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Scot Cannon

Scot is a talented mime, a gifted musician, and a dedicated educator who's been teaching and inspiring young people for over 45 years.

Scot moved to Belfast, ME 17 years ago and

does not want to go back.

He was a music teacher in Brockton, MA for 12 years. He left teaching in 1988 to be able to

work with kids on his own terms.

Scot's work with bullying and self-esteem issues comes as a natural out growth of his years of teaching and entertaining. He has found that sharing his own experiences with speech problems, and the struggle to be accepted strikes a universal chord in his audiences and results in programs that speak to both minds and hearts.

Scot also does song writing residencies throughout New England.

In his WERU Family Radio Hour Scot

showcases children with wonderful talents as well

as children that do impressive things.

You will also hear children's authors and poets.

Let's not forget original radio theater and of course music for the whole family.

Scot Cannon

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