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Jazz Menagerie

Feb 23, 2021 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Carl Pearson


Jazz Menagerie
6:59 PM
Diego Figueiredo - Paschoa
Diego Figueiredo Paschoa
Compilation ARBORS 2020 USASD2000081
7:02 PM
Grant Green - Bedouin
Grant Green Bedouin
Matador TP4 Music 2001 ZA42A1541644
7:14 PM
Archie Shepp - Back Back
Archie Shepp Back Back
For Losers / Kwanza Impulse! 2011 USUM70612809
7:36 PM
Anthony Stanco - Keep It To Yourself
Anthony Stanco Keep It To Yourself
You Know the Feeling Detroit Music Factory 2020 QMPYL2002204
7:44 PM
Wallace Roney - Wolfbane
Wallace Roney Wolfbane
Blue Dawn - Blue Nights HighNote Records 2019 USHNR1931803
7:52 PM
Al Foster - Aloysius
Al Foster Aloysius
Inspirations & Dedications Smoke Sessions 2019 QMCAL1900025
8:01 PM
Charles Lloyd - Requiem - Live
Charles Lloyd Requiem - Live
Requiem (Live From The Lobero) Blue Note Records 2020 USUG11901546
8:13 PM
Shabaka and the Ancestors - Behold, The Deceiver
Shabaka and the Ancestors Behold, The Deceiver
We Are Sent Here By History Impulse! 2020 USUM71924925
8:22 PM
Agustí Fernández - The Hug
Agustí Fernández The Hug
Sonic Party NotTwo 2014 QMFMG1432824
8:30 PM
Eric Revis Quartet - Unknown
Eric Revis Quartet Unknown
In Memory Of Things Yet Seen Clean Feed 2014 QMFME1475471
8:38 PM
Miles Davis - Footprints
Miles Davis Footprints
Footprints: The Life And Music Of Wayne Shorter Columbia/Legacy 2008 USSM16600269
8:48 PM
Eddie Henderson - Smile
Eddie Henderson Smile
Smile Smoke Sessions 2020 QMCAL2000045
8:54 PM
Harris Eisenstadt - Keep Casting Rods
Harris Eisenstadt Keep Casting Rods
Canada Day Clean Feed 2009 PTNF10910220