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Nov 27, 2019 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Na'im the Persian Host

9:02 AM
Saaren - Par Par
Saaren Par Par
Par Par - Single Radio Javan 2018 Pop USHM21893037
9:08 AM
Siavash Ghomayshi - Kalaafeh
Siavash Ghomayshi Kalaafeh
Yadegari Avang Music 2011 TCAAW1100547
9:08 AM
Nasiba Abdullayeva - Aylonay
Nasiba Abdullayeva Aylonay
To'plam 1 Maestro Production 2019 Pop RUA1D1902390
9:15 AM
Jamshid - Sepideh
Jamshid Sepideh
Avalin Negah JK Entertainment 2009 Pop USTC60878369
9:18 AM
Ahmad Zahir - Layli Jan (feat. Sahara Monadi)
Ahmad Zahir Layli Jan (feat. Sahara Monadi)
Layli Jan (feat. Sahara Monadi) - Single Dj Mamsi 2019 Electronic TCAEH1918988
9:20 AM
Hamid Hiraad - Faramoosh Kon
Hamid Hiraad Faramoosh Kon
Hamid Hiraad - Best Songs Collection, Vol. 2 Avazi No Records 2018 FRX201742046
9:26 AM
Talk Show Segment: Technical Difficulties

Hello Everybody,

This is Naim, the host of the Persian Music show from 9 to 10 AM Wednesdays! Sorry to dissapoint, but today's show will feature only Persian Music, and no talking from me, since I am experience some studio difficulties. So sit tight, enjoy the music, and maybe give thanks this week that you don't have to listen to me chattering on the show. Today will just be music!
Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy the long weekend!
We will resume for our final episode of this quarter next week, on Wednesday December 4, 2019.

Thanks, and Khodahafez,


9:26 AM
Farzona Khurshed - Azizam
Farzona Khurshed Azizam
Azizam WMA Asia 2012 Pop USWMA9023760
9:29 AM
Aryana Sayeed - Hemat Kon
Aryana Sayeed Hemat Kon
Aryana Sayeed (Best Songs) Fact Media GmbH 2018 World DEXM81800099
9:34 AM
Moein - Bivafa
Moein Bivafa
Dance Mix 7 Taraneh Enterprises Inc 2008 Pop USPUP0810265
9:37 AM
Sami Beigi - Boro
Sami Beigi Boro
Best of Sami Beigi Universal Music AB 2016 Pop UKGRA1600112
9:42 AM
Mehdi Jahani - Cheghadr Tanham
Mehdi Jahani Cheghadr Tanham
Alishmas & Mehdi Jahani - Best Songs Collection Alishmas 2017 FRX201755865
9:45 AM
Jamshid - Harjoor Mikhay
Jamshid Harjoor Mikhay
Saaniyehaa Avang Music 2014 Pop TCABY1463991
9:50 AM
Amirhossein Eftekhari - Mahe Mani
Amirhossein Eftekhari Mahe Mani
Moo Parishan Radio Javan 2019 Pop USHM81959635
9:53 AM
Mehdi Ahmadvand - Bonbast
Mehdi Ahmadvand Bonbast
Khooneye Ghoroor Persia Records 2017 QM6N21704303
9:56 AM
Shahab Tiam - Niloofar
Shahab Tiam Niloofar
One the Album... Taraneh Enterprises Inc 2008 Pop USPUP0810094
10:00 AM
Hamid Hiraad - Khosham Miad
Hamid Hiraad Khosham Miad
Khosham Miad - Single Avazi No Records 2019 FR96X1903076