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Communication Matters

Apr 17, 2024 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Public Affairs

With Shauna Smith

Communication Matters, with Brian and Shauna Smith, is about

communication and the human condition. A mental health counselor and

speech-language pathologist discuss the vastness of communication and

relationships, and provide tips and tricks for improving interpersonal

communication skills. This all while being a married couple barbing,

bickering, and bantering on these topics without killing each other on

the air.

Programmers' Verbal Combat to the Social Death - Special Edition Radiothon Show

Today's show is going to be a melee of fun and hilarity. Programmers from The Chowdah, Riff Haven, and the V3 will be participating in Communication Matters' version of gladiator games - verbal combat to the social death with some Radiothon scenarios to stir up some good hearted conflict. We are hoping to rake in the donations as all our loyal listeners throw their dollars in the ring as the battles ensue. Please call 208-258-2072 during the show (if you call at a different time, let them know your donation is under Communication Matters) or you can donate online at We will have matches up to $800 during the 4-5pmMST show time, so donations then will be doubled until we reach the $800 match total. Let's prove public affairs shows can rake in the dough for Radio Boise too!

Intro and Outro Music:

Artist - Lone Bicycler of the Apocalypse

Composition - Head Shaped Weird

Communication Matters
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