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Mic's Bag

Dec 4, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Micaela Kauffman

Mic's Bag will play a variety of music, some of the musical performers to be featured are Fleet Foxes, Johnny Lewis and Led Zeppelin...to name a few. There will also be interviews of local people where they can talk about their stories and the music they enjoy.

Mic's Bag
6:06 PM
Beach Stav - Let the Witch In
Beach Stav Let the Witch In
Real Anarchists Do It in the Street - EP 578296 Records DK 2018 Rock QZAPG1873049
6:10 PM
Pavel Karmanov - Past Perfect
Pavel Karmanov Past Perfect
Innerlichkeit FANCYMUSIC 2016 Classical RUB681500171
6:26 PM
Pere Ubu - Non-Alignment Pact
Pere Ubu Non-Alignment Pact
Elitism for the People 1975 - 1978 (Sampler) Fire Records 2015 Rock QM6N21530452
6:27 PM
ShitKid - Sugar Town
ShitKid Sugar Town
EP 2 PNKSLM Recordings 2017 Alternative SE49G1700301
6:28 PM
Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Getting Over Your Love
Holy Ghost Tent Revival Getting Over Your Love
So Long I Screamed None 2009 Country USTC90900002
6:28 PM
Gonjasufi - Sheep
Gonjasufi Sheep
A Sufi And A Killer Warp Records 2010 Electronic GBBPW0800243
6:30 PM
Kate NV - двa TWO
Kate NV двa TWO
для FOR RVNG Intl. 2018 Electronic US6PQ1800062
6:32 PM
The Spinoza State - 2.39:1 Spirals to Infinity
The Spinoza State 2.39:1 Spirals to Infinity
The Flag and the Flare The Spinoza State 2009 Rock USHM80990345
6:36 PM
Samuel Andreyev - Pluto's Matches
Samuel Andreyev Pluto's Matches
The Tubular West Torpor Vigil Records 2013 Pop CAC8P1300002
6:42 PM
Hollow Point / Burst Round Visual Disturbances 2013 Hip Hop/Rap USA2P1617687