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World of Music

Oct 3, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Greg Rossel

World of Music
6:06 PM
Taraf Of Haidouks - Corinna, Corinna
Taraf Of Haidouks Corinna, Corinna
From Another World: A Tribute to Bob Dylan Buda musique 2013 World
6:12 PM
Nena - 99 Luftballons
Nena 99 Luftballons
99 Luftballons Columbia 2014
6:16 PM
Eva Pilarová - Cesta končí (You Don't Own Me)
Eva Pilarová Cesta končí (You Don't Own Me)
C'est magnifique (1961-1975) Supraphon a.s. 2009 Pop
6:18 PM
ABBA - Ring Ring
ABBA Ring Ring
18 Hits Polystar 2005 Pop
6:25 PM
Bavario - Scharr (Acoustic)
Bavario Scharr (Acoustic)
Baraba (Acoustic) Wolfgang Netzer 2001
6:29 PM
Odessa Balalaikas - Bright Moon
Odessa Balalaikas Bright Moon
The Art Of The Balalaika WMG - Nonesuch 2005 World
6:32 PM
Leningrad Cowboys - Katjusha
Leningrad Cowboys Katjusha
Thank You Very Many - Greatest Hits & Rarities 1999
6:35 PM
Kukuruza - Johnny B.Goode
Kukuruza Johnny B.Goode
A Russian Country Bluegrass Band Kukuruza 2016
6:36 PM
W.C.D. - King-Father PU
W.C.D. King-Father PU
Russia Черное Солнце 2014
6:41 PM
Boney M. - Rasputin (7" Version)
Boney M. Rasputin (7" Version)
Daddy Cool SME - Ariola Express 1991 Pop
6:52 PM
Mgzavrebi - Prosypaetsja zarja
Mgzavrebi Prosypaetsja zarja
Prosypaetsja zarja WMG - Snegiri-music Pop
6:55 PM
The Ukrainians - Telstar
The Ukrainians Telstar
Evolutsiya Eastblok Music 2016
6:58 PM
Har-You Percussion Group - Welcome to the Party
Har-You Percussion Group Welcome to the Party
Har-You Percussion Group CuBop 1991 World
7:06 PM
Ottopasuuna - Tyyskä
Ottopasuuna Tyyskä
Ottopasuuna Texicalli 2016
7:39 PM
Hilde Hefte - Vakker Natt
Hilde Hefte Vakker Natt
Hildes Bossahefte Ponca Jazz Records 2003 Jazz
7:42 PM
El Septeto - Runidera (Finland)
El Septeto Runidera (Finland)
Putumayo Presents: Salsa Around The World Putumayo World Music 2003