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Western Echo

Oct 9, 2019 1:00 PM â€“ 2:00 PM


With Chazzy G

Western Echo
1:02 PM
WU LYF - Cave Song
WU LYF Cave Song
Go Tell Fire to the Mountain L Y F Recordings / Hostess 2011 Rock GBPVV1100626
1:08 PM
Times New Viking - Fuck Her Tears
Times New Viking Fuck Her Tears
Dancer Equired Popfrenzy Records 2012 Pop USMRG1141811
1:09 PM
Mannequin Pussy - Patience
Mannequin Pussy Patience
Patience Epitaph 2019 USEP41906011
thanks Eli!
1:13 PM
Heart To Gold - Tokyo
Heart To Gold Tokyo
Comp Heart to Gold 2018 Rock TCADO1857831
1:14 PM
Why Not - Thud. Dead.
Why Not Thud. Dead.
Ep - EP Why Not 2019 QZDA51997076
1:16 PM
Save Face - Bad
Save Face Bad
Merci Epitaph 2018 USEP41813016
MZ rec!
1:18 PM
B Boys - Smoke You
B Boys Smoke You
Dudu HİTT MÜZİK PRD. 2003 World QMMZN1901797
1:20 PM
Meat Wave - The Incessant
Meat Wave The Incessant
The Incessant Big Scary Monsters 2017 USA6G1664608
1:24 PM
slowthai & Mura Masa - Doorman
slowthai & Mura Masa Doorman
Nothing Great About Britain Method 2019 GBAKX1800022
Thanks Luke!
1:27 PM
Surf Harp - Leather
Surf Harp Leather
Peel Friends Records 2016 QMDA61542885
1:29 PM
The Growlers - Chinese Fountain
The Growlers Chinese Fountain
Chinese Fountain Smack Face Records 2014 USER81404403
1:33 PM
Chris Farren - Love Theme from "Born Hot"
Chris Farren Love Theme from "Born Hot"
Born Hot Big Scary Monsters 2019 Rock US3R41938902
1:39 PM
Surf Curse - Dead Ringers
Surf Curse Dead Ringers
Heaven Surrounds You Danger Collective 2019 Rock QM6MZ1965214
1:40 PM
Remo Drive - Nearly Perfect
Remo Drive Nearly Perfect
Natural, Everyday Extended Play - Single Epitaph 2019 USEP41919025
1:42 PM
Hovvdy - Mr. Lee
Hovvdy Mr. Lee
Heavy Lifter Specialist Subject 2019 QZAZS1906402
1:47 PM
Wilco - Everyone Hides
Wilco Everyone Hides
Ode to Joy dBpm Records 2019 Rock FR6V80734413
Top 30
1:48 PM
Francis Lung - I Wanna Live in My Dreams
Francis Lung I Wanna Live in My Dreams
A Dream Is U Memphis Industries 2019 GBCSG1900001
Francis lung, bassis of wu lyf, 8 years later!