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New Dimensions

Oct 2, 2022 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Public Affairs

Nationally recognized and highly acclaimed for its original and innovative programming. New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network has been broadcasting continuously for more than four decades, addressing the cultural shifts and changing landscapes in our society, and helping to bring original ideas into the mainstream culture

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New Dimensions
10:00 AM
Fiddle Fever - Contranova
Fiddle Fever Contranova
Best of Fiddle Fever - Waltz of the Wind UMG - New Rounder 2011 Bluegrass
10:03 AM
Agni & Lewis Howard - Dhaulagiri
Agni & Lewis Howard Dhaulagiri
Himalayan Nights Clarity Sound & Light 2006 World
10:16 AM
Agni & Lewis Howard - Kangchenjunga
Agni & Lewis Howard Kangchenjunga
Himalayan Nights 2006
10:30 AM
Agni & Lewis Howard - Nanga Parbat
Agni & Lewis Howard Nanga Parbat
Himalayan Nights 2006
10:45 AM
Agni & Lewis Howard - Annapurna
Agni & Lewis Howard Annapurna
Himalayan Nights Clarity Sound & Light 2006 World
10:59 AM
Paul Winter - Icarus
Paul Winter Icarus
Winter Consort - Icarus SME - Epic 1990 Pop