Driftless Doom

Sep 16, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Nick

Driftless Doom
10:00 PM
Black Flag - Annihilate This Week (Live)
Black Flag Annihilate This Week (Live)
Who's Got the 10 1/2? (Live) SST Records 1985 USA370538528
10:08 PM
Tightwire - Draggin' Me
Tightwire Draggin' Me
Six Feet Deep Red Scare 2018 US94C0521401
10:09 PM
Wolfheart - Iku-Turso
Wolfheart Iku-Turso
Iku-Turso - Single Napalm Records 2023
10:14 PM
Fabricant - Prey To Whom
Fabricant Prey To Whom
Drudge To the Thicket Profound Lore 2023
10:18 PM
Pyrkagion - II - The Unending Fire
Pyrkagion II - The Unending Fire
The Katechon and the Unending Fire Cestrum Nocturnum Recordings
10:34 PM
Outer Heaven - Fragmented Suspension
Outer Heaven Fragmented Suspension
Infinite Psychic Depths Relapse Records 2023 US2642348503
10:37 PM
Godthrymm - As Titans
Godthrymm As Titans
Distortions (Bonus Track Version) Profound Lore 2023 USN682330301
10:48 PM
Doomsday - Blood Tactics
Doomsday Blood Tactics
Doomsday - EP Creator-Destructor Records 2023 QZPLR2320887
10:53 PM
Dripping Decay - Watching You Rot
Dripping Decay Watching You Rot
Festering Grotesqueries Satanik Royalty Records 2023 USA2B2316645
10:56 PM
Somnuri - Hollow Visions
Somnuri Hollow Visions
Desiderium MNRK Music 2023 US5ED2202574
11:02 PM
Incantation - Concordat (The Pact) I
Incantation Concordat (The Pact) I
Unholy Deification Relapse Records 2023 US2642353102
11:07 PM
Radiant Knife - Demon Legs
Radiant Knife Demon Legs
Pressure Radiant Knife 2023 USHM82324275
11:15 PM
Art Of Shock - 2020V
Art Of Shock 2020V
Shine Black Light Century Media 2023 USQX92206091
11:19 PM
U.D.O. - Touchdown
U.D.O. Touchdown
Touchdown Atomic Fire Records 2023 DE1AH2309513
11:23 PM
URNE - Becoming the Ocean
URNE Becoming the Ocean
A Feast On Sorrow Candlelight 2023 GBPVV2305015
11:30 PM
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown (Live)
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown (Live)
Live At The On Broadway SST
11:31 PM
Spirit Adrift - Give Her to the River
Spirit Adrift Give Her to the River
Ghost At The Gallows Century Media 2023 GBDHC2339301
11:39 PM
Wayfarer - False Constellation
Wayfarer False Constellation
American Gothic Century Media 2023 GBDHC2342508
11:46 PM
Dio - Fever Dreams (Remaster)
Dio Fever Dreams (Remaster)
The Studio Albums: 1996-2004 BMG 2023
11:51 PM
Asinhell - Desert of Doom
Asinhell Desert of Doom
Impii Hora Metal Blade Records 2023
11:57 PM
Night Birds - My Dad Is the BTK
Night Birds My Dad Is the BTK
Roll Credits Fat Wreck Chords 2018 USFW41810703