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Two Ducks and a Pollywog

Apr 12, 2024 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Bonefish Sam

Two Ducks is a two-hour show on Radio Boise. I play everything I can, of all genres, musical and non-musical, good and bad, serious and funny, old and new.

Two Ducks and a Pollywog
7:03 PM
Redbone - Maggie
Redbone Maggie
Potlatch (Expanded Edition) Legacy Recordings USA 2015 LP Rock
7:13 PM
Margie Joseph - Stop! in the Name of Love
Margie Joseph Stop! in the Name of Love
Margie Joseph Makes a New Impression Volt USA LP
7:25 PM
The Relatives - Free At Last
The Relatives Free At Last
Don't Let Me Fall Heavy Light Records 2011
7:29 PM
The Chambers Brothers - No, No, No Don't Say Good-Bye
The Chambers Brothers No, No, No Don't Say Good-Bye
A New Time - A New Day Columbia/Legacy USA 1968 LP Rock
7:35 PM
Misha Panfilov - Electronia
Misha Panfilov Electronia
Momentum 2 Headed Deer 2022 Jazz
7:39 PM
Bob Tashjian, Souren Baronian & The Mid-Eastern Ensemble - Ser Khosha
Bob Tashjian, Souren Baronian & The Mid-Eastern Ensemble Ser Khosha
Middle Eastern Soul Carlee LP
7:45 PM
Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak - Medium Drums & Medley
Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak Medium Drums & Medley
Strictly Belly Dancing The 3rd Volume Scepter USA 1977 LP World
7:49 PM
Dungen - Alberto Balsalm
Dungen Alberto Balsalm
Alberto Balsalm (Aquarium Drunkard's Lagniappe Session) - Single Mexican Summer USA 2016 Rock
7:54 PM
Tortoise - Benway
Tortoise Benway
Standards P-VINE RECORDS 2001 Electronic
8:00 PM
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Azzah Music
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr Azzah Music
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (Habibi Funk 009) HABIBI Funk Records 2018 LP
8:03 PM
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Phantom of the Panther
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics Phantom of the Panther
Inspiration Information 3 Strut UK 2009 CD Reggae
8:06 PM
The Natural Yogurt Band - We Are Alone
The Natural Yogurt Band We Are Alone
Spores BMM Records 2023 LP Electronic
8:09 PM
Miles Davis - Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (45-rpm Single Edit)
Miles Davis Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (45-rpm Single Edit)
Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition) Columbia/Legacy 2010 Jazz
8:14 PM
The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit - Love Child
The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit Love Child
Plugged In Pop Command/ABC USA 1969 LP
8:16 PM
Janko Nilovic - Crazy Enterprise
Janko Nilovic Crazy Enterprise
Soul Impressions P-VINE RECORDS USA 2015 MP3 Jazz
8:18 PM
Jimmy McGriff - Tight Times
Jimmy McGriff Tight Times
Electric Funk Blue Note Records 1997 Jazz
8:22 PM
Chris Waxman - Highway Speed
Chris Waxman Highway Speed
Organized London Records USA LP
8:28 PM
Emil Richards - Yo Yazz
Emil Richards Yo Yazz
Wonderful World of Percussion Emil Richards Music 2001 Jazz
8:33 PM
Konono N°1 - Kule Kule
Konono N°1 Kule Kule
Congotronics Crammed Discs Belgium 2004 Rock
8:40 PM
The Zodiac - Libra - The Flower Child
The Zodiac Libra - The Flower Child
Cosmic Sounds Rhino/Elektra USA LP Rock
8:44 PM
Clutchy Hopkins - Verbal Headlock
Clutchy Hopkins Verbal Headlock
The Story Teller Ubiquity Records USA 2010 Electronic
8:47 PM
Martin Denny - Quiet Village
Martin Denny Quiet Village
Exotic Moog Liberty Russia 1969 LP Electronic
8:53 PM
Salah Ragab - Egypt Strut
Salah Ragab Egypt Strut
Egyptian Jazz Strut 2021 Jazz
Chat is archived.
Will Gordon 7:04:59 PM
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:05:45 PM
Tater Tot 7:07:34 PM
Let’s get quackin’
Will Gordon 7:08:58 PM
Charlie Brown dancing
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:09:38 PM
Will Gordon 7:11:26 PM
Other Will Gordon 7:12:08 PM
Quack quack
Tater Tot 7:12:43 PM
I wonder what Charlie Brown dancing would look like with duck feet
Stogieeee 7:12:48 PM
Love radiothon! 💸
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:14:33 PM
duck emoji
Tater Tot 7:15:53 PM
Wait for it
Bongo Lover 7:17:13 PM
Damn, that’s a lead in
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:17:16 PM
I'm here in the basement of the Alaska building. waiting for you to call and donate.
Tater Tot 7:18:15 PM
True fan
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:19:06 PM
I can see bone fish Sam right now spinning records
Will Gordon 7:19:28 PM
I didn’t even know calling was an option! I did donate though. Go Curtis!
Will Gordon 7:19:33 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:19:48 PM
Will Gordon with the big donation! Nice
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:20:16 PM
wowow thanks will!
Will Gordon 7:21:44 PM
Will Gordon 7:22:02 PM
I’m watching the love boat on mute
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:22:47 PM
Nice. I like to watch Rockford files on mute
Will Gordon 7:23:51 PM
Curtis someone posted the Cowboy Bebop movie on YouTube this week. Watch it while it’s still up!
Will Gordon 7:26:46 PM
Very Charles Bradley….but before him…
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:28:58 PM
don't mute the rockford files theme though
Will Gordon 7:29:09 PM
Will Gordon 7:29:38 PM
What ever happened to mind flowers? She played some good tunes
Will Gordon 7:30:12 PM
No bonefish, but good
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:30:13 PM
Will, I will look for it tonight when I get home.
Will Gordon 7:31:33 PM
Will Gordon 7:32:20 PM
These are some great jamz
Other Will Gordon 7:33:14 PM
Feeling jazzed with this one
Will Gordon 7:37:16 PM
Italian mystery music
Other Will Gordon 7:38:29 PM
Excited for my radio Boise key chain!
Tater Tot 7:39:55 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:40:22 PM
Phone now while the lines are busy. Don't miss your chance to donate.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:41:05 PM
phones aren't busy call now
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:43:03 PM
Lot's of online donations happening
Will Gordon 7:44:00 PM
Where is bongo lover
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:44:16 PM
i was just typing that will
Will Gordon 7:45:48 PM
How many people man the lines?
Bongo Lover 7:46:46 PM
Whew, that was a belly dancing jam
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:47:40 PM
2 people are standing by to take your calls
Will Gordon 7:53:08 PM
Bingo lover loves those belly dances but I’m digging this jam
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:54:10 PM
sorry i had to cut the belly dance short. radiothon kind of forces interruptions
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:58:44 PM
Being here at the radio is like being unstuck in time. I can see and hear Bonefish Sam and 10 seconds later hear it on the radio again.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:59:25 PM
I just talked to Tater Tot !
Will Gordon 8:02:48 PM
Tater Tot 8:06:35 PM
Friday nights are the best!
Will Gordon 8:10:06 PM
Good jamz
Bongo Lover 8:16:14 PM
This is solid
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:18:01 PM
Chase Scene Music
Will Gordon 8:19:15 PM
Cool keys
Tater Tot 8:23:32 PM
This would make a great theme song to life
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:26:12 PM
like to just have playing in the background all the time?
Tater Tot 8:26:44 PM
Only the highlight reel
Tater Tot 8:32:37 PM
Is bongo lover jealous of the gong?
Other Will Gordon 8:33:13 PM
Energizer bunny vibes
Will Gordon 8:33:38 PM
Duracell vibes
Tater Tot 8:34:14 PM
I prefer Kirkland batteries myself
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:35:43 PM
This awesome
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:37:20 PM
i like the occasional throat noises
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:41:42 PM
Far out man
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:43:49 PM
Bongo Lover 8:44:30 PM
I wonder what the vibe in the studio was when they made this.
Tater Tot 8:45:33 PM
Awesome progression
Bongo Lover 8:48:36 PM
Was that quacking?
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:48:57 PM
sure sounded like it.
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:49:09 PM
synthesized quacking
Will Gordon 8:53:20 PM
One more song!
Will Gordon 8:53:27 PM
Two more
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:54:53 PM
well i guess there's the lullaby still coming up
Tater Tot 8:56:57 PM
Great keys tonight
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:57:20 PM
thanks guys. always enjoy the chat
Will Gordon 8:59:10 PM
Tater Tot 9:00:18 PM
One more!
Curtis Stuhlberg 9:02:12 PM
Thanks for Donating if you did!
Will Gordon 9:02:29 PM
Thanks fkr man k g