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earthly delights

Apr 26, 2019 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


With duckweed

join duckweed and the reverend on this weekly exploration of art, music, musical art, and artful music. we hope to make you feel as if you are lounging in a studio apartment laden with paintings, persian rugs, and musical instruments as we guide you through the mystical landscape of local music.

earthly delights
10:14 AM
TR/ST - Unbleached
TR/ST Unbleached N
The Destroyer - 1 Electronic QZ92X1801113
10:17 AM
Pinky Pinky - Robber
Pinky Pinky Robber
Hot Tears - EP Innovative Leisure 2018 Rock USD8D1801005
10:21 AM
Rat Queen - Anxiety
Rat Queen Anxiety
Worthless QZES81849019
10:24 AM
Bikini Kill - Feels Blind
Bikini Kill Feels Blind
The First Two Records Bikini Kill Records 2014 USKRS0320405
10:29 AM
Feels - Post Earth
Feels Post Earth
Post Earth Wichita Recordings 2018 GBDNH1800025
10:33 AM
Velvet Q - Get Dead
Velvet Q Get Dead
Is This What You Want? - EP 1036146 Records DK 2019 Rock QZ8LD1970895
10:36 AM
Weaves - Slicked
Weaves Slicked
Wide Open Memphis Industries 2017 Rock CAB9Q1700033
10:40 AM
Cherry Glazerr - Territorial Pissings
Cherry Glazerr Territorial Pissings
Rumble - Single Rock US38W1634518
10:44 AM
FIDLAR - Cocaine
FIDLAR Cocaine
FIDLAR WM Australia 2013 USQE91200273
10:47 AM
Lala Lala - Fuck With Your Friends
Lala Lala Fuck With Your Friends
Sleepyhead Lala Lala 2016 Online Release Rock TCACY1759426
10:50 AM
The Orwells - Mallrats (La La La)
The Orwells Mallrats (La La La)
Remember When Autumn Tone 2012 Rock USA2B1200340
10:54 AM
Sum 41 - Fat Lip
Sum 41 Fat Lip
All Killer No Filler Island Records 2001 Pop USIR20110124
10:56 AM
Katy Rose - Lemon
Katy Rose Lemon
Because I Can V2 Records, Inc. 2003 Pop USVT10300090