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Mark Hyken "Live Cut" Midday

    With Mark Hyken

    I've programmed and hosted 60's-70's rock radio shows since 1999. I've also been collecting and enjoying all this great music since it was new. The crazy thing is that I've worked on air at several big St. Louis commercial radio stations that mostly play "adult pop hits" and even "top 40". I know it sounds dull and you're right, the music was literally awful but it was still fun. That being said, I decided that life is too short to spend time spinning top 40 music so I walked away.

    I started out as a dedicated Roots listener. Every time I turned the station on I would think "I could work there and I'd fit right in". My voice of reason would say "nope, you're too busy!" After about 3 months of listening, my will broke and I reached out to John Stephens to see if he'd answer back and shockingly he did! Sometimes you make room for things that you believe in!

    When I'm not working at theRoots.FM, I'm usually out on my bicycle or working out at the gym. As John Stephens jokingly says, "I'm in training for the Olympics"!

    Mark Hyken  "Live Cut"   Midday