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Local Mix: Rock

May 2, 2024 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM


With WBCA Admin

Week 1

Local Mix: Rock
12:01 AM
Camden - Getting Around
Camden Getting Around
Getting Around Cash to Mouth Records
12:03 AM
Marziani - Ace Of Spades
Marziani Ace Of Spades
Single Self-Released
12:09 AM
Major Moment - The Flood
Major Moment The Flood
Single Self-Released
12:16 AM
Rocky Ludden - Apple Tree
Rocky Ludden Apple Tree
Below Boston Witchwood Music Productions (Roslindale, MA)
12:20 AM
Orca Orca - Say So
Orca Orca Say So
Make Live Self-Released
12:23 AM
Phoenix and the Bison - Grip Me
Phoenix and the Bison Grip Me
Janus On the Danube Self-Released
12:26 AM
Mad Painter - Mad Painter
Mad Painter Mad Painter
Mad Painter
12:34 AM
Paths - Apathy
Paths Apathy
Perspective Self-Released
12:35 AM
Leaner - Alive and Unwell
Leaner Alive and Unwell
Junior Upchuck Self-Released
12:39 AM
Beeef - Firework
Beeef Firework
A BEEEF EP 581977 Records DK
12:45 AM
BwO - Is it Me
BwO Is it Me
Defeated/Brave Self Released
12:50 AM
Zach Kaas - Stock Tips
Zach Kaas Stock Tips
CommitteeHorse Self-Released
12:54 AM
teenender - n i t e t r a p
teenender n i t e t r a p
t e e n e n d e r Self-Released