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May 17, 2024 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

WFHB Music

With Ben

Two hours of heavy music, pulling from any corner of the metallic spectrum: black, death, thrash, doom, stoner, progressive, grindcore, post-metal, sludge, and maybe even a little hardcore. Metalmorphic's mix features artists from both around the world and the local community.

11:46 PM
Scorn - Drained
Scorn Drained
White Irises Blind Earache Records Ltd 1993 GBBPB0401574
11:41 PM
Mr. Bungle - Platypus
Mr. Bungle Platypus
Disco Volante Warner Bros. 1995 USWB10102271
11:34 PM
Tecumseh - Traveling Alongside Death
Tecumseh Traveling Alongside Death
Avalanche and Inundation Important Records 2008
11:29 PM
Uniform - The Lost
Uniform The Lost
Wake in Fright Sacred Bones Records 2017 US5NR1717003
11:25 PM
Big Black - I Can Be Killed
Big Black I Can Be Killed
Lungs Touch & Go 1982
11:21 PM
Z'ev - v= (P2 - p1)_t
Z'ev v= (P2 - p1)_t
Sum Things Cold Spring 2009 GBAS91210103
11:16 PM
Zeni Geva - Kettle Lake
Zeni Geva Kettle Lake
Nai-Ha Nux Organization 1996 QM6P41830304
11:12 PM
Zeni Geva - Angel
Zeni Geva Angel
Nai-Ha Skin Graft Records / Nux Organization 1996 JPZ921115162
11:00 PM
Dysrhythmia - Touch Benediction
Dysrhythmia Touch Benediction
Pretest Relapse Records 2003 US2640557209

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