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Drift Correction

Jul 21, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Wayne Birt

Indy fusion ambience combining the best atmospheric links between old and new. Spacy, spooky and surprising.

Drift Correction
8:00 PM
Yves Jarvis - To Say That is Easy
Yves Jarvis To Say That is Easy
The Same But By Different Means Anti/Epitaph 2019
8:05 PM
Froth - Department Head
Froth Department Head
Duress Wichita Recordings 2019
8:09 PM
Dark Day - No, Nothing, Never
Dark Day No, Nothing, Never
Exterminating Angel Nigh Eve Recordings 2012 Electronic
8:16 PM
Serafyn - Foam
Serafyn Foam
Foam Radicalis 2017
8:22 PM
Jane Weaver - H>a>K
Jane Weaver H>a>K
Loops in the Secret Society Fire Records 2019
8:26 PM
French Vanilla - Move Along, Move Ahead
French Vanilla Move Along, Move Ahead
How Am I Not Myself? Danger Collective 2019
8:29 PM
Greys - Shelley Duvall in 3 Women
Greys Shelley Duvall in 3 Women
Age Hasn't Spoiled You Carpark Records 2019 Indie Rock
8:35 PM
Powerplant - True  Love
Powerplant True Love
People in the Sun Dreamland Syndicate 2019
8:39 PM
Mega Bog - Diary of a Rose
Mega Bog Diary of a Rose
Dolphine Paradise of Bachelors 2019 Indie Rock
8:46 PM
Ela Orleans - Elegy
Ela Orleans Elegy
Movies for Ears: An Introduction to Ela Orleans Night School 2019 Electronic
8:52 PM
Lee Ranaldo - Someone Drifted Out Over the Edge
Lee Ranaldo Someone Drifted Out Over the Edge
In Doubt, Shadow Him! Joyful Noise Recordings 2018 Rock
9:00 PM
Amon Düül II - Green Bubble Raincoated Man
Amon Düül II Green Bubble Raincoated Man
Lemmingmania SPV 2006 Rock
9:07 PM
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Amethyst Realm
The Claypool Lennon Delirium Amethyst Realm
South of Reality ATO Records 2019
9:15 PM
Kalacakra - Jaceline
Kalacakra Jaceline
Crawling to Lhasa Bacillus 2012 Rock
9:21 PM
Pete Bassman - Wolf Eater
Pete Bassman Wolf Eater
Lost in Space Höga Nord Rekords 2016
9:28 PM
The New Christs - Bed of Nails
The New Christs Bed of Nails
Distemper Citadel Records 1989 Rock
9:34 PM
The Celibate Rifles - Dark City
The Celibate Rifles Dark City
A Mid-Stream of Consciousness Laneway Music 2015
9:38 PM
The Scientists - Set It On Fire
The Scientists Set It On Fire
Weird Love Numero Group 2016 Rock
9:41 PM
The Moffs - Another Day in the Sun
The Moffs Another Day in the Sun
A Young Person's Guide The Moffs 2018 Rock
9:46 PM
Julie's Haircut - Dress Rehearsals
Julie's Haircut Dress Rehearsals
Music from the Last Command (A Film by Josef Von Sternberg Performed by Julie's Haircut) 42 Records, Don't Panic! 2019
9:49 PM
Orua - Vitin
Orua Vitin
Romã Transfusão Noise Records 2019 Rock
9:54 PM
Pistol Disco - Beat of the Tune
Pistol Disco Beat of the Tune
Organs & Drums / Beat of the Tune - Single Höga Nord Rekords 2018
Chat is archived.
T Gerlach 8:50:35 PM
Yeah, she's great in Nashville, but I'll go with 3 Women. I love deep cut Altman!
Wayne Birt (host) 8:52:19 PM
Yes! That could be her best performance. More meaty than, say, McCabe and Mrs. Miller.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:52:36 PM
I think my love for Nashville itself colors it.
Wayne Birt (host) 8:53:27 PM
I need to watch 3 Women again.
T Gerlach 8:57:28 PM
So do I. And Nashville, which I also absolutely love. High up on my to-do list is a complete chronological Altman viewing. In the midst of doing that with Truffaut-- probably be the next one.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:00:02 PM
That's a worthwhile use of your time. Have you ever heard me spout off about the fun factoid that Wim Wenders and Ronnie Blakeley got married on Lizard Butte by Marsing? I feel like I've bored plenty with that.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:07:41 PM
It just continues to be so weird to me.
T Gerlach 9:11:12 PM
No, I have not heard that! Weird, indeed. And it reminds me that I still have the Wenders filmography to complete, too...
Wayne Birt (host) 9:11:43 PM
Me too. Again. Never a bad time to watch The American Friend.
T Gerlach 9:19:44 PM
Damn, I need to watch that for the first time-- very behind on Wenders, I'm sorry to say.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:21:19 PM
That'll be fun.
T Gerlach 9:36:07 PM
Wenders' filmography is small enough I should almost just try to knock it out before tackling the complete Altman. That's one of the reasons I opted to do Truffaut-- it's a very (tragically) finite body of work.
T Gerlach 9:36:49 PM
They're all finite, but you know what I mean-- shorter and manageable.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:38:19 PM
It's a good quandary. Depends on what you want for the opening salvo. Wenders is weirdly modern. Truffault has a more classic feel. Think I might go Francois first.
T Gerlach 9:42:20 PM
Yeah, I was back and forth between Truffaut and Godard, and went with Truffaut for all these reasons. Just about halfway through--at Day for Night, which I've seen before, but will be interesting in the context of the chronology.
T Gerlach 9:43:19 PM
Though I had to skip "Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me," as it never had a US VHS release or Region 1 DVD. Outrageous!
T Gerlach 9:43:47 PM
Wayne Birt (host) 9:43:58 PM
It's great? Haven't seen it.
T Gerlach 9:44:09 PM
I'll hit the same road block with "The Green Door," which really bums me out.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:44:44 PM
Not Criterion stuff, huh?
T Gerlach 9:45:54 PM
No! Holding out for them to one day fill these gaps. I don't bother with torrenting or whatever.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:46:18 PM
You're a purist! That's good!
T Gerlach 9:48:32 PM
I watched enough out-of-aspect-ratio VHS versions in the olden days to insist on proper editions now!
Wayne Birt (host) 9:49:33 PM
Demand the best!
T Gerlach 9:50:56 PM
Oh, I recently finally watched Rossellini's "Rome Open City" and "Paisan." So, so good.
Wayne Birt (host) 9:51:48 PM
I agree. I should probably go back too.
Eric Paul 9:53:09 PM
Drift Correction is almost as weird as INRN tonight....
T Gerlach 9:53:19 PM
I feel I should say that I have been totally listening to the music the whole time we've been talking about cinema. All great stuff!
Wayne Birt (host) 9:56:11 PM
Thanks Eric Paul? I'll consider the same breath as INRN a compliment. Thanks T! Talk to y'all soon!