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sync soundsystem

Jul 17, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With DJ 33-45

An eclectic mix of musical styles and genres with an emphasis on electronic music from the US and abroad. Everything from House to Global Bass, Low-End weirdness and whatever else the sync sound DJs feel like playing. Sometimes it’s a nonstop DJ mix, other times it’s a musical education with commentary, but it’s always funky and full of dope(d) beats.

1st & 3rd Wed (8-10pm) is hosted by DJ 33-45.

sync soundsystem

Coming up

10:00 PMTodd's Time Capsule (Music) with Todd Hunter
12:00 AMOver the Edge! (Music) with Rasclin
6:00 AMI Can Hear Music (Music) with kittent
9:00 AMThursday Morning Jazz (Music) with rick schoell, Bob Selby
11:30 AMThe Sweet And Savory Blues (Music) with Bob Paleczny


11:30 AMBlues Connection (Music) with LC
9:00 AMWednesday Morning Prayer Meeting (Music) with Jeff Machota
5:00 AM500 Miles From Memphis (Music) with Shane Coats
10:00 PMEast of Zero (Music) with Indy
8:00 PMJazz Journey and The Medicine Wheel (Music) with Rich Bressler