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WERA’s mission is to enlighten, enrich, and entertain Arlington’s diverse community by promoting and facilitating independent radio. We broadcast out of the facilities of Arlington Independent Media, in Arlington County, VA.

WERA-LP Arlington

The Antidote

Dec 17, 2019 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Lynn Veronneau

Treat your ears with music, the “antidote” to talk-radio. Jazz, world, blues...a little bit of everything to inspire you. Interviews with the finest artists passing through town!

The Antidote
5:07 PM
Rod Stewart - Reason To Believe
Rod Stewart Reason To Believe
Playlist Plus Mercury Records 2011 Rock USWWW0135808
5:07 PM
Veronneau - Winter Wonderland
Veronneau Winter Wonderland L
Snow Time - EP Veronneau Music 2013 Jazz USGRX1359001
5:17 PM
Calista Garcia - Stuck in Your Head
Calista Garcia Stuck in Your Head
Stuck in Your Head Calista Garcia 2019 usdy41905543
5:37 PM
Calista Garcia - Wild Woman
Calista Garcia Wild Woman
Wild Woman Calista Garcia 2019 QMAAK1904824
5:55 PM
Harry Nilsson - One
Harry Nilsson One
Aerial Ballett RCA Records Label 2007 USRC16701001