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Drift Correction

Jun 16, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Wayne Birt

Indy fusion ambience combining the best atmospheric links between old and new. Spacy, spooky and surprising.

Drift Correction
8:00 PM
Dire Wolves - Spacetime Rider
Dire Wolves Spacetime Rider
Grow Towards the Light Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records Rock
8:10 PM
Horse Lords - Encounter I / Transfinite Flow
Horse Lords Encounter I / Transfinite Flow
Interventions Northern Spy Records 2016
8:14 PM
Sonic Youth - I Love You Golden Blue
Sonic Youth I Love You Golden Blue
Sonic Nurse Geffen 2016 MP3 Rock
8:25 PM
David Nance Group - Amethyst
David Nance Group Amethyst
Peaced and Slightly Pulverized Trouble In Mind Records USA 2018
8:31 PM
Circuit Rider - Old Time Feeling
Circuit Rider Old Time Feeling
Circuit Rider Numero Group 2012 Rock
8:35 PM
Alessandro Alessandroni - Sensualita
Alessandro Alessandroni Sensualita
Sangue di sbirro (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Four Flies Srls 2019
8:38 PM
Snapped Ankles - Letter From Hampi Mountain (Edit)
Snapped Ankles Letter From Hampi Mountain (Edit)
Letter From Hampi Mountain - Single The Leaf Label
8:44 PM
Berserk In A Hayfield - Start of Something
Berserk In A Hayfield Start of Something
Cold Waves of Color, Vol. 4 (1984) Lion Productions, LLC 2017 Electronic
8:48 PM
Mystery Plane - Crying Again
Mystery Plane Crying Again
Still Life (1981) Lion Productions, LLC 1981 Electronic
8:52 PM
Fad Gadget - Cities of the Plain
Fad Gadget Cities of the Plain
Fad Gadget By Frank Tovey Mute 2006
8:58 PM
The Associates - Green for Grief
The Associates Green for Grief
The Affectionate Punch Union Square Music 2016 Rock
9:02 PM
David Bowie - Lady Grinning Soul
David Bowie Lady Grinning Soul
Aladdin Sane [30th Anniversary Edition] VIRGIN
9:09 PM
Twentieth Century Zoo - It's All in My Head
Twentieth Century Zoo It's All in My Head
Thunder On a Clear Day Rhino 1969 Rock
9:15 PM
Tom Nehls - Sky Paintings
Tom Nehls Sky Paintings
I Always Catch the Third Second of a Yellow Light Now-Again Records 2019 Rock
9:22 PM
Tengger - High
Tengger High
Spiritual 2 Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2019 Electronic
9:28 PM
Joni Void - Dysfunctional Helper
Joni Void Dysfunctional Helper
Mise En Abyme Constellation 2019 Electronic
9:32 PM
Alice Cooper - Caught In a Dream
Alice Cooper Caught In a Dream
Love It to Death Rhino/Warner Records 2004 Rock
9:38 PM
Sunwatchers - New Dad Blues
Sunwatchers New Dad Blues
Illegal Moves Trouble In Mind Records USA 2019 Rock
9:45 PM
Le Orme - Fumo
Le Orme Fumo
Ad Gloriam Akarma Peer International Library Limited ‎ 1999 Rock
9:48 PM
Blurt - Ruminant Plinth (ORIGINAL)
Blurt Ruminant Plinth (ORIGINAL)
Let There Be Blurt Volume 1: The Fish Needs a Bike Salamander Records 2003
9:55 PM
Quando Quango - Love Tempo
Quando Quango Love Tempo
Pigs & Battleships (Remastered, Bonus Tracks) LTM Recordings 2007 Electronic
Chat is archived.
Nick 8:16:17 PM
Have you listened to that new life SY concert that just came out last week yet? Pretty good stuff.
Nick 8:17:11 PM
Predates this by a decade, but the last 20 years of that band are somewhat of a piece
Wayne Birt (host) 8:20:54 PM
I have. Still sorting through the gems on it. And I totes agree. Arguably my favorite Youth period.
T Gerlach 8:22:26 PM
I think there was a subtle shift with this album that led them into that superb final phase of their career.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:23:35 PM
You mean Sonic Nurse?
Wayne Birt (host) 8:24:38 PM
Yeah, I felt it with Murray Street, but Sonic Nurse and Rather Ripped I think are pretty related. What a bunch of timeless folks they were.
T Gerlach 8:24:40 PM
Yes-- Nurse, Rather Ripped, and The Eternal are, to me, a distinct run of albums.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:25:58 PM
Agreed. Murray Street was kind of one those change your style albums. Those three you mention are def related.
T Gerlach 8:27:25 PM
Murray Street is definitely a transition point. Both SY and Nick Cave got amazingly good in the mid '00s.
T Gerlach 8:28:45 PM
And speaking of things Eternal-- the undying influence of Neil Young.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:32:24 PM
Pretty unmistakable on the Nance cut, huh?
T Gerlach 8:33:26 PM
Yes, indeed, but it's certainly something worth perpetuating!
Wayne Birt (host) 8:33:51 PM
It's a responsible ingredient!
T Gerlach 8:35:41 PM
Is this Circuit Rider really from 2012? It sounds like the weird psych-folk from the '60s and '70s you're always digging up.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:36:33 PM
Recorded in the mid seventies, released on a private pressing in '80. Numero latched on in 2012. Good catch.
T Gerlach 8:38:40 PM
Same with the Alessandroni? That has got to be from the '70s.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:39:15 PM
'76. From a movie starring. of all things, Jack Palance. Nothing but quality here!
T Gerlach 8:41:10 PM
Love Jack Palance-- Ripley's Believe It or Not every Sunday night!
Wayne Birt (host) 8:43:41 PM
T Gerlach 9:00:30 PM
Hearing some Scott Walker influence here...
Wayne Birt (host) 9:01:54 PM
ooh. Never thought of that. Interesting. these guys made their breakthrough by covering Bowie's Boys Keep Swinging just a few months after it came out. In true generous fashion, Bowie supported it.
T Gerlach 9:03:50 PM
Yes, Bowie was quite cool that way. Excellent track, here-- Bowie recycling Weimar Berlin into '70s decadence. Love it!
Wayne Birt (host) 9:04:30 PM
Yeah, Brecht etc coursed strong through him.
T Gerlach 9:05:16 PM
I'm sure you've heard his Jacques Brel covers.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:06:11 PM
Definitely. he and Walker did a bunch.
T Gerlach 9:34:10 PM
Quite the transition, there-- nicely done.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:37:45 PM
The slow set up. Thanks!
T Gerlach 9:44:29 PM
That Sunwatchers album cover looks like an old issue of MAD magazine!
Wayne Birt (host) 9:45:53 PM
I know! Pretty funny!
T Gerlach 9:50:45 PM
All these old callouts overlapping, interweaving, layering over, through and upon themselves is very much a part of what Drift Correction is all about.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:53:32 PM
Why thanks. Senseless or a tapestry I sometime don't know. But I strive for the latter.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:55:42 PM
Thanks for the ears, ya'll!