95.7 FM WELT

Community Radio 95.7FM WELT

95.7fm WELT is a non-commercial, listener-sponsored, member-controlled community radio station licensed by the FCC to broadcast within Allen County. From the studios at the downtown branch of the Allen County Public Library.

95.7 FM WELT
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Mar 20, 2022 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


With Kurt Roembke

Music from your video game systems.

11:48 AM
Knight By Knight - Crescent Island
Knight By Knight Crescent Island
A Tribute To Diddy Kong Racing Knight By Knight 2015 Rock USE830978375
12:55 PM
Cylith's Nightmare - Psycorte
Cylith's Nightmare Psycorte
Realm of Cata Spinnup 2022 NL4NL2203615
12:56 PM
Mr Largebeat - Calling All Monsters
Mr Largebeat Calling All Monsters
Calling All Monsters Flying Turtle Records 2010 USCGJ1051528
12:56 PM
Slavia - Divided by three
Slavia Divided by three
Strength And Vision No Pride In Life RECords 2014 Rock NO2Z90019994