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Honesty Hour

Apr 5, 2019 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

With Abram Scharf

Honesty Hour
5:02 PM
Television - Marquee Moon
Television Marquee Moon
Marquee Moon Elektra Records 1977 US4XR0400210
5:13 PM
Titus Andronicus - (I Blame) Society
Titus Andronicus (I Blame) Society
An Obelisk 2019
5:20 PM
Priests - The Seduction of Kansas
Priests The Seduction of Kansas
The Seduction of Kansas Sister Polygon Records 2019 QZE4K1903102
5:20 PM
Big Thief - Cattails
Big Thief Cattails
U.F.O.F. 4AD 2019 USX9P0779490
5:24 PM
Goat Girl - Cracker Drool
Goat Girl Cracker Drool
Cracker Drool - Single Rough Trade 2017 GBCVZ1700166
5:26 PM
Devo - Gates of Steel
Devo Gates of Steel
Freedom of Choice USCGJ0601336
5:31 PM
Thundercat - Them Changes
Thundercat Them Changes
Drank Brainfeeder 2018 USMR17086767
5:33 PM
Vampire Weekend - Unbearably White
Vampire Weekend Unbearably White
Father of the Bride Columbia 2019 USSM11900144
5:39 PM
Sugar - The Act We Act
Sugar The Act We Act
Copper Blue Edsel USA2B1001001
5:47 PM
Teenage Fanclub - December
Teenage Fanclub December
Bandwagonesque USMC19752958
5:47 PM
Felt - Evergreen Dazed
Felt Evergreen Dazed
Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty Cherry Red Records 2006 GBBLY8200059
5:53 PM
Mitski - Old Friend
Mitski Old Friend
Be The Cowboy Dead Oceans 2018
5:54 PM
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat
Galaxie 500 Tugboat
Today 20/20/20 2009 USA370304435
5:58 PM
Oneohtrix Point Never - Months
Oneohtrix Point Never Months
Russian Mind Software Recording Co. 2012 USHM80536627