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One of the oldest continually operating College Radio Stations in the nation, broadcasting alternative radio from the Heart of CT since 1939.

88.1 WESU Middletown

The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio

Mar 7, 2021 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


With CmdrAleon

Dedicated to Lightworkers worldwide with Ashtar Command news, messages from off-planet guest interviews, listener call-ins, spaceship reports and ambient spiritual space meditation music. Tune in to a show that’s out of this world.

The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio
11:31 AM
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Doug Tingle
Light and Heavy/The Best of... Rhino/Elektra 2007 Rock USEE10181094
11:43 AM
Kylmyys - Daybreak
Kylmyys Daybreak
Dawn Kylmyys Kollective 2017 QZANL1701147
11:47 AM
Hidden Sky - Alone in This Feeling
Hidden Sky Alone in This Feeling
Haukijärvi Hidden Sky 2017 GB-SMU-44-86797
11:51 AM
Various Artists - Zazen
Various Artists Zazen
Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains, Vol. 1 Serein 2016 GB6CD1600009
11:55 AM
Musicformessier - Ursa Major
Musicformessier Ursa Major
Constellations I. musicformessier 2017 GBSMU6424690
12:27 PM
The Echelon Effect - Cabrillo
The Echelon Effect Cabrillo
Cabrillo Glidescope Recordings 2013 Rock TCABP1307160
12:28 PM
Drain of Impurity - Dead Colony
Drain of Impurity Dead Colony Drain of Impurity
Perdition Out of the Orbit 1009465 Records DK 2018 QZES51806711
12:36 PM
Hammock - Now and Not Yet
Hammock Now and Not Yet Marc Byrd / Andrew Thompson
Mysterium Hammock Music 2017 US7QT1700001
12:49 PM
The Chaos Era - Summoning
The Chaos Era Summoning
Mythology of the Sound Spores Willi Paul Studio 2018 USDHM1801477
12:57 PM
Matti Bye - Galloping Waves
Matti Bye Galloping Waves
This Forgotten Land Tona Serenad 2017 Classical SEYJB1700306
12:59 PM
The Greatest Hoax - Senescence
The Greatest Hoax Senescence
Expiration Compositions Serein 2017 GB6CD1700009