Attack Sustain Decay Release

Mar 7, 2021 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM


With j4d

This is a selection of Jungle and Drum n Bass made for those with spectacular taste. Don't miss out on these slamming grooves from my personal collection. Mixed for your dancing and listening pleasure. Yours Truly, Murder Kween

Attack Sustain Decay Release
12:02 AM
Bjork - It's Not Up to You
Bjork It's Not Up to You
Vespertine Rhino/Elektra 2004 USEE10100732
12:07 AM
Organic Synthetic - Procedural Blends
Organic Synthetic Procedural Blends
Trans-central Connection II Moving Shadow 1998 GBAGN9800011
12:14 AM
Technical Itch - Trysinate
Technical Itch Trysinate
Trysinate / Scope - Single Moving Shadow 1999 GBAGN9900131
12:21 AM
Aquasky - Sonix
Aquasky Sonix
Bodyshock Moving Shadow 1999 GBAGN9900022
12:29 AM
Guardians of Dalliance - Transient
Guardians of Dalliance Transient
Diffusion Rooms Moving Shadow GBAGN9900097
12:35 AM
Swerve - The Beginning
Swerve The Beginning
The Beginning Urban Takeover
12:42 AM
The Untouchables - Wild West
The Untouchables Wild West
Wild West Urban Takeover
12:47 AM
Mulder - Don't Give a Damn
Mulder Don't Give a Damn
Don't Give a Damn / Can I Count It Off - Single Urban Takeover 2019 GBDRT0502001
12:54 AM
E-Z Rollers - Movin' Target
E-Z Rollers Movin' Target
Movin' Target / Don't Fret - EP Moving Shadow 1998 GBAGN9800079