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Communication Matters

Apr 3, 2024 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Public Affairs

With Shauna Smith

Communication Matters, with Brian and Shauna Smith, is about

communication and the human condition. A mental health counselor and

speech-language pathologist discuss the vastness of communication and

relationships, and provide tips and tricks for improving interpersonal

communication skills. This all while being a married couple barbing,

bickering, and bantering on these topics without killing each other on

the air.

Parent/child communication: Dead like Latin?

No matter the age of your child or children you may encounter in the wild, do you ever feel like sometimes they are speaking a language you don't understand, and they clearly can't seem to understand you either? Well, today we are going to prove that adult/parent/child communication is not dead and give you some resuscitation techniques that don't typically get thrown about in the usual lists of "How to make parenting a breeze." We shared a survey on our Facebook page regarding parenting styles, and boy, did you all deliver! We have lots of listener input to share on the subject of parenting and communicating with children. Don't be sus, finna make today's show dank, and our music for the topic is bop! I'm not sure I know what that means either, but I tried... We will not be teaching current slang, as clearly we are not CEOs of the present vernacular, but boy, our six year old is! Tune in today at 4:00pmMST, to hear about how to bridge the language barrier from a deeper interpersonal communication focus that will help you transcend beyond just the words. And help you get what you want... parent and kid.

Communication Matters
4:00 PM
David Bowie - Kooks
David Bowie Kooks
Hunky Dory (2015 Remaster) Parlophone UK Brazil 2015 LP Rock
4:55 PM
Cat Stevens - Father and Son
Cat Stevens Father and Son
Tea for the Tillerman (2020 Remaster) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2020