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Are You Okay?

Feb 22, 2024 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Music & Talk

With Emmy McDonnell

Are You Okay? is a music radio show hosted by Emmy McDonnell on 99.3 WBTV-LP Burlington. Are You Okay? explores why we are so drawn to melancholy and nostalgic music and invites guests on weekly to talk about their work and why they do what they do. You can tune in live to Are You Okay? on Thursdays from 4 pm-5 pm and follow the show on Instagram: @AreYouOkayRadio

Are You Okay?
4:04 PM
Big Thief - Heavy Bend
Big Thief Heavy Bend
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You MERLIN - 4AD 2022
4:05 PM
dijon - Violence)
dijon Violence)
Violence) R&R Digital 2017
4:09 PM
AA Sessions - Something Unspoken
AA Sessions Something Unspoken
Something Unspoken Jazz Life 2021
4:12 PM
Olivia Dean - Slowly
Olivia Dean Slowly
Slowly UMG - EMI 2021
4:44 PM
Frankie White - if we stayed together
Frankie White if we stayed together
if we stayed together frankmakesmusic 2024
4:48 PM
Good Neighbours - Home
Good Neighbours Home
Home [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue 2024
4:54 PM
Adrianne Lenker - Fool
Adrianne Lenker Fool
Fool MERLIN - 4AD 2024
4:57 PM
Chappell Roan - Kaleidoscope
Chappell Roan Kaleidoscope
Kaleidoscope UMG - Chappell Roan PS/ Island 2023
4:59 PM
Edd Kookie Byrnes - Like, I Love You
Edd Kookie Byrnes Like, I Love You
Beatniks & Hipsters: Beat Generation Rarities MERLIN - Record Town 2017