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Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM

Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 6/16/19, 5:01 PM

Jun 16, 2019 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

With Ed

Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 6/16/19, 5:01 PM
5:01 PM
Kiwi jr. - Leslie
Kiwi jr. Leslie
Leslie Mint Records 2019 CAMA11918402
5:03 PM
Julia Jacklin - You Were Right
Julia Jacklin You Were Right
Crushing Transgressive 2019 GBKZV1800122
5:06 PM
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
The Black Keys Lonely Boy
Lonely Boy Nonesuch 2011 Rock USNO11100273
5:09 PM
Young RJ - Drop It
Young RJ Drop It
Blaq Royalty Ne'Astra Music USQY51773548
5:12 PM
Blis. - Take Me Home
Blis. Take Me Home
No One Loves You Sargent House 2017 Rock USQY51744812
5:14 PM
Dreambeaches - Athena
Dreambeaches Athena
Disappearing Act Admirable Traits Records LLC 2017 TCADG1786395
5:18 PM
Spinning Coin - Sleepless
Spinning Coin Sleepless
Permo geographic 2017 GBDQP1700019
5:20 PM
Charly Bliss - Capacity
Charly Bliss Capacity
Capacity Barsuk Records 2019 USBS51800089
5:23 PM
The She's - Ashes
The She's Ashes
All Female Rock and Roll Quartet Empty Cellar Records 2017 USA2Z1710764
5:28 PM
Calicoco - Night Owl
Calicoco Night Owl
Needy Dadstache Records Rock USLZJ1760933
5:30 PM
Gingerlys - Turtledoves
Gingerlys Turtledoves
Gingerlys Topshelf Records 2017 USEZ61717901
5:32 PM
Wild Moccasins - Boyish Wave
Wild Moccasins Boyish Wave
Boyish Wave New West Records 2018 US27Q1735001
5:36 PM
Elena Cota - Grella (Cannery Row)
Elena Cota Grella (Cannery Row)
Cannery Row 913626 Records DK 2018 QZDA81806429
5:36 PM
Glass Animals - Life Itself
Glass Animals Life Itself
How to Be a Human Being Harvest Records GB2DY1600018
5:36 PM
Ruthven - Evil
Ruthven Evil
Evil Paul Institute 2017 FRX201733512
5:40 PM
DIIV - Under the Sun
DIIV Under the Sun
Is the Is Are Captured Tracks QMMZN1300928
5:43 PM
Spoon - The Underdog
Spoon The Underdog
The Underdog Anti/Epitaph Rock USMRG0729507
5:47 PM
Art d'Ecco - Rita Mitsouko
Art d'Ecco Rita Mitsouko
Day Fevers TCACP1602123
5:51 PM
Day Wave - Something Here
Day Wave Something Here
Something Here Universal Music 2017 USUM71616326
5:55 PM
alt-J - Every Other Freckle
alt-J Every Other Freckle
Every Other Freckle Infectious 2014 GBZUZ1400276
5:58 PM
Coldplay - Hurts Like Heaven
Coldplay Hurts Like Heaven
Mylo Xyloto Parlophone UK 2013 Rock GBAYE1101179