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Decayed Lace

Jan 29, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Kristin

the GOTH show on WEFT!

devoted to all sounds dark; beautiful or spooky, sad or silly, simple or complex. the range of emotions in a (mostly) minor key. heavy emphasis on goth rock, old and new, frequent meanderings to post-punk and dark indie, darkwave and coldwave.

Decayed Lace
10:01 PM
The Unknowne - Blacklace
The Unknowne Blacklace
Church for the Lost mp3.com 1999 CD Goth Rock
10:06 PM
In A Darkened Room - Final Vows
In A Darkened Room Final Vows N
Sorrows 2750183 Records DK 2023 MP3 Goth Rock QZFYY2327284
10:11 PM
Vague Lanes - We'll Always Have Never
Vague Lanes We'll Always Have Never
Foundation and Divergence Swiss Dark Nights 2022 Alternative QZTB72231563
10:15 PM
NAUT - Dissent
NAUT Dissent
Hunt Season of Mist 2022 Goth Rock
10:19 PM
Nyx Division - Reckless Dark
Nyx Division Reckless Dark
Dark Star - EP 3742780 Records DK 2022 Alternative QZDA82242818
10:23 PM
Der Himmel Über Berlin - My Rubber Queen
Der Himmel Über Berlin My Rubber Queen
Amnesia Unknown Pleasures Records 2017 CD Goth Rock
10:28 PM
Wisborg - Words Like Violence
Wisborg Words Like Violence
Words Like Violence - Single Danse Macabre Records 2022 Goth Rock DEGQ82205823
10:35 PM
Come To Ruin - Deepest Pit
Come To Ruin Deepest Pit
Funeral Hues Come To Ruin 2023 Goth Rock
10:38 PM
Vazum - Night Shade
Vazum Night Shade
Night Shade - Single Vazum 2023 Rock USCGH2304586
10:43 PM
Dermabrasion - Dragula
Dermabrasion Dragula
Dragula - Single Convenience Store 2022 Goth Rock QZTB82209751
10:47 PM
Weird Candle - The Alchemist
Weird Candle The Alchemist
Dark Nouveau V/A Metropolis Records 2019 Alternative US57M1919120
10:51 PM
M!R!M - Dead Inside
M!R!M Dead Inside
Heaven FABRIKA RECORDS 2013 Alternative TCABS1372892
10:53 PM
Scary Black - Everything Rots
Scary Black Everything Rots
Everything Rots - single Scary Black 2023 Goth Rock
11:02 PM
SPECTRA*paris - Infection Party
SPECTRA*paris Infection Party
Modernism Dependent 2022 Goth Rock
11:07 PM
ELEMENT 104 - Blue In Heaven
ELEMENT 104 Blue In Heaven N
Blue In Heaven - Single Elemental 2022 Electronic QZNWV2254317
11:11 PM
Luna Del Luna - Borrowed Time
Luna Del Luna Borrowed Time N
Luna Del Luna - EP 4737722 Records DK 2023 Goth Rock QZFYZ2322435
11:15 PM
Tanks and Tears - Nightmare
Tanks and Tears Nightmare
Nightmare - EP Swiss Dark Nights 2022 Electronic USL4Q2286651
11:18 PM
Worn Out - Run Away
Worn Out Run Away
The Unknown Demo Worn Out 2022 Goth Rock
11:22 PM
Velvet Mist - Hollow Eyes
Velvet Mist Hollow Eyes
Visitation - EP Velvet Mist 2022 Rock BE8KM2100002
11:29 PM
Funhouse - Dark and Stormy (Radio Edit)
Funhouse Dark and Stormy (Radio Edit)
Dark and Stormy (Radio Edit) - Single Rat Music Art 2022 Goth Rock SEVZM2200101
11:33 PM
The Escape - Navigator
The Escape Navigator
Navigator - Single THE ESCAPE 2022 Alternative TCAGN2275187
11:38 PM
The Mission - Garden of Delight (extended)
The Mission Garden of Delight (extended)
The First Chapter Cherry Red Records 2008 Goth Rock GBBLY0900519
11:42 PM
Elusive - In Her Garden
Elusive In Her Garden
Locked Doors Drinks and Funerals (Songs from the desert) Pandaimonium 2007 Goth Rock NO0OU1620040
11:48 PM
Malaise - Faraway Garden
Malaise Faraway Garden
Secession - EP Celtic Circle Productions 1994 Electronic US27M2528002
11:56 PM
Forever Grey - Last Breath
Forever Grey Last Breath
Sympathy Garden Forever Grey 2022 Pop USCGH2254745