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Two Ducks and a Pollywog

May 24, 2024 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Bonefish Sam

Two Ducks is a two-hour show on Radio Boise. I play everything I can, of all genres, musical and non-musical, good and bad, serious and funny, old and new.

Two Ducks and a Pollywog
7:02 PM
Sly & The Family Stone - I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)
Sly & The Family Stone I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)
Dance To The Music Epic/Legacy USA LP Rock
7:06 PM
James Brown - Don't Fence Me In
James Brown Don't Fence Me In
Reality Universal Records 1974
7:15 PM
Tony Allen - Tony's Blues
Tony Allen Tony's Blues
The Source Universal Music Division Decca Records France 2017 Jazz
7:20 PM
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Shaikan Music
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr Shaikan Music
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (Habibi Funk 009) HABIBI Funk Records 2018 LP
7:24 PM
P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble - I'm Wondering Why
P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble I'm Wondering Why
Winter Winds Now Again Records 2013 Jazz
7:28 PM
Roland Kirk - Salvation & Reminiscing
Roland Kirk Salvation & Reminiscing
Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle Atlantic USA Jazz
7:34 PM
Sun Ra and His Arkestra - A House of Beauty
Sun Ra and His Arkestra A House of Beauty
The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra (Vol. 2) ESP-Disk United States LP Jazz
7:42 PM
Misha Panfilov - Eclipse
Misha Panfilov Eclipse
In Focus Jazzaggression 2023
7:45 PM
Project Gemini - After The Dawn
Project Gemini After The Dawn
Colours & Light Mr Bongo 2023 LP Rock
7:48 PM
Natural Information Society - Gravity
Natural Information Society Gravity
Since Time Is Gravity Eremite Records 2023 Jazz
7:56 PM
Tito Puente and His Orchestra - Rumba Timbales
Tito Puente and His Orchestra Rumba Timbales
Tambó (Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks, 1960) RCA Brazil
8:01 PM
Dosh - Stone Cold Boogie
Dosh Stone Cold Boogie
Stone Cold Boogie - Single Dosh Family 2024
8:09 PM
Placebo - Humpty Dumpty
Placebo Humpty Dumpty
Ball Of Eyes P-VINE RECORDS 1971 Jazz
8:12 PM
Alan Hawkshaw - Action Man
Alan Hawkshaw Action Man
Synthesizer and Percussion Themes International Vinyl Series Rock
with Brian Bennett
8:14 PM
Val Podlasinski - The Theme
Val Podlasinski The Theme
Moog Ready Music LP
8:18 PM
Space Art - Axius
Space Art Axius
Space Art Space Art 1977 LP Electronic
8:22 PM
Heinz Funk Electric Combo - Percumatic
Heinz Funk Electric Combo Percumatic
Moog Synthesizer Music Chappell Recorded Music Library 1973
8:25 PM
Boards of Canada - Orange Romeda
Boards of Canada Orange Romeda
We Are Reasonable People-Warp 100 Warp Records EU
8:33 PM
Jean-Jacques Perrey - Clones War
Jean-Jacques Perrey Clones War
Eclektronics Basta Audio-Visuals 2002 Classical
with David Chazam
8:37 PM
Mike Timoney - The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Mike Timoney The Good The Bad And The Ugly
The Astounding Sound Of The Cordovox Musical Rendezvous Limited 1971 LP
8:39 PM
Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Jezebel Spirit
Brian Eno & David Byrne The Jezebel Spirit
My Life In the Bush of Ghosts Nonesuch/Warner Records USA Rock
8:45 PM
Janko Nilovic - Night Drums (feat. JJ Whitefield & Igor Zhukovsky)
Janko Nilovic Night Drums (feat. JJ Whitefield & Igor Zhukovsky)
Cosmos Giants (feat. JJ Whitefield & Igor Zhukovsky) Broc editions 2024
8:48 PM
The Lightmen Plus One - Jupiter's Child
The Lightmen Plus One Jupiter's Child
Energy Control Center Now Again Records 2017 Jazz
8:58 PM
Arthur Lyman - Afro Blues
Arthur Lyman Afro Blues
Polynesia HiFi Records 1965 LP
Chat is archived.
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:04:12 PM
Starting of with sly.Nice upbeat tone for Friday night
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:04:32 PM
hey curtis!
kidskip'N 7:05:24 PM
QuACK ,,two ducks. ,,,, Quack. Pollywog in...go man go!
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:07:09 PM
quack quack
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:07:29 PM
This is super cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:08:02 PM
Does this count as a cover song
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:08:34 PM
yeah i think so
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:10:15 PM
i shoulda played the sly song with the cowboy yodeling
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:13:52 PM
I wonder if he got the war stopped?
kidskip'N 7:14:15 PM
300 million an hour. War
kidskip'N 7:15:20 PM
Pollywog only guessing. Gotta be clos me think
W Gordon 7:16:37 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:17:32 PM
This is really cool
kidskip'N 7:19:09 PM
More jazz fix simple mind from destruction of the world. All life sacred
W Gordon 7:19:24 PM
Good jamz
kidskip'N 7:21:45 PM
Kidback to skipN. Thanks sam
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:25:06 PM
THis is neat
W Gordon 7:26:29 PM
Really cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:29:13 PM
This Bass player is really getting it
kidskip'N 7:30:08 PM
I like the whole mash. The guy on the tub's caught my ear first
W Gordon 7:30:45 PM
This is like Gregorian chant on drugs meets the jazz
W Gordon 7:31:11 PM
It’s really good
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:32:22 PM
Roland Kirk is on the psychedelic side of jazz
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:32:53 PM
This is really cool
kidskip'N 7:32:56 PM
Ive only been to one chant. Learned to appreciate the stark of it all?
W Gordon 7:34:56 PM
This is like an alternate reality Fantasia
kidskip'N 7:35:04 PM
Specially in that unfinished church in Seattle. St zmarks in think
kidskip'N 7:35:47 PM
Capital hill
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:37:05 PM
I can't wait until Sun Ra is somehow brought up in congressional UAP/UFO hearings
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:37:26 PM
there's so much photographic proof of sun ra
kidskip'N 7:38:02 PM
Differnt kinda blues here?
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:38:13 PM
Space Blues
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:39:08 PM
Cosmic Blues
kidskip'N 7:39:17 PM
Wish i knew / followed more sun ra along the wsy
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:40:19 PM
That was really cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:44:13 PM
This is groovy
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:49:57 PM
This is cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:51:02 PM
i'm really digging this
W Gordon 7:51:23 PM
It’s layered nicely lots going on
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:52:20 PM
trance inducing
W Gordon 7:54:17 PM
Do not drive and listen
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:54:23 PM
I was just looking at the song names on this album.very sciencey and existential
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:55:05 PM
Very cool
speedholes4232 7:56:50 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:57:23 PM
Where's Bongo lover?
Bonefish Sam (host) 7:58:07 PM
good question. i should have waited to play this
Curtis Stuhlberg 7:58:22 PM
This is great chase misic
BG 8:00:50 PM
Yma Sumac - Mambo to shatter glass by
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:01:50 PM
i always want to play Yma, but I'm not sure many people can handle that voice
BG 8:03:08 PM
That's the glass shettering problem
W Gordon 8:04:22 PM
Bongo lover is slackn
W Gordon 8:04:47 PM
Great session so far 10/10
BG 8:04:54 PM
Having acknowledged that, someday ya gotta do it!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:05:11 PM
THis one goes to 11
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:05:45 PM
Hey there fellas. Amazing as always, Bonefish
Party Marty 8:06:19 PM
This is a good vibe.
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:06:35 PM
whoa everybodys here
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:06:35 PM
HI feelings
W Gordon 8:06:55 PM
Not bongo lover
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:07:01 PM
Hi Curtis! Next time I see you, I gotta give you high fives
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:07:24 PM
Bongo lover is missing out
Bongo Lover 8:08:34 PM
Oh I’m not missing out, loving tonight
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:09:19 PM
YES! 🥁
W Gordon 8:09:36 PM
The gangs all here except tater tot!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:10:52 PM
THis would be a good theme song for a tv show
W Gordon 8:11:52 PM
What kind of show would it be?
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:12:27 PM
Good main protaganist theme song
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:12:45 PM
For some reason it made me think of Mannix
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:12:48 PM
this is really cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:13:08 PM
i felt a detective vibe too
W Gordon 8:13:27 PM
Oh yeah
W Gordon 8:13:32 PM
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:13:54 PM
We should all make a detective show where bonefish sam solves crimes and then does a dj show after hours
W Gordon 8:14:01 PM
Dear John meets Murder She Wrote
W Gordon 8:14:20 PM
That would be great!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:14:30 PM
This would be a good plan coming together action movie scene music
W Gordon 8:15:24 PM
then this is when they travel through time with the synth time key
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:15:31 PM
This sounds like 1980s educational film music
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:15:59 PM
This totally makes me think of 70's children's programming music
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:16:10 PM
YES! We thought the same thing!
speedholes4232 8:16:16 PM
I’m in space
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:16:55 PM
Space is the place
Bongo Lover 8:17:20 PM
Could use more bongos…
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:17:43 PM
Are there bongos in space?
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:18:20 PM
Star trek had a lot of bongos
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:18:58 PM
OG star trek anyways
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:19:39 PM
Space disco /club scene
W Gordon 8:19:50 PM
It’s true they were all about building tension with bongos
W Gordon 8:20:01 PM
James Tiberius
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:20:30 PM
That is so wild. I gotta watch more treks. Appreciate the space bongo information.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:23:36 PM
I have a crazy star trek music and Eden Abez conspiracy theory that is to comlex to into here
W Gordon 8:23:47 PM
Robot jamz
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:25:54 PM
Basically I think the episode The way to Eden is about Eden Abez
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:26:45 PM
just added sun ra version of nature boy to the list of 'stuff to play'.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:27:05 PM
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:28:09 PM
Whoa Curtis! That sounds like a fantastic theory. I gotta watch this episode now and see. Especially if it even slightly gives a shout out to Eden Abez
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:29:43 PM
Well it is a cautionary tale about the hippie life style. And he is the first hippy
W Gordon 8:31:18 PM
Hippie hippie hoorah
Jon Palmer 8:34:52 PM
Yeah that Dosh track was good
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:36:07 PM
This song is all over the place
W Gordon 8:36:22 PM
Yeahs it’s a wild time
speedholes4232 8:36:22 PM
I just saluted
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:37:39 PM
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:38:12 PM
I love accordions
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:39:28 PM
I thought about buying one, but i got an electric guitar instead
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:40:16 PM
Accordions are so cool i still might get one
Bongo Lover 8:40:45 PM
Honestly, who doesn’t like an accordion?
W Gordon 8:40:49 PM
I prefer accordioffs
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:41:29 PM
that was actually an electric accordion. best of both worlds
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:42:18 PM
Thx for the my life in the bush of ghosts
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:42:58 PM
I think i've seen one of those in a documentary i watched
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:43:30 PM
i think i saw a Midi accordian
W Gordon 8:45:20 PM
Love a midi
speedholes4232 8:45:36 PM
Damn. Vibe.
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:46:04 PM
Very nice
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:48:38 PM
Super cool
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:49:33 PM
Weird album cover
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:50:15 PM
weird and great
Party Marty 8:51:00 PM
Top notch
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:51:17 PM
It has that 'What " factor
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:52:23 PM
Party marty-- I love your cat
kidskip'N 8:55:11 PM
Party Marty 8:56:48 PM
Mahoko is part cat, part gremlin
Bonefish Sam (host) 8:57:21 PM
last song. Thanks for being here everyone!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:57:31 PM
This song is loud like a rock song
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:57:51 PM
Grat bird noises too
W Gordon 8:57:55 PM
One more song!
Bongo Lover 8:57:58 PM
Last song, tonight was too good?
W Gordon 8:58:03 PM
There’s still time!!!!
Curtis Stuhlberg 8:58:15 PM
Great show thanks!
Holly Johnson-Wallace 8:58:21 PM
This show had everything!
W Gordon 8:58:36 PM
W Gordon 8:58:57 PM
1 hour 58 min
Holly Johnson-Wallace 9:01:29 PM
Better make some pasta. Thanks for the good laughs, everyone. Pet that gremlin cat for me, party marty.