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Decayed Lace

Mar 24, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Kristin

the GOTH show on WEFT!

devoted to all sounds dark; beautiful or spooky, sad or silly, simple or complex. the range of emotions in a (mostly) minor key. heavy emphasis on goth rock, old and new, frequent meanderings to post-punk and dark indie, darkwave and coldwave.

Decayed Lace
10:25 PM
Mystic Priestess - Where Were You?
Mystic Priestess Where Were You?
No Tomorrow, Only Today - EP 1051063 Records DK 2018 MP3 Goth Rock QZES81889457
10:17 PM
Rubella Ballet - Tangled Web
Rubella Ballet Tangled Web
Anarchy In the UV Overground Records 2008 Rock GBBNU0800950
10:14 PM
Wives - buried
Wives buried
devoted to you mass media records 2016 MP3 Goth Rock
10:11 PM
Christ Vs. Warhol - Caged Birds
Christ Vs. Warhol Caged Birds
We, The Victims Of History mass media records 2014 CD Goth Rock
10:08 PM
Mephisto Walz - The Lost and Haunted
Mephisto Walz The Lost and Haunted
The Lost and Haunted Black Lagoon Music 2019 MP3 Goth Rock
10:01 PM
Malochia - Dreamplanet
Malochia Dreamplanet
Dreamhunter Private CD Khazad-Dûm 1998 CD Goth Rock

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