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Decayed Lace

Jun 18, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Kristin

the GOTH show on WEFT!

devoted to all sounds dark; beautiful or spooky, sad or silly, simple or complex. the range of emotions in a (mostly) minor key. heavy emphasis on goth rock, old and new, frequent meanderings to post-punk and dark indie, darkwave and coldwave.

Decayed Lace
10:00 PM
Aux Animaux - Lost Souls
Aux Animaux Lost Souls
Lost Souls - Single Phonophobic records 2023 Electronic QZHN32352342
10:04 PM
Qntal - Fontanas
Qntal Fontanas
IX - Time Stands Still Drakkar Entertainment 2022 Alternative DES372200747
10:08 PM
ABU NEIN - Rotten Garden
ABU NEIN Rotten Garden
Spectral Psalms Progress Productions 2020 Electronic
10:12 PM
Dead Cool - Stranger Kind
Dead Cool Stranger Kind
Stranger Kind - Single Dead Cool 2023 Electronic USCGJ2325327
10:17 PM
DucTape - Marian
DucTape Marian
Marian - single DucTape 2023 Goth Rock
10:21 PM
Claustraphobia - Nothing Left
Claustraphobia Nothing Left
Nothing Left - single Claustraphobia 2023 Goth Rock
10:25 PM
Glasszone - Atmosphere
Glasszone Atmosphere
The Other Side iMD-GLZ 2023 Alternative CH6542306037
10:29 PM
The Tors of Dartmoor - Home Of The Blind
The Tors of Dartmoor Home Of The Blind
House of Sounds Hyperium 1993 Goth Rock
10:37 PM
Lunar Paths - Heartshot
Lunar Paths Heartshot N
Headshot - single Lunar Paths 2023 Goth Rock
10:42 PM
Crimson Scarlet - Arrows
Crimson Scarlet Arrows
Athens Cave Sessions Doomed To Extinction Records 2014 MP3 Goth Rock
10:45 PM
Devoted Sinners - Over Nothing
Devoted Sinners Over Nothing
Smoke and Spotlight Compilation Vol.7 V/A death-rock.de 2023 Goth Rock
10:50 PM
Deep Red - Battle Lines (feat. Element 104)
Deep Red Battle Lines (feat. Element 104)
Battle Lines (feat. Element 104) - Single Elemental 2023 Goth Rock QZK6Q2389440
10:54 PM
Scenius - Chinese Room
Scenius Chinese Room N
Chinese Room - Single MMXX Records 2023 Electronic FRDKW2305808
10:58 PM
VNV Nation - Sunflare
VNV Nation Sunflare N
Electric Sun Metropolis 2023 Goth Rock DEPI82301376
11:08 PM
Still Patient? - Afterglow (feat. Minu-Schirin Samimi)
Still Patient? Afterglow (feat. Minu-Schirin Samimi)
Love And Rites Of Rage Alice In... 2023 Goth Rock
11:15 PM
Age Of Heaven - Red Roses
Age Of Heaven Red Roses
Armageddon Dion Fortune 1994 Goth Rock DEHC81400029
11:21 PM
Angel's Arcana - Black Roses
Angel's Arcana Black Roses
Selva Swissdarknights 2018 CD Rock USHM21904239
11:25 PM
The Shroud - Roses
The Shroud Roses
Dark Moon Night Magpie Records 1998 Goth Rock USI4R0700342
11:28 PM
Adrienne Lavey - Goddess in a Glass
Adrienne Lavey Goddess in a Glass
Goddess in a Glass - Single Adrienne LaVey 2023 Goth Rock USCGJ2344301
11:35 PM
Child of Night - Aurora
Child of Night Aurora
The Walls At Dawn Play Alone Records 2021 Goth Rock QZK6G2192518
11:40 PM
After the Flesh - Changeling
After the Flesh Changeling N
After The Flesh EP After The Flesh 2023 Goth Rock
11:44 PM
Swans - See No More
Swans See No More
The Burning World UNI Records 1989 CD Goth Rock
11:50 PM
Angustia Espiritual - Veneno
Angustia Espiritual Veneno
Visión Trágica Espasmo Nervioso 2023 Alternative QZFZ72327659
11:55 PM
Hallows - Talk To Me
Hallows Talk To Me
Talk To Me - Single Stoic Media 2023 Goth Rock QZHN72301173