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Oct 3, 2022 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Public Affairs

An investigative news and public affairs program providing daily coverage of events the mainstream and even some alternative news media fail to present. Devoting considerable airtime to events and issues involving the Arab-Israeli conflict and Israeli-Palistinean conflict. On the ground reporting is broadcast from the Palestineasn territories, Haiti, Columbia, Venezuela, and Afghanistan.

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5:00 AM
The Winks - Woolongong
The Winks Woolongong
Birthday Party ORCHARD - Ache Records 2006 Rock
5:37 AM
Aissam Belgana - زوبعة | خاطرة
Aissam Belgana زوبعة | خاطرة
زوبعة | خاطرة 2826666 Records DK 2021
5:51 AM
Neroche - Dead End
Neroche Dead End
The Crooked Mile Mindtrick Music 2014 Electronic
5:59 AM
Mikata - Trouble!
Mikata Trouble!
Trouble! MM Records 2017