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Theme of the Day

Jul 18, 2019 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With nassim

Each show is about a new theme (music idea or element, a particular writer, book, movie, point in time, or about a certain mood or season, etc.)

Theme of the Day

Coming up

7:00 PMLost in the Sauce (Variety) with dj agua
9:00 PMThursday Night Cup of Joe (Other/Specialty) with JAMMA
10:00 PMWhat's Goin' On with Boon and Jon (Alternative/Experimental) with Jon
8:00 AMTerrain Tunes (Variety) with Subalpine Silver Fir
9:00 AMGet Shrekt (Hip-Hop) with wins, DJ Bald Boi


3:00 PMAudio Arboretum (Alternative/Experimental) with Magnus
9:00 AMThe Sari-Sari Store Special (Reggae) with lyle x type beat
10:00 PMFinal Slime (Hip-Hop) with DJ Snail
9:00 AM\m/ (Metal) with Moros
10:00 PMThe Cloutlet (Hip-Hop) with Evan Maun