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Since 1981, an accessible, responsible, and responsive radio alternative serving the communities of East-Central Illinois.

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Monday Night R & R

Oct 26, 2020 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Jess Vine

Monday Night R & R

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10:00 PMWEFT Sessions (Music) with Mike Feldman, Todd Hunter
11:00 PMLocal 901 (Music) with Mike Feldman, Todd Hunter
6:30 AMThe Alter Ego Show (Tues. Morning Menu) (Music) with D
9:00 AMMiles Ahead (Music) with Pastor Mike
11:30 AMGrits Ain't Groceries (Music) with Andrew Duncanson


3:30 PMBlues Adds (unset) with Bob Paleczny
11:30 AMMonday Lunch Bunch Blues (Music) with Rich Bressler
9:00 AMMonday Morning Jazz (Music) with Bob Selby
6:00 AMWEFT Weekender (Music) with Vicki Niswander
10:00 PMDecayed Lace (Music) with Kristin