sold out shows in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles--not to mention sketches that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online--Girl God is the most popular trans comedy group performing today, if not ever.